Crazy As Hell Juanita Bynum, Laying Low?

By Walter L. Hilliard III

What happened to Juanita Bynum?  Is she laying low or is she out on the church Chitlin’ Circuit?

I don’t understand my people, Black people?  We have allowed our church leaders to turn most of us into hypocrites, picking and choosing bible stories to accommodate whatever behavior we’re feeling guilty about.

Go to the supermarket to get your grub on; go to the Black church to get your spirituality on and your repent on — then leave church and go out and behave like the heathens you think you’re “better” than.

You see, I’m an observant person; I like to think before I speak . . . but I can also be very personable, initiate and carry a conversation with the best of them, when appropriate.  Yet I’m also very suspicious of people who talk too much —   people who are loud but ain’t sayin’ nothin’, people who speak before they think because they’re trying to see what works, which lines will produce the results they want.  Yes, I believe people who talk too much are usually trying to get something . . . maybe even your soul?

So when I hear Juanita Bynum speak, anytime, anywhere, I get worried.


Because Juanita Bynum talks too loud and too much.  Because Juanita Bynum is Crazy as Hell.

“If you’re writing with a Bic [pen] today you are a common person because Bic is for the common person — everybody has it.”

This is what she said –- Juanita Bonita Banana Bynum.

“No she didn’t.”

“Yeah, she did.”

Juanita Bynum, is a Bible Thumper, extraordinaire.  She’s also known for her tumultuous relationship with her ex husband Thomas Wesley Weeks, III.   And Bynum only came out and told the world she was freakin’ on the Girl’s Team because people were going to tell on her anyway.  So now she’s going to try to capitalize on her issues, tell another testimony, another story.

“The first association I want you to have with this class is there’s something special about me,” said Bynum to a Black audience, putting herself on a pedestal.  “I’m not the norm or the average.  You’re writing instrument determines where you’re headed.  I’ve paid up to $5,000 for a pen.”

(Somebody in the church:  “So dat’s where my damn money went.”)

Like I said, I’m always concerned when people talk too much or too fast — and most religious leaders do so because they’re so busy hijacking God’s lines to validate the “game” they runnin’ on folks.  And who talks faster or runs more game than Bynum?

How many more crazy pastor stories do Black people need to hear before we boycott the churches or throw these hypocrite pastors out into the streets?  In fact, there are so many bad ones that the good ones have to go, too.  “Erey-body out!”

The problem with Bynum, Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, and other Bible Thumpers is they have a line, a testimony, for any and every bad thing you can imagine and so they become nothing more than Repent Machines.

There was even a report of a pastor’s wife, Geanda Tribbet of Springfield, Illinois, caught  having sex in the back of a car with her 16 year old foster son.


When you hear Bynum talking and singing into the camera, like an actress, about her transgressions, you feel a sort Déjà Vu that many to most of these pastors are narcissistic blabber mouths who will do or say anything to get and hold people’s attention, their support, and their money.

At some point, Black people are going to have to look up into the heavens, beg for forgiveness, and promise GOD that they are finally ready to stop using his bible and religion to showboat and they are going to practice what they preach.  Then they are then going to up out of their church pews, take a swing at their pastors, take their money back , and get their butts out into the streets to do the work they should have been doing for the last 500 years:  helping real people.

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