Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up


So when do the Scandals involving this White House stop?  There’s the Benghazi debacle, as well as US Attorney General Eric Holder, the White House’s and nation’s top law enforcement officer, trying to intimidate the mainstream media by subpoenaing AP phone records and getting a search warrant to check a Fox News reporters emails.  And as if all of this wasn’t enough, we now find out that the NSA is spying on us, collecting citizen’s phone records from Verizon.

Yes, this is Barack Obama’s government.  The same government that will be sending a drone near you, finally tuned by years of killing foreign citizens.  Not to mention Obama’s giving all but about a million of his his billion campaign dollars to the mainstream media, while a sometimes critical Black media was being punished for not falling in step with Obama’s robotic Black supporters.  Of course, they got the million.  They also got a number of tongue lashings from Obama’s people.

And you thought the smiling, docile, effeminate Barack Obama, especially when he was duping some of you for your vote, was a friend of yours who was going to get Big Brother off of your back.  Well, it turns out Mr. Barack “Wall Street” Obama not only isn’t your friend and doesn’t trust you, he despises you, will lock you up, and has determined, along with his Attorney General Eric Holder, the Wall Street criminals who stole our money are “Too Big to Jail.”

Obama’s shady behavior is a surprise to me.  In fact, his shadiness and lack of character was confirmed for me when he was running for president and threw his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, under the bus after recordings of him giving mean-spirited speeches/sermons about American racism were proliferated by the media.  This is in addition to Obama chastising his people, Black people, on the world stage every chance he gets, telling us to take off our bedroom slippers (we’re lazy) and to stop crying or complaining.  He also has gay fever that he’s trying to spread among Black people, going to Morehouse and telling our best and brightest young men to accept the homosexual lifestyle, but said nothing about such matters to predominantly White male audience shortly thereafter.

I’m just sitting back, calling things as I see them, wondering how long it will be before most Blacks see the true Obama — by the end of his second term — and realize that because of his obvious disdain for us, how many Black folks will wake up and realize that his priority is White mainstream America and the corporate elite.  White women, gays, Hispanics, Jews, and even conservatives get his utmost respect, but Black people catch the blues.

Four hundred years in America and still nothing has changed.

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