America’s Elitist Capitalistic System





By Walter L. Hilliard III

The fact is that there is no difference between the democrats and the republiCons, or Bush, Obama, and Romney.  Barack Obama has said that he wouldn’t be going after the corporate Banksters who stole our money and almost tanked our economy, even though he bops around like he’s on the side of the common man.  You see, both parties know they’re the only game in town — the masses will always choose one or the other party, so they have a 50-50 chance of being in power.  Sounds like great odds, huh?

What’s really wrong with America?  Why are things so bad for so many?  How do “the powers that be” keep us down, divided, and conquered?

The long and short of is that our system is infested with things like interlocking directorates, allowing corporate leaders to sit on other company’s boards (encourages price fixing).  There’s also the “transplanting of officials” whereby government and corporate leaders go back and forth into one another’s industries.  For example, a former government official becomes a business consultant, and heads back to Washington to influence his friends on behalf of his business or new employer.

Add to these problems the fact that republicans, in particular, love to play the Race Card, creating Black Welfare Queens and identifying them as the problem and reason why the masses of Whites can’t send their kids to college, or otherwise, while at the same time handing out corporate welfare to their business buddies.  It’s the Okeydoke, and the masses go for it just about every time.  The republican message is that “minorities” are the source of our country’s problems, or White America’s individual, financial woes.

Our democracy, rift with corruption, even allows republiCons (who have fewer total voters than democrats) to steal elections by coming up with ways to discount votes or disenfranchise voters, especially the democrat’s strongest base, Black voters.  This largely occurs because Blacks are disproportionately poor, more likely to vote democrat, and live in underfunded areas with older voting machines and voting acumen so they’re targeted and taken advantage of.  The impact of this kind of under-reported fraud has a bigger impact in elections that are close or the margin between a candidate winning and losing is small.

Then there is the Electoral College, 538 electors who actually vote the president into office.  So you, Joe and Jane Citizen, are actually voting for someone who’s “supposed” to represent the people’s vote.  In fact, Al Gore actually won the popular vote, the people’s actual vote, in 2000 by about 500,000 votes over George Bush, but the Supreme Court actually helped the republiCons win.

Our American voting system is an outdated elitist plant by our country’s forefathers, who were the landed aristocracy (wealthy elite), to help make sure they, their friends and kin maintained control of the country, as opposed to “the people” controlling the power and wealth.  Today, the powerful make up the Electoral College; they’re former politicians, mayors, business leaders, etc.  They are elite or upper middle class who have something to gain by playing the “game.”

Not to mention the influence of money and/or special interest buying influence, working full-time, and holding the attention of our politicians.

So what it all boils down to is you and I are down before we even get a chance to stand up and get knocked out.  We’re actually not even really in the fight.

To be continued  . . . .

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