No Love For Susan Rice, She’s An Obama Parrot

By Walter L. Hilliard III

The last time I heard U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice blabbing in detail on TV, she was defending Barrack Obama for ignoring Black people like some Democratic Plantation Mammy.

I could care less if Susan Rice becomes Barack Obama’s next Secretary of State or not because every time I’ve heard her speak, she says nothing original and parrots democratic dogma, playing Obama Ball to the peril of Black people.  Rice is reflection of the plague of the superficiality of American politics.

Sure, she’s being picked on because of of her race  — but she signed up for the phoniness of national politics.  So, when you buy into a career of social climbing in the democratic party, you get what you pay for.  She doesn’t “cry” for Black people or their condition: double unemployment, a million Black men in prison, and the continuing American legacy of “thriving” Black ghettos.

So to you, Susan Rice, good riddance!  At least I know the RepubliCons don’t like my Black face — but the Democrats, your party, led by your president, the top phoney baloney, smiles in my face while stabbing me in the back with their free hand.

Sincerely, your Black brothas and sistas fighting “real racism” in these American Streets.


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