OBama Will Win Because GOD Don’t Like Uglier

Walter L. Hilliard III

Barack OBama and his Democratic Party are nothing more than the lesser of two evils — or, the “lesser of two uglies” — when it comes to selecting who the masses should vote into the presidential office, but RepubliCons will accelerate our country’s path to hell in a hand basket.  You know, Rome also thought it wouldn’t fall?

One would think that Bush and the RepubliCons facilitating Wall Street and big business stripping away their investments and 401 Ks, as well as bringing our economy to it’s knees, would be enough to chase down, try, and convict any RepubliCon that dare show his face and run for congress or the office of the president, but, nah . . . .  So this  shows you that most Americans still don’t “get it” that the RepubliCons don’t care about the masses, but the truth is, neither do the Democrats.

Still, if you know one party, the RepubliCons, actually love the Banker Robber Barons, you at least don’t let them back into power.

Yes, part of Obama’s problem is that people know he and his Democratic Party aren’t that different from the RepubliCons.  He knows, too, that’s why he was suspiciously quiet during Occupy Wall Street when you’d think he’d be up there leading the charge.  Also very telling was the fact that he said he wasn’t going to chase down and prosecute the Wall Street crooks guilty of helping ruin our economy, and he brought crooks like Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of the Treasury, into his administration.

Because President Barack Obama has gone out of his way to alienate his strongest base, Blacks, who have voted for him at a 95 percent clip, and he behaved like a wimp when dealing with the indifferent conservatives who hated him, he is now in a real race.  Not to mention he inherited a bad economy from a RepubliCon, Bush, that is from the very same party he’s in a tie against.  Had Obama done more for the masses, especially the middle class, when he had control of congress and took his case to the people to shame his RepubliCon Obstructionist, people would have respected him more, particularly the independents, White women, and young people.

Obama had the momentum to change the face of the country when he came into office but revealed he was just an elitist, too.  And at the worst time, he goes into a debate and acts like he was high or drunk, and resuscitated a dying Romney campaign that was never really a challenge to him.

As you know, I’m no Obama or Democrat supporter, but he’s not quite as bad for the American people as Romney.  Personally, I believe that things have to get worse before they get better and they will get worse if Romney with Romney in the long run, because he’ll live off of an economy on the rise (Wall Street and the housing market, for example), but eventually once we return to normal, which is the typical, elitist system that’s favors corporations, we’ll be headed for disaster again in a few years.  If Obama wins, we’ll maintain a system that will do a few good things for the middle class here and there, but we will still be a distant dream from our potential as a growing nation that’s ready to take the powerful interest of money out of Washington or handle diversity.

So Obama failed to create true reform on Wall Street and he avoided the issue of race like the plague.  Thus, things will be the same as they ever was, especially for Black people.

But what’s really going on with America is racism.  There is no question that Obama’s policies have the country on the road to recovery, and that Romney is a typical RepubliCon elitist.  So you have to hold the masses of American Whites accountable for its racist feelings rearing their ugly head throughout the Obama administration, and an AP poll says as much, that 51 percent to 57 percent of White Americans have racist, or anti Black views.

So Romney, who changes his mind like the wind and reeks of elitism and doesn’t care about the middle class, is in a dead heat against a Black president he should not even be close to competing with, except for the fact that he’s White.  In fact, Whites are making excuses as to why the should vote for Romney.  In 2008, Obama received about 43 percent of the White vote.

The American people should be saying to themselves, if they elect RepubiCon Mitt Romney, fool me once, RepubliCons, shame on you — fool me twice, shame on me.

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