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Sean Bell’s Fiancee Fighting On

Nicole Paultre Bell, the 26-year-old fianceé of Sean Bell who was killed by the police in a hail of gunfire (51 shots) on his wedding day in 2006, is running for a vacant city council position in Queens, NY.  The Reverend Al Sharpton, an outspoken critic of the police and a supporter of Bell, will be helping her run.

Bell, who currently runs the “When It’s Real It’s Forever” foundation, received a $3.25 million wrongful death settlement from the city of NY, but this money is in a trust fund that will be given to her children when they become adults.

It’s great that Bell wants to improve community and police relations, creating something positive from her husband’s death.

Nonetheless, people of all colors should be demanding that something be done about the police around the country killing Black men (thousand killed over the years) and walking away, calling it Justifiable Homicide, practically every time.

It goes without saying that not all policeman are bad (I’ve had relatives who were policeman).  Nonetheless, excessive force occurs far too often.

Statistics are hard to come by because law enforcement covers up and under reports police misconduct, including brutality and shooting issues.  But between 1980 and 2005 the police killed 9,600 people, but this is a low count.


Preparation & Responsibility

Many years ago, I sat in a college classroom at Kutztown University enjoying my exchanges with a “hippie throwback” professor who had fallen and was unable to climb out of the long gone ‘60s.  But his brilliance taught me a thing or two and laid titles on my views about a corporate-run American society struggling to stay on track on a runaway train driven by Wall Street and ignored by politicians.  And here we are today still licking our wounds after that train crash.

Yes, during and after college I was afraid, very afraid.  So I decided I’d had enough of self-important politicians speechifying about voting for them and decided that I’d go out into the Community and “do” what we vote for politicians to do for us.  Many moons and successful grassroots programs later, I still have little desire to talk with politicians.  I mean, have you ever talked to a politician (they’re all the same) and then have them give you that look like, “Uhhh, I’m sorry, what’d ya say, I wasn’t listening?”

My Life Response:  “Uhhhm, sorry, I was simply asking you to get your ‘career’ out of my way so I can continue working.  Thank you.”

Activism and real grassroots programming is what’s missing in America.  And Barack Obama is viewed as Rock Star and a Messiah because too many of us have been “dressing in the dark,” waiting for someone to open up our minds and shine their light onto aspirations we don’t believe we can act on.

The thing about excuses: if you have them, you’ll use them.  Community and personal responsibility will always be our only saviors. Barack is not going to save us.

We all loved Michael Jackson for his talent and charity work, but he refused to grow up and take on his responsibility to be a man, always blaming his father, Joe Jackson, for his abhorrent behavior and unhappiness.  Swim around in your sorrows and life makes you pay.

Bottom line: after high school, you can start a family, fight in a war, or do anything you want to do so stop blaming your parents for your shortcomings.

Many of us are hiding our greatness in church pews and behind mates, but we will always be the leaders we are looking for.


Will Smith, a multi-billion dollar entertainer and businessman, said:  “If you stay ready you ain’t got to git ready.” Does Will know what he’s talking about?  Well, eleven or so of his movies have earned over $300 million, EACH, and every rap album he’s made has gone gold (500,000 sold) or platinum (one million sold).  And to think of all the rappers who had laughed at Will and said his rapping style was corny.  Ha-ha – I’d tell you their names, but . . . I can’t remember them.

Anyway, we should admire Will more for his community service projects, such as the New Village Academy he started in Calabasas, California, giving students with limited opportunities a chance to succeed in life.   

Big Willie, or so he calls himself, said that what separates him from others is that he will not be outworked by anyone. “If we were both on treadmills,” said Will, “you’ll fall and give up before I will, or I will die on the treadmill.  While the other guy is sleeping, I’m working.”

What could you accomplish if your work ethic matched Will’s?

You Can Run from Your Greatness, but you Cannot Hide from Your “Self.”

There will never be anyone like you – your work can never be duplicated.   And don’t let fear, a self-fulfilling prophecy, hold you back.   

