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Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up


So when do the Scandals involving this White House stop?  There’s the Benghazi debacle, as well as US Attorney General Eric Holder, the White House’s and nation’s top law enforcement officer, trying to intimidate the mainstream media by subpoenaing AP phone records and getting a search warrant to check a Fox News reporters emails.  And as if all of this wasn’t enough, we now find out that the NSA is spying on us, collecting citizen’s phone records from Verizon.

Yes, this is Barack Obama’s government.  The same government that will be sending a drone near you, finally tuned by years of killing foreign citizens.  Not to mention Obama’s giving all but about a million of his his billion campaign dollars to the mainstream media, while a sometimes critical Black media was being punished for not falling in step with Obama’s robotic Black supporters.  Of course, they got the million.  They also got a number of tongue lashings from Obama’s people.

And you thought the smiling, docile, effeminate Barack Obama, especially when he was duping some of you for your vote, was a friend of yours who was going to get Big Brother off of your back.  Well, it turns out Mr. Barack “Wall Street” Obama not only isn’t your friend and doesn’t trust you, he despises you, will lock you up, and has determined, along with his Attorney General Eric Holder, the Wall Street criminals who stole our money are “Too Big to Jail.”

Obama’s shady behavior is a surprise to me.  In fact, his shadiness and lack of character was confirmed for me when he was running for president and threw his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, under the bus after recordings of him giving mean-spirited speeches/sermons about American racism were proliferated by the media.  This is in addition to Obama chastising his people, Black people, on the world stage every chance he gets, telling us to take off our bedroom slippers (we’re lazy) and to stop crying or complaining.  He also has gay fever that he’s trying to spread among Black people, going to Morehouse and telling our best and brightest young men to accept the homosexual lifestyle, but said nothing about such matters to predominantly White male audience shortly thereafter.

I’m just sitting back, calling things as I see them, wondering how long it will be before most Blacks see the true Obama — by the end of his second term — and realize that because of his obvious disdain for us, how many Black folks will wake up and realize that his priority is White mainstream America and the corporate elite.  White women, gays, Hispanics, Jews, and even conservatives get his utmost respect, but Black people catch the blues.

Four hundred years in America and still nothing has changed.

LaLa And Crew Pimpin’ Young Black Girls

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“Please use your gift responsibly, our babies are watching.  They want to be like you, ” said gospel singer Yolanda Adams at the 2012 BET Awards, reminding all of the stars in the room of their gift, their talent.

And I agree.  However, we are in a time when Black athletes and celebrities have lost touch with their social or community responsibilities.  Their screen and mic time, as well as their endorsements, are their only priorities.

But my question is when did LaLa Anthony become a gay rights super promotor, showcasing her gay cousin, Dice, and best friend. Po, on practically every show?  (Uhhmmm, probably years ago when she decided to become an MTV Media Whore in an attempt to squeeze “no talent blood from a turnip.”)

I mean, LaLa, racism is killing Black people — inner-city children are killing one another, cops are killing Black people, and in some cities, well over half of the young Black men aren’t working.  Why no talk about racism, LaLa?  Oh, because your VH1 masters wouldn’t “allow” you to do that.  It appears that the gay agenda has moved way ahead of the issue of race.

Why can’t Black people simply have a show focused on a traditional family unit?  In fact, it’s hard to think of any VH1 show, or those on other networks, that doesn’t initially or eventually reflect the White gay agenda with Black fronts front-ing — and glad to do so for the checks they’re getting.

Look, what man wouldn’t like a roll in the hay with two fine chicks?  The more honest among us will at least admit to the fantasy, if he hasn’t already done it, and regretably have to call his kids and have his call screened by the threesome chick that stole his girl, or now ex (lol)?

Ohhh!  That would hurt . . . so good.  But I digress.

But why does sex or sexuality have to be advertised?  Most people don’t run around telling others they’re heterosexual, so why do gays feel they have to tell everyone who or what they sleep with.  Is it because they’re seeking not only personal validation, but also trying to promote the gay lifestyle?  And why do they get such special treatment?  And why is anyone that disagrees with them labeled homophobic?

It’s pretty obvious that Gay Hollywood/VH1, owned by conglomerate Viacom, is “using” Black reality shows and stars like LaLa, her stud cousin, Dice, and her gay protege, Po, as vehicles to make money by sensationalizing and promoting gay Black lifestyles at the expense of traditional Black family TV role models, the type of images the Black community really, really needs.

I mean, really, when did the Traditional Black Family Train run off of the track?  And being pro traditional marriage doesn’t mean you’re gay-bashing.

