Black People Pimped Out Again

Walter L. Hilliard III

As if having a million Black men sitting in prison and about half a million Black women isn’t enough for Black America to deal with.  Add to the incarceration issue, double Black unemployment, 50 percent of Black kids dropping out of many our schools and you start becoming overwhelmed.

Not to mention Super Democrat Bill Clinton being responsible for a million Black deaths in Rwanda because he would not allow the U.S. military to stop the massacre.  He’s also responsible for the incarceration of uncountable Black bodies rotting in the prison (up to 2 million at the time) with his 1994 crime bill, as well as the Three Strikes and Your Out law and even One Strike for drug offenders in public housing projects.  Ill Bill also put lifetime limits on welfare recipients in the 1990s with poor Black children being hurt the most.   If you’re going to put limits on welfare, at least provide training so parents can find decent jobs.


However, Black America isn’t really addressing what really ails us, we’re too busy following out Black overseers around:  Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, the Black Caucus, NAACP, Black pastors.  These wannabes maintain their power by aligning themselves with the democratic machine, leading Blacks to slaughter, like sheep.


Sheepy see, sheepy do!

Herrrre, sheepy, sheepy!  Come here my little sheep.


It’s a psychological fact that the mind can only focus “clearly” on one thing at a time and racism against Blacks is practically a non-issues, unfortunately.  Instead, the democratic machine has distracted and led Black folks astray to fringe issues like gay marriage and voter fraud.  When is the last time you heard Black folks sitting around at cookout talking about:  “Uhh, hey grandmom, you know . . . we really, really ought to be supporting gay marriage.”


Grandmom’s response:  “Whadyu say, boy?  Nadine!!!  Come git dis boy’s beer!  Whatcher mouth, boy!  You might gits cut up in ‘ere.”


The voter fraud charge being led by Al Sharpton is really more about preventing Latinos from voting.  The fact is that most Black people have been here, in America, for 500 or so years and almost all of us have some form of ID.


So what is Barack and his homeboys doing?  They’re trying to scare Black folks into supporting their political causes so they maintain power – so Al keeps his TV show and Barack stays in office.  They’re battle cry is:  “The Republicans are coming to take our power . . . uhhh, we mean your Civil Rights away.”


The democrats may win, but the ghettos, Prison Industrial Complex, and 50 percent dropout rate in our cities will remain.


Now tell me, why haven’t the democrats done anything about these problems?

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