What if Martin Luther King had ignored his desire to change America and said, “Nahhh, it’s too dangerous, I’ll just play it safe and chill in my church?”  Thus, there would be no Barack Obama.

And Dr. King didn’t have two brains. Would Martin accept your excuses?  I know your mama and friends are tired of hearing your excuses:  “But mama . . .”

Are your dreams going to join the millions buried in the graveyard?

How do you awaken:  “Good morning, Lord!” or “Good Lord, it’s morning!”

And don’t let the unhappy people “gift you” their miserable reality.  Misery doesn’t just love company, it wants to move in.


Your Reputation Is Based On Your Preparation.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

I remember – after agreeing to do a presentation for a few teachers – pulling up to the high school and asking my friend if there was a basketball game that night because of all the cars.  Needless to say, I discovered I was the only game going on that night when I walked into an auditorium full of every teacher in the school.

I paused to smile at my friend, with revenge in my eyes, turned to the crowd, and gave one of my best presentations ever.  I was prepared.

Talk Isn’t Cheap, It’s Free

Talking too much is like Novocain, it numbs your sense of urgency to take the action your subconscious mind needs to help you develop the habits that will make you successful.  If talking alone made success a reality we’d all have everything we wanted.  “Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Waiting is a trap:  “One day I’m gonna . . .” 

“. . . You gonna, what – die?  Well, you got that right.”


When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail, and our world is the lesser for it.



Your Mind Is Your Life

When you’re stressed out or simply feeling uninspired, but you have work to do, jump start your mind and emotions by considering the reward; then visualizing different scenarios (or creative skits) that are related to what you’re trying to accomplish, mentally, physically and emotionally.  This helps because . . .

If you can see it, you can be it!

In terms of garnering inspirational support for your efforts, visualize yourself holding conversations with key people – or an imaginary group of famous people who inspire you (you may call them your Power Group).  Ask and answer questions and even role play in your mind.  You’ll be amazed at how real and effective this creative visualization exercise is at solving problems and motivating you.

And don’t forget to “feel” the emotion related to your visualization exercises.  What you are really doing is using your conscious mind to program or reprogram your unconscious mind (will produce behavior based on what information it’s being fed), which cannot distinguish between what is real and what is your imagination.

Using your most powerful resource, your mind, helps you overcome the negativity that comes with the daily grind of life (just like reading a book set in another part of the world).   Typically, friends, family and associates cannot or choose not to always be supportive or understanding when it comes to you pursuing your dreams.

Why do they behave this way?

Because when you pursue your dreams, those that love you or know you, on some level, are forced to face their own shortcomings and the fact that they are afraid to dream big and pursue their desires in live, so they may laugh at you or even call you crazy.  A part of them doesn’t want you to succeed because when you achieve that which you want, how they perceive you may change.  And that can be scary to them; they’re used to you being the way you are.  People like predictability and being right.  They like to know who and what they’re dealing with.

Nonetheless, you came into this world alone, and you’re going to leave alone so use the  negativity of the naysayers and the haters to inspire you to keep going and prove them wrong.

If you really think about it, most people walk through life following the rest of the sheep in the Human Herd, grazing on the same ol’ lies about what others say they can and cannot do.

So if people aren’t calling you crazy or trying to stop you from pursuing your dreams, then you’re probably living life in the Safe Lane, too.

Diddy & Nicki

Maybe I’m missing something here, but don’t you think it’s about time that the 37-year-old Sean “Diddy” Combs (also known as P. Diddy) grow up and behave a little more maturely?  I mean, no one can argue that he’s been a great businessman, and I’ve defended him when others tried to “player hate” on him.  But we all have different aspects to our lives that need to be developed – the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and so on.

During an interview some time ago, Jim Brown just shook his head when Puffy’s name came up in a conversation.  He didn’t really “get” Puffy’s infatuation with the materialism and lack of social consciousness.  Jim said he’s talked to him before when they’ve been at the same events, but Puffy still doesn’t get it.

