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Morehouse, Launching A LGBT Course, Really? These Ni%*$#* Have Gone Mad

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So, we can’t even get Black History taught on an significant level in our schools and colleges, but we’re okay with LGBT classes?

To most, Black men are threatening for no other reason than their skin color.  Poor Black men are a threat to rob you and educated Black men are a threat on the job because they don’t fit the stereotype and must also be put in their place – their being educated and assertive is threatening to even Black people.


So, first of all when did it become a problem to be heterosexual?  And why are Black people not asking the question of why we are allowing the mainstream, as well as some Black men and women, to “turn out” our young boys and girls?  Why are we not asking why some of our young Black boys are taking on effeminate characteristics?  Why don’t we care?  Why aren’t we asking why our young girls are cutting off their hair, putting on baggy pants, and acting like boys?  Yes, why are we letting the mainstream, who would love nothing better than to see our demise and annihilation, glamorize our boys and girls switching gender roles?  I mean, if I see one more gay Black hairdresser, dancer, or assistant on TV I’m going to go crazy.


So the Effeminatization of the Black Male Train is at top speed with Obama supporting gay marriage, Ben Jealous calling Black people homophobes, and the Huffington Post and other media outlets hustling in an avalanche of gay Black columnist and stories.


Sometimes I want to give up on Black people, and I always try to watch the name-calling because I get so angry, sometimes.  Thus, my anger at Morehouse College.


I mean, what and why would some Negro Morehouse Administrator, college president or otherwise, come up with such an idea?


Apparently, Morehouse Safespace coordinator Marcus Lee partnered with Yale’s Jafari S. Allen to create the LGBT course and they were assisted with the launch by the Sociology Chair’s Michael Hodge.  So this is what older Black men have to offer young Black boys?  Why does Morehouse allow these kind of role models to teach young Black boys LGBT courses on their campus?  If I were an educated bank robber, should I also be allowed to teach courses on how to rob banks?  Where does it all end?


From reality shows highlighting gay Black men to the prison industrial complex targeting Black men to the gay police bullying Black athletes and entertainers to apologize – mainstream America, out of its conscious and unconscious fear of Black men, is rapidly teaching our young boys to change their sexuality.  And Black leadership, playing politics and the money game, is handing over our sexuality as fast as they can, including the Obama’s, Sharpton’s, Dyson’s, Harris-Perry’s, Jealous’, and others.


Our leaders are hucksters and traitors.  They could care less if our boys become girls and nary another Black child ever be born again as they laugh their way to the bank, smile their big watermelon smiles on MSNBC, and get their pats on the head from their mainstream plantation owners and producers.

The Fiscal Cliff Show Perpetuated By the Mainstream Media

By Walter L. Hilliard III – Are you emotionally exhausted with the media’s infatuation with the Fiscal Cliff stories, glamorizing “Big Time Going No Where Politics,” starring King Sellout Barack Obama and The Richman’s Boy, John Boehner.  The drama is played out everyday on networks like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, morning, noon, and night, parading political pundits across our TV screens like D-List actors.  These actors ramble on about their predictions, endlessly, only stopping to check their makeup and twitter accounts for new hits during the commercial breaks.

So . . . get ready, let me tell you what’s really going on.  What’s going on is you are watching elitist institutions, the mainstream media, drunk on ratings, but expertly carrying out the agendas (called “agenda setting”) of their wealthy, powerful leaders, operating in a corrupt, capitalistic world in which only two ideological parties (but not that different) are happy to waddle around like fat hogs in a pig pen.  And the Democratic Pig is in office right now, oink-ing it up with their second round of Piggy Power: jobs, money, prestige, and so on.

And the Agenda Setting by the power elite’s media is what enables the elite to maintain their power and keep the people, the masses, divided and conquered, fighting over Race/Racism, limited resources (jobs, programs, incentives), high on Hollyweird’s entertainment, and unable to unite and throw them out of the country on their asses.  So, in English, we have an upper, upper-middle, and middle class that buys into the American Dream lie and supports the Power Elite through politics and business (i.e., many of those that compose the Electoral College, the Rich Man’s insurance policy that the masses stay in their place), as well as serves as the Power Elite’s democratic and capitalistic dogma mouthpieces.  So this is just another way of saying that our leader’s underlings and predecessors thrive off of their being “next up” to oppress the rest of us and convince the masses that their “pie in the sky” is really their “pie on earth.”

