Your Mind Is Your Life

When you’re stressed out or simply feeling uninspired, but you have work to do, jump start your mind and emotions by considering the reward; then visualizing different scenarios (or creative skits) that are related to what you’re trying to accomplish, mentally, physically and emotionally.  This helps because . . .

If you can see it, you can be it!

In terms of garnering inspirational support for your efforts, visualize yourself holding conversations with key people – or an imaginary group of famous people who inspire you (you may call them your Power Group).  Ask and answer questions and even role play in your mind.  You’ll be amazed at how real and effective this creative visualization exercise is at solving problems and motivating you.

And don’t forget to “feel” the emotion related to your visualization exercises.  What you are really doing is using your conscious mind to program or reprogram your unconscious mind (will produce behavior based on what information it’s being fed), which cannot distinguish between what is real and what is your imagination.

Using your most powerful resource, your mind, helps you overcome the negativity that comes with the daily grind of life (just like reading a book set in another part of the world).   Typically, friends, family and associates cannot or choose not to always be supportive or understanding when it comes to you pursuing your dreams.

Why do they behave this way?

Because when you pursue your dreams, those that love you or know you, on some level, are forced to face their own shortcomings and the fact that they are afraid to dream big and pursue their desires in live, so they may laugh at you or even call you crazy.  A part of them doesn’t want you to succeed because when you achieve that which you want, how they perceive you may change.  And that can be scary to them; they’re used to you being the way you are.  People like predictability and being right.  They like to know who and what they’re dealing with.

Nonetheless, you came into this world alone, and you’re going to leave alone so use the  negativity of the naysayers and the haters to inspire you to keep going and prove them wrong.

If you really think about it, most people walk through life following the rest of the sheep in the Human Herd, grazing on the same ol’ lies about what others say they can and cannot do.

So if people aren’t calling you crazy or trying to stop you from pursuing your dreams, then you’re probably living life in the Safe Lane, too.