Most people know that Brown works extensively with prisoners and other needy populations.   And during his prime, when he was playing in the NFL in the 1960’s, Jim, Lew Alcindor (later changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar), Bill Russell, and other athletes and entertainers were very outspoken and would meet with other famous brothas and sistahs to question their behavior regarding different issues related to Black Progress.  One time Brown, Alcindor, Russell and others requested a meeting with Muhammad Ali at Brown’s house to see if he was sincere about his religious beliefs and refusal to go to Vietnam (Ali was a conscientious objector because of Islam).  Ali explained himself to them and they all came out and met with reporters and said they were standing by him.

Brown has also criticized Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan about their lack of social consciousness or support for the Black community.

Puffy can do more than just entertain us, dancing around with his new Dirty Money group.

So, I say:

Enough already, Diddy!

Our kids are killing one another.  And you can go far beyond your “Daddy’s House” charity and bring your celebrity friends and artist together to do something big to help the Black Community out of the hole we’re in.

What if you were to promote Black causes like you promote your latest hustle, Ciroc Vodka?  (Diddy signed a deal to promote Ciroc that will pay him 50 percent of the profits.  He said he’s a brand builder, which is why they’re working with him.  But what about the Black Brand, Diddy?)

Yes, I saw you shamelessly promoting Ciroc at the BET Awards so much so that the other entertainers were annoyed?

I’m not asking you, Diddy, to do something I haven’t done.

I’m just so tired of your shameless self-promoting causing me to constantly shake my head and ask myself . . .



Nicki Minaj

I love the new Queen of Hip Hop Niki Minaj.  I think she’s beyond hot – she’s booty-bootylicious and she has that sexy, playful smile and personality that drives men crazy.  (Uhhhhmm, by the way, sistahs,  smile more.  Brothas love it.)

But can anyone, like, tell me why Minaj thinks that it’s okay to sign the breasts of her young teenage fans?  Look, no one appreciates the beautiful body of a woman (and two at the same time is even better, lol) more than me, but what has the world come to when Black people think this is okay?  Young teenage girls should be young teenage girls, like young ladies, not acting like they’re at a local strip joint.

What’s inspiring these young Black females to scream and run up to the stage with their breasts out for Minaj to sign?   Probably the fact that she previously hinted that she was a lesbian and/or bisexual.  But the very next moment, she says she’s not into women, she’s not bisexual or a lesbian, as if it’s some sort of publicity stunt.

“I don’t date women and I don’t have sex with women.  That’s, of course, until Cassie becomes available,” Minaj told Black Men magazine.

I think “sex” should stay in the bedroom; we have more important things to advertise or promote.

Today’s Young Buck culture has changed a great deal from when I was young. These young Black girls are very active participants in this relatively new teenage gay and bisexual tidal wave sweeping through the Black Community, and Minaj is their role model.  This isn’t the way hip hop culture used to be, but young Black women are following young White mainstream females, and in some cases they’re leading the charge.  This girl-girl culture picked up most of its steam with the “Girls Gone Wild” commercials craze, where you could see drunk White females kissing, bumping and grinding after midnight, on any night of the week or weekend.

Even Minaj realizes something is off-center regarding her behavior, previously mentioning how she sometimes becomes a little self-conscious about her lyrics when youngsters are at her shows.

I tried to think of a White or Hispanic female that does this boob-signing thing but I can’t.  I believe these young Black girls are a part of the same Black hip-hop related subculture that is hypersexual and aggressive, as is evidenced by the extensive posting of the booty shaking and fighting videos online.

Black youth feel alienated and are seeking attention for the wrong things.

Our kids are experiencing a digital overload.   And the camera-ready cell phones have become an “instant drama” instigator for teens who are already dealing with hormonal changes.

The reality is that Black beauty has found an outlet in music videos, online and a few Black magazines, and that’s important.  But Black people have to save themselves, save the community.   Our preoccupation with being fashionable, cool, sexy, and having more Bling than the next person is superficial, especially when you consider that these things get more of our attention than what we can do to save our community.

Yes, Minaj is at the forefront of our contemporary hip hop culture, but signing 14-year-old’s breasts?

Come on, Nicki . . .



The Phoney Liberal Media Helped Beck Hijack Martin’s Day

Shame on you American Media.

