Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cain Ain’t Able

By Walter L. Hilliard III


First, top Republican presidential candidate  Herman Cain said he’d build a fence that electrocuted illegal aliens . . . then  said he was joking, a day later, and that he didn’t mean to offend anyone, but would not apologize . . . yet, still later, he, well, you get the picture.


His actual actual comment about the fence was:   “It’s going to be 20 feet high.  It’s going to have barbed wire on the top.  It’s going to be electrocuted, electrified.  And there’s going to be a sign on the other side that says, ‘It will kill you.'”


Cain also said Black people are brainwashed and that they should leave the Democratic Plantation (well, he did touch a soft spot in my heart with that comment) when he’s on a worse plantation, run by the RepubliCons.  The former Godfather’s Pizza executive is also getting points from right-wingers who like to tell poor folks that it’s their own fault if their not rich.


Are you serious?


Yes, I’m serious.


No, Herman “Cain ain’t able” to tell the truth ‘cause the truth just ain’t in ‘em.  In fact, that’s why many conservative voters are supporting him: there’s nothing like an entertaining Negro willing to dance, sing, and play an apologist for mainstream fears, telling them “racism is no longer an obstacle.”  So, in other words, Cain is really apologizing to all of America because they’ve had to put up with Black people complaining about racism for all these years.


The fact is, Cain is really like a cartoon character, and he thrives on double-standards, attacking others for accusing him of playing the Race Card, but at the same time telling Blacks to leave the Democratic Plantation.


Yes, Blacks do need to leave the Democratic Plantation, but they’re just too enamored with President Obama right now.  History shows us that all Democratic candidates have to do is visit a Black church and flash a smile, or play a few notes on the sax like Bill Clinton,  and they’re “all in.”


What’s interesting is that polls show that the same Republican voters that like and support Cain right now say they will not support him as the number one candidate down the road when it’s time to take on President Obama.


And as if Cain’s aforementioned comments weren’t enough, just when the Blacks and poor folks he mugged with his comments are trying to get up off of the ground, Cain pulls out his “999” Tax Code Club and smashes them over the head with a tax burden plan that falls squarely on them and/or the middle class.


What’s really going on here is that Cain is tied to the billionaire Koch brothers and their Americans for Prosperity group (through his campaign manager and several aids), which explains his ongoing praise of the rich.


Ultimately, when it’s time for the conservatives to pick their man, and put their money where their mouth is, they’ll thank Cain for stirring up their conservative base, ask him to support the main guy, and then they’ll dis-Able Cain and send him back to Uncle Tomsville, until he’s needed for comic relief again.


Well, this is one time when Raising Cain in politics is a very bad thing.