It’s all about illusion, delusion, bait-and-switch, and the 52-Fake Out.  And you’ve been had!

Wake Up, People!!!!

Crazy As Hell Juanita Bynum, Laying Low?

By Walter L. Hilliard III

What happened to Juanita Bynum?  Is she laying low or is she out on the church Chitlin’ Circuit?

I don’t understand my people, Black people?  We have allowed our church leaders to turn most of us into hypocrites, picking and choosing bible stories to accommodate whatever behavior we’re feeling guilty about.

Go to the supermarket to get your grub on; go to the Black church to get your spirituality on and your repent on — then leave church and go out and behave like the heathens you think you’re “better” than.

You see, I’m an observant person; I like to think before I speak . . . but I can also be very personable, initiate and carry a conversation with the best of them, when appropriate.  Yet I’m also very suspicious of people who talk too much —   people who are loud but ain’t sayin’ nothin’, people who speak before they think because they’re trying to see what works, which lines will produce the results they want.  Yes, I believe people who talk too much are usually trying to get something . . . maybe even your soul?

So when I hear Juanita Bynum speak, anytime, anywhere, I get worried.


Because Juanita Bynum talks too loud and too much.  Because Juanita Bynum is Crazy as Hell.

“If you’re writing with a Bic [pen] today you are a common person because Bic is for the common person — everybody has it.”

This is what she said –- Juanita Bonita Banana Bynum.

“No she didn’t.”

“Yeah, she did.”

Juanita Bynum, is a Bible Thumper, extraordinaire.  She’s also known for her tumultuous relationship with her ex husband Thomas Wesley Weeks, III.   And Bynum only came out and told the world she was freakin’ on the Girl’s Team because people were going to tell on her anyway.  So now she’s going to try to capitalize on her issues, tell another testimony, another story.

“The first association I want you to have with this class is there’s something special about me,” said Bynum to a Black audience, putting herself on a pedestal.  “I’m not the norm or the average.  You’re writing instrument determines where you’re headed.  I’ve paid up to $5,000 for a pen.”

(Somebody in the church:  “So dat’s where my damn money went.”)

Like I said, I’m always concerned when people talk too much or too fast — and most religious leaders do so because they’re so busy hijacking God’s lines to validate the “game” they runnin’ on folks.  And who talks faster or runs more game than Bynum?

How many more crazy pastor stories do Black people need to hear before we boycott the churches or throw these hypocrite pastors out into the streets?  In fact, there are so many bad ones that the good ones have to go, too.  “Erey-body out!”

The problem with Bynum, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, and other Bible Thumpers is they have a line, a testimony, for any and every bad thing you can imagine and so they become nothing more than Repent Machines.

There was even a report of a pastor’s wife, Geanda Tribbet of Springfield, Illinois, caught  having sex in the back of a car with her 16 year old foster son.


When you hear Bynum talking and singing into the camera, like an actress, about her transgressions, you feel a sort Déjà Vu that many to most of these pastors are narcissistic blabber mouths who will do or say anything to get and hold people’s attention, their support, and their money.

At some point, Black people are going to have to look up into the heavens, beg for forgiveness, and promise GOD that they are finally ready to stop using his bible and religion to showboat and they are going to practice what they preach.  Then they are then going to up out of their church pews, take a swing at their pastors, take their money back , and get their butts out into the streets to do the work they should have been doing for the last 500 years:  helping real people.

America’s Elitist Capitalistic System





By Walter L. Hilliard III

The fact is that there is no difference between the democrats and the republiCons, or Bush, Obama, and Romney.  Barack Obama has said that he wouldn’t be going after the corporate Banksters who stole our money and almost tanked our economy, even though he bops around like he’s on the side of the common man.  You see, both parties know they’re the only game in town — the masses will always choose one or the other party, so they have a 50-50 chance of being in power.  Sounds like great odds, huh?