Online, on TV, you name it, the media covered Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” charade like “white on rice.”

I should not have been, but I was surprised to see how one-sided the media’s coverage was in favoring Glen Beck’s message.  The media’s extensive coverage of Glenn Beck’s rally literally crushed Martin Luther King’s day being celebrated at Reverend Al Sharpton’s “Reclaiming the Dream” rally.

It took CSPAN well into Sunday to post the promised “Reclaiming the Dream” rally, organized by the Reverend Sharpton’s National Action Network,  but Beck’s videos, including a setup video, was up and running right away.

But let’s not forget that the mainstream media is no fan of  Reverend Sharpton, seeing him and Reverend Jesse Jackson as racially polarizing figures, who are “too Black” – meaning, too loud, to in your face, and, really, too much on the side of what’s right when it comes to justice.  Sharpton has only been getting more TV time lately because he’s causing less controversy and has had a seat at President Obama’s table.

Reverend Sharpton’s Rally at Dunbar high school, and the march that followed to the National Mall, was much more energetic, sincere, and relevant than Beck’s rally because Reverend Sharpton stayed true to King’s dreams and had a cross section of speakers.

But what’s most offensive is that so many White Americans showed up to support Beck, who makes racist comments all the time.

“They said why yaw marchin’  . . . why yaw rallying.   They called us troublemakers.  But now the folks that used to criticize us for marchin’, tryin’ to have a march themselves,” shouted Reverend Sharpton, his voice booming like thunder.   “We’re still the last hired and first fired.  We’re not there yet.   We are still doubly unemployed Black to White.   We’re not there yet.  We need a jobs bill.  And those that will not vote for us, we will not vote for them.”

Glenn Beck

I looked at all the television news and read Sunday newspapers from several different cities and 90 percent of the coverage was about Beck and his 80-100,000 racist.

Why do I call those who showed up racist?

What else would you call people who drove in some cases hundreds and thousands of miles to see someone who compared President Obama’s America to  The Planet of the Apes?

If Minister Farrakhan said the things Beck said, there would be White, Brown, Yellow and Black outrage.  In fact, the media has shipped out the Farrakhan’s and Reverend Wright’s to the media’s Siberian Gulag.  And when you do see Farrakhan, the White media goes back 30 or 40 years to find something he said that they believe was racist.

Actually, the wimpy liberal media spends most of its time following around the Fox News racist like a stepchild.  And at the same time they like to pride themselves as being liberal and fighting racism when they’re record for hiring minorities is just as poor as the conservative media’s.

Hypocrites!  Just like the Democratic Party.

Poppa Tiger Was a Rollin’ Stone

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Tiger Wood’s and his wife, Elin Nordegren, have finally settled their divorce proceedings, but the amount of money she will receive will not be disclosed.

After months of trying to reconcile, the couple announced statements that were very cordial.  And life goes on.

I suppose Nordegren was thinking why spend the rest of her life with a serial cheater when you can “get paid” and move on?  Even though she was going to become independently wealthy, she didn’t try to hang on for the prestige and power that comes with staying married to an icon, following Tiger around on  golf greens.

Nonetheless, Nordegren does seems to be catching on quickly to the “celebrity thing,” as one could conclude from the fact that she has already done an interview with People Magazine, which sold about 2 million copies because of her (sales usually 1.4 million).

A lot of NBA and Baseball “groupie hoochies” could learn a thing or two from Nordegren, who was actually the nanny of Tiger’s friend at one time.  She definitely knows how to catch a playa and get paid in full.

Lately, Tiger hasn’t been performing well at golf, and one can safely assume it’s because there is no longer a good woman behind this great man –- I mean, golfer.

And I know Black women are tripping about all that money going to Blondie.   But, really, they were never in that game; I don’t even recall a sistah ever even interviewing him.  He won’t even let ’em get that close.

Actually, I think Tiger is scared of Black girls.

Still, I say, “Come on home, Tiger.  Stop denying your Blackness –-  Black folks will take you back; we’re forgiving to a fault.”

I’m sure he’s thinking my suggestion through.