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Gays Win, Blacks Lose, Grammy’s Gay Marriage Glamorized as Black Artist’s Talents Dissed

Mklm Lws GrammysBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

If 25 years ago I would have shown you a rap movie script that said in 2013 rap and R&B music would be dominated by White rappers and White R&B singers, and that a White rap group, who had a popular gay marriage song on their album, would win all of the top rap categories at the top music award show, then sing their gay marriage song on that show, while a Black lesbian female, who was formerly a socially conscious rapper, would preside over a gay wedding, as Black rappers just sat in the audience, spayed and neutered, and “took it,” you’d probably say – “That’s ridiculous, unbelievable! Too far-fetched, even for a movie.”

But it just happened.

And here we are after the 2014 Grammys and Black people are still riled up about White rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dominating the rap categories with three Grammy wins over rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake.

So what are some of the details of this script-like, nightmare music reality?

Yes, it’s true, White rappers Maklemore and Ryan Lewis really did beat out Black rap titans – Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake for Grammy awards. These White rappers also performed their own gay love song, “Same Love,” which was heavily promoted by lesbian Ellen Degeneres, and did so while the once socially conscious Queen Latifa – and Hollyweird Mammy for some time now – married 33 gay and straight couples.

Whoa! Did you here what I said? It’s almost too much to digest how White gays have infiltrated the macho-ist of all art forms, rap, and used Grammy-anointed White pop rappers and a Black lesbian to knock out Black bravado in a 12-round Grammy night fight.

Black . . . Man . . . Down, and out for the count!

I say to these racist, Black man-, Black-people-hating gay infiltrators: “F*^# You!!! You Black male Heterophobes.”

There’s nothing more they hate than an aggressive, angry, masculine, heterosexual Black man, a man who loves women. So don’t you think for one second, when they saw the opportunity, they didn’t target the epitome of Black music masculinity, rap, like they do everything else Black men dominate, and try to destroy or effeminize it. And to think, when macho athletes and entertainers like Kobe Bryant, Isiah Washington, or Tracy Morgan say what gays believe is offensive to them, they make them apologize, publicly, down on their knees groveling for forgiveness.

And catch this, the Uncle Toms over at BET (yes, Uncle Tom-ism gets worse when a Black-owned company becomes White-owned) gave Macklemore and Ryan Lewis a BET Award win over Jay Z and Kanye West, too.

In regards to the award losses the Black community has suffered recently, I’d like to say to young Blacks, the so called progressive and liberal Blacks, and the Black Misleadership class – “That’s watchaw gits for always sucking up to the White gay community and helping them hijack our Civil Rights movement by equating gay rights with Civil Rights. So stop complaining about how Black folks was robbed at the Grammys because White acts dominated the Rap and R&B categories.”

Gay rights are not civil rights and the Grammys is a mainstream organization that reflects the racism in society. Black people and their music or artistic talent, their movements, and their labor have been “used” or infiltrated by White America since forever – in the name of “We will never let you rise.”

I’ve been talking about this issue from the beginning: White America and gays care about gay rights but could care less about Black people or their Civil Rights. And the gay rights movement is really about White gays, not gay Blacks, who are also misguided and serve as puppets. Thus, my aforementioned assertion continues to be validated and show that Black leaders and White America’s constantly comparing gay rights to Black people and their Civil Rights movement is just another co-opting of Black people’s suffering to enhance White supremacy and White privilege.

A day after the Grammys, CNN had a gay White male couple that got married at the Grammys on. This couple repeated the “gay rights is Civil Rights” mantra and discussed how a Grammy casting director/producer contacted them to be a part of a big event that they really didn’t know much about, initially. I was actually channel surfing because I tried, but couldn’t, watch the Grammys straight through because they’re so anti-Black, in terms of their lack of Black winners and Black live performers; however, I eventually found my way back to the show and saw Queen Latifah conducting the marriage ceremony between gay and straight couples.

No wonder the world hates America – the hypocrisy, especially in terms of how Black people are treated. When you’re White, the world is yours; you can be straight, gay, poor, or a murderer and shoot a Black kid while he’s walking home with an iced tea and Skittles – and have a jury of delusional White chicks let you walk free.

Yes, being gay trumps being Black in this country. America can accept homosexuality, embrace it, glamorize it – but when it comes to Black people, racism prevails. And even more disturbing, a lot of Black folks have bought into the “gay rights is Civil Rights” lies, too.

