Making Peace With Fear

Over the years I’ve accomplished quite a bit once I learned how to make peace with fear.  What works for me may not work for you and vice versa; thus, I’d like to simply share – with a dose of dramatic flare –  the type of dialogue that has helped me achieve different things, as well as get me through some tough emotionally trying times.

The entertaining dialogue I’ve laid out below is between my Fear and my Confidence.  Because you may not always be conscious of your fears, the following type of dialogue may be helpful to you when you’re afraid of something or feel that your fear is making excuses as to why things cannot or will not go the way you want them to.

Unfortunately, many people turn to drugs and alcohol when they’re stressed out or afraid of something.  Still, others become angry or abusive.

The bottom line is that we remember to “Keep it simple, stupid” – and remain calm.  Whatever you’re afraid of probably isn’t going to kill you, but stress and anger surely will, eventually.

Here we go:

My Confidence:  Ha, ha – my man (smiling and sounding like Denzel Washington)!  There you go trying to cause trouble in my life again.  Boooooy!  You never stop, do you?  But that’s why I love you, you keep me on my toes.

My Fear:  Ha, ha – right backatchu!!!  Good to see you again, too.  I’m just trying to protect our guy, Walt, from being disappointed.  You know, he might get his hopes up and not get what he wants . . . and before you know it, he’s overwhelmed and panicking.  I don’t know why this guy is always trying to do things he shouldn’t be trying to do?  He really believes he can do anything.  I don’t know why his momma taught him that.

My Confidence:  I gotta give you some credit – after all these years and all that he’s accomplished, you still show up, trying to scare him.

My Fear:  I’m just doing my job; I’m trying to protect him from himself.  Doesn’t he realize some people laugh at him when he fails?  I’m just trying to stop him from failing.

My Confidence:  Yeah, but you have a bad record.  He doesn’t listen to you, he listens to me.

My Fear:  I have my moments . . . .

My Confidence:  Yeah, but not many.  Fear is a part of life; it’s a part of being human.  Nobody, as far as I know, is devoid of fear.  But I must admit that I enjoy you showing up and taking you butt-whippin’ like a man.

My Fear:  Look, we both have his best interest at heart.

My Confidence:  I know.  We really do work together.  I’m just glad we can sit down and talk like men from time to time without tearing up the guy’s life.   Like I said, you keep me on my toes.

My Fear:  . . . And you, me.

My Confidence:  Hey, I’d love to sit and chat with you all day – we both long-winded, for sure.  But he’s already started working on what you told him he couldn’t do.  He told me you  got here two seconds before I did and was trying to talk him out of it, but I rolled in and, as usual, dropped my “If not me – who.  If not now – when” line on him and off he went.  But it’s good to see you again.

My Fear:  You, too.  See ya soon.

My Confidence:  Peace!!!!

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