Monthly Archives: May 2013

Just Be, And You Will Do, And You Shall Have

By Walter L. Hilliard III

Are you always trying to “get” something, hoping, or pushing and expecting something, ASAP, keeping yourself in a perpetual state of unhappiness?

Can you really ever be happy, when you’re always wanting something?:  “When I get  ‘that,’ then I’ll be happy.”  “If I had what ‘they have,” then I’d be happy.”  “If I had more . . . then I’d be happy?”

To “up your game” in a significant way, practice visualizing, pondering, affirming all of the things you did to accomplish a similar goal or another goal, when you performed at your best.  Feel it deep down inside.  See it in your mind’s eye, visualize how it went, putting yourself in the same state of mind.  As you begin to feel it . . . become it . . . and take some sort of immediate action to go and get what’s yours.

No matter what you’re trying to do, don’t only see yourself doing what you do, speak the appropriate words and let them flow out into the universe, let them spread out, connect with the world, get stronger, and come back home to your soul.  And don’t get caught up in worrying about the results because what you want already “is,” it exists now, it’s happening, it’s working.  You don’t have to wish and hope for anything.  You have everything you need so just be.  Once the seed is planted within you, everything that you need or shall have is within that seed.  You just don’t “see” it yet.

Yes, just be and you shall do and you shall have.

What you want is not separate from you.  Your higher power would not have planted the seed within you if HE did not want it for you, if you did not deserve it.  You want what you want because you already feel it — it’s your destiny.  It already exists within you, you just have to tune into your spirit and become one with it and the physical manifestation will eventually show up.

So the only question to ask yourself is what excuse are you going to use to keep you from acting right now?