Black Doves In Love

By Walter L. Hilliard III

A vision of love, Black Doves in flight at night,

Moving in synchronicity with the ocean current of love

Flowing through our spirits – you and me – Black Doves

Flying and trying to stay afloat with the winds of change

Blowing through our lives, allowing us to grow through

Fright, plight, and our desire to stay alive, strive and do

Love right.  Let’s be together, stay together and love forever.


Our hearts, minds and souls oft do stumble, and our words

Are bumbled when we grumble and unleash our fury from the

Cage within.  And I wish I knew why the Caged Bird sings? I want

To know how it is that the Caged Bird sings?  I just

Wish the Caged Bird would stop singing, free himself of fear and

Commence to telling  me the secret of secrets that resides,

So alive, within his heart.  I wish the Caged Bird would

Teach us, two Black Doves in love, so that we could always

Be free to love one another.


Black doves in love; some Black couples fighting a sea

Of socio-economic misery; others simple fighting the urge to

Fight, or fighting just to be fighting because that’s all

They know.  Black berries in the Land of Milk and Honey

Immersed and consumed by the “milky ways,” rightly or wrongly,

And lured by the honey of more and more money, a big house, a

Big car – and so even dark minds appear to be sunny.


Black Doves trying to maintain their love, raise their

Children and raise themselves above the ruckus, the fracas,

And the fray among those who don’t want to see Black Doves

In love, flying and trying to reach the Promised Land.

Yes, there are those among us, all around us, lying,

Vilifying and trying to clip our wings of love and send us

Down, down, down, crashing into the ground.  It may be

SHE-RA – Black Goddess of the Universe – smiling,

Switching, shaking and breaking her “thang,” luring in Mr.

Family Man; or it’s Mr. Wallet, in his Dreamer Beamer, cash

In hand, out and about looking for a “good time

Girly.”  Whatever the case or the width of the space between

Their ears, Black Doves in love gotta watch their backs,

Their fronts and their wings.



Black Doves in love oftentimes have it rough, and

Sometimes they gotta be tough if they’re going to fly high,

Long, safe and free.  Black Doves in love should cherish

One another, pray hard, and strive to not only love, but to

Like and befriend their lovers.


Black Doves, Black Doves, Black Doves in love should keep

The romance tight — plant it, nurture it, whisper sweet nothing

Nothings” into Romance’s Ear.  Hold the Romance close,

Close, closer and closer at night.  Yes, I said hold

The R-O-M-A-N-C-E close . . . oh . . . so . . . very close.

For if you fail to do so, you may one day, someday,

Eventually, unintentionally – and a lonely day it will

Be – find yourself Home Alone.


And Black Doves full of love are not

Easy, E-Z, or E-see to come by.  Black Doves

Are a rare breed indeed: They fly high, fall far and it’s

Not easy for them to trust deeply and fall weakly for

Another.  But Black Doves look for love, need love, want

Love, and shall always find love, because they are love.


Walter L. Hilliard III


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