Sean Bell’s Fiancee Fighting On

Nicole Paultre Bell, the 26-year-old fianceé of Sean Bell who was killed by the police in a hail of gunfire (51 shots) on his wedding day in 2006, is running for a vacant city council position in Queens, NY.  The Reverend Al Sharpton, an outspoken critic of the police and a supporter of Bell, will be helping her run.

Bell, who currently runs the “When It’s Real It’s Forever” foundation, received a $3.25 million wrongful death settlement from the city of NY, but this money is in a trust fund that will be given to her children when they become adults.

It’s great that Bell wants to improve community and police relations, creating something positive from her husband’s death.

Nonetheless, people of all colors should be demanding that something be done about the police around the country killing Black men (thousand killed over the years) and walking away, calling it Justifiable Homicide, practically every time.

It goes without saying that not all policeman are bad (I’ve had relatives who were policeman).  Nonetheless, excessive force occurs far too often.

Statistics are hard to come by because law enforcement covers up and under reports police misconduct, including brutality and shooting issues.  But between 1980 and 2005 the police killed 9,600 people, but this is a low count.