The Phoney Liberal Media Helped Beck Hijack Martin’s Day

Shame on you American Media.

Online, on TV, you name it, the media covered Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” charade like “white on rice.”

I should not have been, but I was surprised to see how one-sided the media’s coverage was in favoring Glen Beck’s message.  The media’s extensive coverage of Glenn Beck’s rally literally crushed Martin Luther King’s day being celebrated at Reverend Al Sharpton’s “Reclaiming the Dream” rally.

It took CSPAN well into Sunday to post the promised “Reclaiming the Dream” rally, organized by the Reverend Sharpton’s National Action Network,  but Beck’s videos, including a setup video, was up and running right away.

But let’s not forget that the mainstream media is no fan of  Reverend Sharpton, seeing him and Reverend Jesse Jackson as racially polarizing figures, who are “too Black” – meaning, too loud, to in your face, and, really, too much on the side of what’s right when it comes to justice.  Sharpton has only been getting more TV time lately because he’s causing less controversy and has had a seat at President Obama’s table.

Reverend Sharpton’s Rally at Dunbar high school, and the march that followed to the National Mall, was much more energetic, sincere, and relevant than Beck’s rally because Reverend Sharpton stayed true to King’s dreams and had a cross section of speakers.

But what’s most offensive is that so many White Americans showed up to support Beck, who makes racist comments all the time.

“They said why yaw marchin’  . . . why yaw rallying.   They called us troublemakers.  But now the folks that used to criticize us for marchin’, tryin’ to have a march themselves,” shouted Reverend Sharpton, his voice booming like thunder.   “We’re still the last hired and first fired.  We’re not there yet.   We are still doubly unemployed Black to White.   We’re not there yet.  We need a jobs bill.  And those that will not vote for us, we will not vote for them.”

Glenn Beck

I looked at all the television news and read Sunday newspapers from several different cities and 90 percent of the coverage was about Beck and his 80-100,000 racist.

Why do I call those who showed up racist?

What else would you call people who drove in some cases hundreds and thousands of miles to see someone who compared President Obama’s America to  The Planet of the Apes?

If Minister Farrakhan said the things Beck said, there would be White, Brown, Yellow and Black outrage.  In fact, the media has shipped out the Farrakhan’s and Reverend Wright’s to the media’s Siberian Gulag.  And when you do see Farrakhan, the White media goes back 30 or 40 years to find something he said that they believe was racist.

Actually, the wimpy liberal media spends most of its time following around the Fox News racist like a stepchild.  And at the same time they like to pride themselves as being liberal and fighting racism when they’re record for hiring minorities is just as poor as the conservative media’s.

Hypocrites!  Just like the Democratic Party.