Always A Justifiable Homicide?






DJ Henry, another justifiable homicide?

I never will understand the lack of concern for the lives of Black males in America, especially the thousands of young Black males, usually unarmed, being shot by White policemen — and judges, district attorneys, as well as the rest of the  criminal justice system, does nothing about it.

On October 17th, 2010, twenty-year-old Danroy “DJ” Henry Jr, a Black male college student from a Boston suburb Easton Mass., and football player at Pace University, went to move his car out of a fire lane outside a bar in Thornwood, NY, after Pleasantville police officer Aaron Hess knocked on his window to tell him to move.  According to witnesses, Hess then pulls his gun out of its holster, jumps on the hood of DJ’s car, and opens fire, shooting through DJ’s windshield, as another White officer joins in and also opens fire, killing DJ and injuring other kids in the car.

And as if this wasn’t enough, a grand jury refused to indict Hess; the judge involved in the case refused to release evidence like the 911 calls; and the Police Benevolent Association gave the cop that shot DJ the “Police Officer of the Year” award.

So DJ leaves behind parents who are numb and say time for them is still standing still, frozen, as well as a teenage brother and sister, struggling to understand what happened, and why their big brother is gone.

And I wonder where the national media has gone? Why aren’t they doing a national show about this incident and how often these bogus justifiable homicides occur?  Why hasn’t President Obama spoke out about this incident?  But of course he wouldn’t — why would he want to get the police mad at him for killing a Black boy?  Yes, it sounds like a very, very strange question, but it’s true and shows you how much Obama and the world thinks of young Black men.

Shame on you Obama!  And shame on those who make excuses for him!

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  1. Brokenheart12 says:

    Thank you for posting this story.  We need Obama to speak up!  Please continue to talk about this story.  Our voices should be heard!!

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