Mayor Nutter’s Flash Mob Problem

By Walter L. Hilliard III

“You’ve damaged yourself. You damaged another person. You damaged your peers. And quite honestly, you’ve damaged your own race,” said Philadelphia’s Black Mayor Michael Nutter to Philly’s Black kids, who are believed to be largely responsible for flash mobs that meet and ransack stores, steal, or just loiter.  Some flash mob participants have even beaten people up, it’s reported; however, these attacks are not meeting the criteria of hate crimes because the issue of race as a motivating factor are much more subjective.  But there are many Whites that believe Philadelphia’s media is being too careful about accusing the Black kids of committing hate crimes.

Mayor Nutter continues:  “If you want Black folks, if you want White folks, Latinos, Asians or anybody else to respect you and not be afraid when they see you walking down the street, then leave the innocent people who are walking down the street minding their own damned business – leave them alone.  Cut it out.”


The problem is that Mayor Nutter oversees a city that has cut funding for programs that keep Black kids off the streets and out of trouble, especially at a time when these kids are not working and have nothing else to do.  I’m sure most are glad school is now back in session.  Most statistics place Black youth unemployment around 40 to 50 percent.  And Mayor Nutter, besides initiating a curfew for those 22 and under, is finally getting out and participating in weekend bowling and some other activities that some community leaders are facilitating to get the kids off of the streets.

But why didn’t he go mingle with the kids when the problem started?

Well, he was too busy keeping Philly’s establishment happy and safe.

But of course!

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