LaLa – you do know the kids are watching, including your son, right?

Carmelo, get your house in order.

And did you see the show where LaLa pulled her pants down, bent over, and stuck her behind out in broad daylight, mooning her girls? Yes, I must say it was a beautiful sight but as a TV cop, I’d have to haul Ms. Booty down to the station house . . . after I slap that fat a– . . . we’ll, never mind.   You gotsta gits a public indecency charge when you a Black and HispNic woman and you gone just randomly pull yo pants down and show mainstream America that you are a Ho.  Damn!  I can’t even say a Ho would do that under them circumstances.

In fact, much of the focus of “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding” has gradually transitioned from being a family venue, starring her and her NBA star husband, NY Knick Carmello Anthony, to focusing on  the dating lives of Dice and Po, both of whom moved to NY, obviously, to be on the show.

As a media psychologist (uhh, I actually do have a masters in psychology, with a specialty in media psychology), my job is to read between the lines and what I’m seeing is a form of what’s known as Agenda Setting:  White producers promoting Black pathology or dysfunction. Why would LaLa or any reality star go along with this or play it up?  Money? Stardom?  Black folks do it all the time, compromising personal values for financial gain.

Reality TV, particularly regarding Blacks, is female-driven.  And 43 percent of Black women have never been married, but many of these women wonder why they can’t find a man, especially the ones starring on the plethora of reality shows in which practically all of the Black women run around with gay Black men, who act like hood ornaments in heels and lipstick.  Just think about all the examples:  “The Real Atlanta Housewives,” “What Chilli Wants” (besides her wanting a White man), “The Real McCoy,” with Lisa Raye,  “The Braxton’s,” and so on.  One minute these women, and many Black women outside of Hollyweird, are whining about down-low Black men and how they need role models for their sons — and the next minute they’re buddied up with some gay Black man dressing and acting like a woman.  And there are women bragging about being on the Girl’s Team, or discussing how bad they want a White man, like they have Jungle Fever.

The  message being sent to our young Black girls:  “Black girl, youdon’t need to work through your issues with Black men — you can just go get yourself a Black girlfriend, or even go swirling and find you a White guy.  See, young Black girl, we do it on TV, too.”

What’s going on?  Well, fewer Black male-Black female relationships = Fewer Black Babies = Fewer Black People, a situation many would like to see as the growing Hispanic population also  has many mainstream mostly White Americans longing for the good ol’ days when there were fewer minorities.

The fact is that Hollywood is out of control.  They exclude us from TV and film for the better part of 50 years and when we do get a few of our own shows they proliferate stereotypes like the Angry Black Woman, the maid, the mammy, the buffoon, and now  the effeminate or gay Black male.

However, for Attention Whore LaLa Anthony, who suffers from the same self-absorbed affliction Kim Khardashian does (no wonder their such good friends, but I do like Kim and applaud her for dating black men, rather than being racist and avoiding them, catering to Hollyweird’s racism).

I mean, do these chicks, LaLa’s gay cousin and friend, Dice and Poe, have jobs because they spend more time with LaLa than she spends with her son or Melo?

During one show LaLa debated with her friends regarding whether or not she should tell Melo she’s thinking about having another child, although she seems obsessed with ber career.   And what was so obvious to me on this show was that Melo appeared perturbed that he was spending his off-the-NBA-road time alone on the couch, yes, by himself, while LaLa and her posse giggled like junior high school girls in th adjacent room.  In fact, when LaLa’s girls left and kept yelling goodbye to Melo he ignored them.  Hey, maybe it’s my imagination but he typically appears irritated with the cameras and LaLa spending more time with her girls than him.   Not to mention, it’s this type of juvenile behavior that causes a lot of men to cheat.

So LaLa needs an intervention and don’t be surprised if Carmelo sees to it that there will be no “next” season of the show.

Sex is for the bedroom and Black men and women, especially Black  children, need positive relationship role models — not LaLa setting up dates for her stud cousin and her fem girlfriend.  Can’t they do that on their own time?

It’s crazy how so many forces try to kill Black men’s spirits and their reputations.  But weez like roaches, we don’t die, we multiply . . . although much slower these days.

But did you see all the girls that showed up for a dating mixer for Dice — it was a crowd!  But that was the point, to be dramatic.

However, what was even more absurd was how LaLa an d Po looked into the camera, revealing how calculated it was.

Girls were smacking one another on the butt.  I don’t see this on any other show.  And I damned sure don’t see White girls doing this.

What is going on . . . ?