The Fiscal Cliff Show Perpetuated By the Mainstream Media

By Walter L. Hilliard III – Are you emotionally exhausted with the media’s infatuation with the Fiscal Cliff stories, glamorizing “Big Time Going No Where Politics,” starring King Sellout Barack Obama and The Richman’s Boy, John Boehner.  The drama is played out everyday on networks like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox, morning, noon, and night, parading political pundits across our TV screens like D-List actors.  These actors ramble on about their predictions, endlessly, only stopping to check their makeup and twitter accounts for new hits during the commercial breaks.

So . . . get ready, let me tell you what’s really going on.  What’s going on is you are watching elitist institutions, the mainstream media, drunk on ratings, but expertly carrying out the agendas (called “agenda setting”) of their wealthy, powerful leaders, operating in a corrupt, capitalistic world in which only two ideological parties (but not that different) are happy to waddle around like fat hogs in a pig pen.  And the Democratic Pig is in office right now, oink-ing it up with their second round of Piggy Power: jobs, money, prestige, and so on.

And the Agenda Setting by the power elite’s media is what enables the elite to maintain their power and keep the people, the masses, divided and conquered, fighting over Race/Racism, limited resources (jobs, programs, incentives), high on Hollyweird’s entertainment, and unable to unite and throw them out of the country on their asses.  So, in English, we have an upper, upper-middle, and middle class that buys into the American Dream lie and supports the Power Elite through politics and business (i.e., many of those that compose the Electoral College, the Rich Man’s insurance policy that the masses stay in their place), as well as serves as the Power Elite’s democratic and capitalistic dogma mouthpieces.  So this is just another way of saying that our leader’s underlings and predecessors thrive off of their being “next up” to oppress the rest of us and convince the masses that their “pie in the sky” is really their “pie on earth.”

It’s all about illusion, delusion, bait-and-switch, and the 52-Fake Out.  And you’ve been had!

Wake Up, People!!!!

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