Should Kardashian Sistahs Get Some ‘Love’ For Having A Brotha’s Back?

I was recently drawn to a picture of the Kardashian Family on a major website.  And even though it’s 2011 it was unusual to see a Black face, Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers), among such a high profile White family — even though he’s famous among basketball fans.

(For those of you who may not know, Odom married Khloe Kardashian not long ago.)

Of course the family picture is beautiful, but I never hear the mainstream media talk about the diverse-minded attitudes of the women in the Kardashian family, particularly Kim and Khloe, both of whom have dated and married Black men.  It’s not unusual for Blacks to accept Whites into their families – we’ve done so throughout history, for the most part, so the Black angle wouldn’t really be a significant media story.

“I could be boning a White guy in the middle of the street, and they [the media] wouldn’t say anything.”

This is what a frustrated Kim Kardashian told her sister during a recent show after reading media rumors that followed her showing her soon-to-be opened NY store to friend Kanye West.  All he did was run over and check things out after she called him.  Obviously, Kim’s well aware of the media’s racism and infatuation with Black-White romance and/or sex.   Thus, it appears that Miss Kim has had enough of the — let’s be brutally honest —  “N*#%@# Lover” media report insinuations and upcoming show highlights reveal her dating practically all White men.

This is still America, and if you don’t believe we’re a racist country, look at the Tea Party signs on television.   Look at how Hollywood still has a Whiteout going when it comes to minority actors and shows.  And the list goes on and on.

Now, let’s be real, Black women might have an issue or two with any praising of Kim and Khloe for being diversity role models because many of the sistahs didn’t even like Reggie Bush, Kim’s ex-boyfriend, being put on the cover of Essence Magazine awhile back.  And quiet as kept, many sistahs are livid about Odom, and any wealthy Black man, taking their wealth into a White marriage.

Nonetheless, it really must be difficult for a high profile White female in America to date a Black man?  Yet the question has to be asked: would Kim or Khloe date an “average” Black man?

I’m not quite sure?  But I believe Kim got married at 19 to a brother, music producer Damian Thomas.  He was 29 and they divorced when she was 23.  If they didn’t date or like Black men before they were famous, I’d doubt they’d do so now with the world’s microscope hovering over them on television?  Neither Kardashian sister needs any man’s money.

For 400 years Black folks have known what it’s like to be discriminated against and we’ve always accepted those from other races into our families, so why should we view the Kardashian sistahs any differently.

I say we open the door and welcome the Kardashian girl’s on into our home.

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