Al D’Amato, You Go Boy!

Several minutes into the Fox “Money Rocks” video segment below, former Republican Senator from NY, Al D’Amato, “goes postal” on GOP strategist Jack Burkman (I know, I’ve never heard of this “nobody,” either), who when making a point about the U.S. privatizing the postal service and his belief that postal workers are unskilled, suggested “most of these guys working in the Post Office should be driving cabs, and I think we should stop importing labor from Nigeria and Ethiopia.  That’s the skill level.”  Thus, Burkman casually and arrogantly demeaned Africans and cab drivers without even blinking.

Fortunately, Tamara Holder, a guest attorney on the show, criticizes Burkman for his “Nigerian and Ethiopean” slur.

But D’Amato lays into Burkman, calling him a “nasty racist,” and his comments about the Nigerians and Ethiopians was a “bunch of bullshit.”  As if this weren’t enough, D’Amato also told Burkman to shut up and that he needed his mouth washed out with soap.

Actually, everyone seemed to agree that Burkman made some good points regarding postal waste and the need for privatization, but his racist comments overshadowed his thoughtful analysis.

When thinking about Burkman, I’m reminded of the saying:  “I cannot hear what you say because what you are speaks so loudly.”