Condoleezza, Please? No Thanks!

When I think of Condoleeza Rice, I think of a cold Black woman who has sold her soul to Mainstream Politics.  In fact, she appears to be delusional, as if she learned that being Black was a bad thing, an evil thing, when she was but a child.  However, her aloofness or disassociation from “all things Black” is not unusual; it’s the type of behavior many Blacks who lack character exhibit.  Their conscious and unconscious intentions are to assimilate, to absorb “White People Magazine” — uhhh, I mean, “People Magazine,” “Friends” reruns and whatever else Mainstream America says is “in.”  These Black people try to assimilate to the tenth power and have no use for Blackness.   “Real” Black people, those who love being Black, sniff out where Condi’s coming from a mile and a half away.  We know the type well because we no the symptoms of self-hate so well.

Rice’s shopping in NY while Black people (and others) were dying in the water during Katrina sums up her worthlessness to me.  Why didn’t she get in President Bush’s face and demand he get his people to move quickly?

Because she could care less.  She had shopping to do.  Why should she care about N#*%*#%?

During an interview she said:  “Look, I’d be the first to say I learned something from that. I thought of myself as secretary of state; my responsibility is foreign policy. I didn’t think about my role as a visible African American national figure. I just didn’t think about it.”

What a joke!  She makes my point exactly — she didn’t think about her role as a “visible African American national figure” because she abandoned her Blackness, including associating with Black people, long before she became the secretary of state.

And now we have to put up with Rice, Bush’s mammy, pedaling a book.  Not to mention that she even has the nerve to discuss racism.  During an interview with Greta Van Racist Susteren (wraps herself in Liberal Clothing),  Mammy Condo hit Van Susteren’s softball question about Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s angry sermons about American racism right out of the park, criticizing Wright, a victim of racism, as if he were in fact a racist.  Also offended by Wright’s sermons, which were flashed all over the news during Obama’s presidential run, Van Susteren even had the nerve to say that she fought for Civil Rights, as if this made her an authority racism’s impact on Black people.

How silly is that – a Civil Rights advocate who still can’t understand or accept that Black people have a right to be angry about past and present racism?  Does she fight for the thousands of Black men they continue to lose their lives to police brutality and lethal force?

Van Susteren perspective is nothing more than liberal racism.   The problem with having these types of phony’s involved in Black organizations trying to fight racism is they don’t respect Black people as living, intelligent, emotional, multi-dimensional human beings.  Telling someone they cannot be emotional or angry is dehumanizing.

Note to Mammy Condo – Black folks don’t like you, either.  So keep on steppin’ . . . .

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