Winners & Losers



Every year there are 29 supposed losers and one champion in the NBA.  In the NFL, there are 31 of these so called losers with one remaining Super Bowl Champion.

Ultimately, there is only one champion in any league, but there are a lot of teams that have won way more games than they’ve lost, and a few who’ve won division and conference championships.

Still, most players feel that if they haven’t won the championship, their season was a failure.   Winning it all is how they define success, happiness, and sometimes even their own self-worth.

But whether it’s sports or something else people are competing for, most people seem to judge themselves based on a win-lose mentality, defining success based on unreasonable terms.

Yet we should all be reminded that losing or not getting what you want when you want it teaches you what does and doesn’t work, as well as how to get what you want or “win” in a different way the next time around.

You are the master of your universe and if you’re willing to take charge of your thinking, you can take charge of your life. You make up the rules as to whether or not you’ve succeeded or won when it comes to any and every experience.

When many among our planet full of winners who act like losers play out their “loser” roles they do so, for example, by acting like jealous teenagers when they’re in relationships; by making others miserable because they’re stressed out; by lying, cheating, stealing, and so on.

It’s also amazing how we judge ourselves, whether or not we’re successful or “winning,” based on how much stuff we have accumulated or how much money we earn a year.  However, we refuse to work towards and claim the one championship that means the most – our happiness.

Remember, when it’s all said and done most of us aren’t happy with who we are, what we do, and what we have because we’ve made decisions that “winning” or getting what we want is difficult, and that we cannot live the life of our dreams.  But the reality is that we accomplish a great deal more than we give ourselves credit for.  For example, I bet you cannot begin to count how many times you’ve helped someone in just the last month or so?

Helping others makes the world a better place because “what comes around goes around.”  When you help make someones life easier or better, you both “win.”

Don’t be a winner who walks around acting like a loser.  Negativity is a choice and it’s a symptom of emotional immaturity.

Play the game of life to win in all aspects, and if you’re not getting what you want just persist until you do.  Life cannot deny the winner who keeps on knocking because he knows he’s going to eventually open the door to whatever he wants.

Just because we have a planet full of winners who act like losers, doesn’t mean you have to be one of them.