The Effeminization Of Black Men And Calling Obama The First Gay President

Walter L. Hilliard III


Since Batman and Robin statements like, “Gee Williker Wally’s, Batman,” are no longer relevant, one might say something like, “Gee Williker, Yeezy Weezy,” in the spirit of contemporary heroes like Kanye West (Yeezy) and Little Wayne (Weezy, not to confused with Weezy, George Jefferson’s main slice on “The Jeffersons”).


And so “Gee Williker, Yeezy Weezy,” mainstream media outlets – in this case, Newsweek – just can’t pass up an opportunity to continue the media’s effeminization process of Black men by calling President Barack Obama “The first gay president,” seeking to insult him.  But Obama probably asked for it because he has coddled gay groups, Jews, conservatives, women, and everyone else but Blacks.


One can even tune into top 10 Black shows in Black households like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Queen Latifah’s “Single Ladies,” and any number of Black reality shows, to see Black men walking around in high heels, lipstick, and bobbing their heads like girls.  And if you say something about it, the Gay Police run out and bully you, especially if you’re Black, and force you to apologize.  Don’t think so?  Ask Kobe Bryant, Tracy Morgan, Isiah Washington (actor) and a list of others.


And check out how Hollyweird loves to put major Black actors and comedians in dresses, including, Chris Rock, Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Ving Rhames, Chris Tucker, and just about the entire Wayans family (brothers), just to name a few.


There are also those Blacks that promote Black men dressing up and playing girls, switching around, and wearing wigs, those like Tyler Perry, whose movies Black people support in droves.  Not to mention Perry’s affinity for portraying Blacks as coons and buffoons, in the tradition of Amos ‘n Andy.


Where are the regular, traditional-type Black professional men on TV?  They don’t exist.


What drives the media’s effeminization process of Black men?  Fear, from White folks double-clicking their car door locks when a Black face pulls up next to them to White females clutching their purses when they see a Black man to NYC and other cabbies speeding by Blacks looking for cab rides.


Just think about the physical, emotional and spiritual terrorism directed at the Black community and Black men in particular: let drugs and guns into Black neighborhoods, both of which Blacks do not make; give them more time than Whites for the same crime; lock up a million Black men (and women) and expose them to homosexuality, let half their kids drop out of school; allow doctors to treat Blacks differently; hire less threatening Black women in the workplace and facilitate Black women belittling their men because they’re the head of the Black family unit now; and so on.


The demise of Black people is a conscious and unconscious manifestation.  And the Black community may be headed toward something that resembles an Indian reservation.


Young Black males have few strong Black male role models as it is, but then then they’re tricked by what it means to be a strong Black man when poor role models like President Obama are glamorized.  President Obama, the first gay president, portrays an image of a phoney (who ignores his own Black people), over-compromising, smiling Black man who is controlled by Whites, just like many Black business, magazines, media companies, and politicians.


And why have Black people allowed gay groups to high jack their civil rights movement ideology, bullying Blacks in the process, comparing their troubles to ours – especially when they’ve never been our friends?  Al Sharpton recently even aligned himself with gay groups to support New York’s “Stop and Frisk” practice.


The fact is that gay groups started feeling guilty for bullying Blacks, well, they really started worrying about the fact they’ve been looking bad for taking advantage of us and that we might soon start pushing back so they figured they had better do something to make themselves look good.


The bottom line is you can choose to hide your sexuality, but you can’t hide your skin color or Blackness, and being Black brings about daily discrimination that gays will never be able to relate to.


Black children, especially Black boys, deserve role models of heterosexual, strong, professional Black men like every other group of young boys do.  They do not need Black men and women, so called leaders, standing around talking about they support gay marriage.


John Singleton talked about the ridiculousness of the plethora of Black movies with Black men like Martin Lawrence (“Big Mommas House”), Tyler Perry (“Madea”), and Eddie Murphy (“Norbit” and “The Nutty Professor”) dressing up and acting like women.  He asked what’s going on and how it is that Black men acting like women is representative of their being role models for young Black boys?


So why aren’t the rest of Black people asking the same questions?

Because most of us are “down for whatever,” even when it comes to failing our children.


Shame on us!!!

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