Bill Maher’s Liberal HollyWeird Racism Acceptable

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

So Bill Mahr thinks being Black and having to demand Civil Rights is the same as being gay and smoking pot and seeking the same type of Civil Rights or justice.  In other words, gays plight and the plight of those who want to light up a doobie, a lil’ bit of cheeba, are equivalent to what Blacks experienced: slavery, lynchings, 400 years of racial discrimination and/or Jim Crow, being the target of the Prison Industrial Complex?  I think not!
How else does Mahr’s mind work when it comes to the issue of race?

“You’re a good spokesman, you have a future in this industry.”  This is what Bill Mahr told Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of George Zimmerman — the George Zimmerman that shot Black Florida teen Trayvon Martin and got away with it.  I’m not sure why Mahr was praising Robert, who sounded like a brother trying to save his brother’s hide and was doing a bad job of it.  Mind you, Robert, in a tweet, once compared Trayvon Martin to another Black teen who had killed a baby.  Yes, a baby killer.

The reality is that Mahr has made a career out of expressing a form of passive aggressive dislike for a lot of people, and especially for Black men.  Mahr’s comments about Black men are frequently nestled comfortably inside subtly racist, stereotypical jokes about Barack Obama and other Black men being violent, unintelligent, and highly sexualized.

Over the years, Bill Mahr’s subtle racism crept into my mind’s eye and stole my attention as he was becoming an American comedic institution in mainstream America, primarily because of his HBO show “Real Time.”  But I have always considered hm a Black flusey chaser, always seeking to fulfill his more carnal needs — needs that are associated with stereotypes about Black women.  Why? Because you always see him in The tabloids with random Black chicks at his side.

Mahr is the guy that says subtly racist stuff — and when you accuse him of it, he says, ‘What, I once had a Black girlfriend and I sleep with Black women all the time.'”

Yup!  Maher is the perfect example of Hollywood’s version of racism: exclude or place a few Black tokens around and then you can do and/or say all the racist stuff you want.

Sure, Bill Maher donated $1 million to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in 2012, but this is my point, he thinks about Black people based on stereotypes and politically speaking Barack Obama is the passive, no-threatening Black man he feels comfortable supporting.

And when you have a president whose sole purpose is not to offend mainstream America, coddle Hollyweird for its money, and chastise Black people every chance he gets, it kinda makes you wonder if Black people would be better off cavorting with the republicans because at least you know you’re dealing with an enemy who will tell you to your face:  “No, I don’t like you.”  And only then can you prepare yourself and take action.

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