What’s really wrong with America?  Why are things so bad for so many?  How do “the powers that be” keep us down, divided, and conquered?

The long and short of is that our system is infested with things like interlocking directorates, allowing corporate leaders to sit on other company’s boards (encourages price fixing).  There’s also the “transplanting of officials” whereby government and corporate leaders go back and forth into one another’s industries.  For example, a former government official becomes a business consultant, and heads back to Washington to influence his friends on behalf of his business or new employer.

Add to these problems the fact that republicans, in particular, love to play the Race Card, creating Black Welfare Queens and identifying them as the problem and reason why the masses of Whites can’t send their kids to college, or otherwise, while at the same time handing out corporate welfare to their business buddies.  It’s the Okeydoke, and the masses go for it just about every time.  The republican message is that “minorities” are the source of our country’s problems, or White America’s individual, financial woes.

Our democracy, rift with corruption, even allows republiCons (who have fewer total voters than democrats) to steal elections by coming up with ways to discount votes or disenfranchise voters, especially the democrat’s strongest base, Black voters.  This largely occurs because Blacks are disproportionately poor, more likely to vote democrat, and live in underfunded areas with older voting machines and voting acumen so they’re targeted and taken advantage of.  The impact of this kind of under-reported fraud has a bigger impact in elections that are close or the margin between a candidate winning and losing is small.

Then there is the Electoral College, 538 electors who actually vote the president into office.  So you, Joe and Jane Citizen, are actually voting for someone who’s “supposed” to represent the people’s vote.  In fact, Al Gore actually won the popular vote, the people’s actual vote, in 2000 by about 500,000 votes over George Bush, but the Supreme Court actually helped the republiCons win.

Our American voting system is an outdated elitist plant by our country’s forefathers, who were the landed aristocracy (wealthy elite), to help make sure they, their friends and kin maintained control of the country, as opposed to “the people” controlling the power and wealth.  Today, the powerful make up the Electoral College; they’re former politicians, mayors, business leaders, etc.  They are elite or upper middle class who have something to gain by playing the “game.”

Not to mention the influence of money and/or special interest buying influence, working full-time, and holding the attention of our politicians.

So what it all boils down to is you and I are down before we even get a chance to stand up and get knocked out.  We’re actually not even really in the fight.

To be continued  . . . .

I Knew O.J. Wasn’t A Killer, But Fuhrman Still Trying To Frame Him

I Told You OJ Didn’t Do It!

And so racist cop Mark Fuhrman, a convicted felon and liar, on Fox News, but of course, is first out of the gate to negate a new story that a serial killer killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Clay Rogers, the brother of now captured serial killer Glen Rogers, is part of the Investigation Discovery network’s “My Brother The Serial Killer,” a film in which discloses that his brother bragged that he was going to “take her down,” referring to Nicole.   Clay says that Glen told him O.J. paid him to steal a $20,000 pair of earrings he had given Nicole and to “kill the bitch” if necessary.

But I’m wondering why does a racist like Fuhrman gets book deals and so much TV Time?  And he had the nerve to call the Investigation Discovery network the “Clueless Channel” for airing the story about the serial killer.  Not to mention that Fuhrman’s opinion about the film, discounting the serial killer’s story, mentioned things like the blood and socks, evidence he was accused of planting.  He sounded like he was recounting all the things he did to frame OJ.

“As a nation, are we this stupid that we fall for these media blitzes and this attraction…that we fall for this…stale crime,” says Fuhrman.

I say:   “Liar!  Liar, pants on Fire!”  Fuhrman was proven to have called all Black people Niggers and talked about beating Nigger gang members in alleys.

Rodgers, on death row in Florida, claims he’s killed as many as 70 people, and provided receipts to police at the time of the murders, having been caught for another two murders.  Rodgers was working on a house next door to Nichole’s, partied with Nicole, and claims to even have walked through Nicole’s house to put together an estimate.  A criminal profiler says Rogers knows things about the murder that, including the sequence, only those close to the case would know.

The only thing that bothers me is that O.J., although I don’t think he really wanted Nicole killed, may have hired this deadbeat to enter and steal from Nicole.  But word from the cell block is that O.J. is pretty happy about the new movie.