And Black rappers should be aware that what Macklemore and Lewis did is very racist, very anti-Black, covert and intentional — doing what few others have been able to do, indoctrinating the Black Bravado-driven Black rap industry with homosexuality, aligning themselves with Black rappers, befriending them, and being elevated by fellow Whites and gays in the entertainment industry.  Believe me, Macklemore and Lewis have experienced a great deal of rejection from Blacks in the industry, being White rappers, as they “came up,” so don’t be fooled by the perceived humbleness.   The are very well aware of who they are, where they’re at, and what they’ve done.  Yes, this was all very calculated.  They decided, for themselves, like all White men do, what’s good for Black men, Black rappers, and that it was time for rap to accept gays and/or gay rights.  They have no respect because they’re White men and they believe that they are better than everyone else and can do whatever the hell they want to do.  Do you think Macklemore and Lewis would walk into an industry run by Blacks — Black owners or executives, rappers, etc. — and push a gay song?  Not in a million years, but because the music/rap industry is owned and run by Whites, in addition to being supported by a White-owned. gay-friendly media, they know they can do whatever they want to do.

How “White of you” Macklemore and Lewis.  You have some nerve.





Obama Calls Kanye West a Jackass, Again, But Never Calls Anyone White, or Otherwise, Names

Obama and WestBy Walter L. Hilliard III

Maybe I missed something, but have you ever heard Barack Obama call a White entertainer, or anyone, a “jackass” like he’s called Kanye West, twice?

The first time he called West a jackass was because he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the 2009 Video Music Awards. The second time he called West a jackass he was responding to a reporter who asked him about Kanye, and he said, “He is a jackass . . . but he’s talented.”

Rapper Shyne, who ended up going to prison defending Puffy, who “left him holding the bag in court,” said, “It’s time for a rant about the murder rate in Chiraq [Chicago, Iraq] . . . Barack Obama is the real jackass for saying nothing and doing nothing.” But he added that West, too, should spend more of his time ranting about the murder rate in Chicago.  Another well known rapper, Lupe Fiasco, also chided Obama, saying, “Our city is dying . . . where the fuck you at?”

That’s real!

Whether or not Obama believes West is a jackass, he is the president, and we must ask ourselves why he thinks it’s okay to call anyone a jackass? During a speech about immigration I happened to catch, he didn’t call a Hispanic audience member, who repeatedly interrupted and heckled him, a jackass, and he told his security not to throw the guy out. Nor did he call Republican House Member Joe Wilson a jackass when he shouted, “You lie,” during Obama’s healthcare speech in front of congress, with the nation looking on. But when the young Black men in Florida yelled at him, asking what he was going to do for Black people, they were eventually tossed out.

This, my friend, is what I call “The Nigger Treatment.”

If your White, you’re all right! If you’re Brown, stick around!! But if you’re Black – stay the hell way back!!!

The fact is that Obama is a racial profiler of the worst kind, a Black man singling out, belittling and disparaging his own people on the Media World Stage, validating America’s 400 year racist behavior towards Black people.  On different occasions, he has lectured Black men about not being good fathers, which is a lie.  Just because his pappy ran off doesn’t mean that most of the other Black fathers did.  During his commencement speech at Morehouse, he told them he had mistakenly, when he was younger, thought the world was “trying to keep another Black man down.”  He also told them “We’ve got no time for excuses.”  And White America has to be saying:  “See, even Obama agrees Black people and worth a damn.”

Let’s be clear, Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to Black people in America. His feverish pandering to Whites and their stereotypes about Black people makes him the greatest Uncle Tom of all time, but even worse is the fact that over 90 percent of those Blacks who voted, voted for him twice.

Shame on every Black person that would support a man that despises you, and thumbs his nose at a people whose blood, sweat, and tears made it possible for him to walk his Black ass into office.


Lee Daniels, Gay Black Director, Hollyweird’s ‘Servant Boy’ for Pathologizing Black People


By Walter L. Hilliard III

To pathologize a group of people is to characterize them as medically or psychologically abnormal. And what happens when the abnormal becomes normal to the victim, too? White men are used to getting what they want in America, even if they have to lie, cheat, and steal. Just see Wall Street if you don’t believe that. And if they don’t get what they want from Black people, they fire them, arrest them, or stop them in a store or their cars, even when they’re not doing anything illegal. They’ll also start a war with a country like Iraq – where they even made up lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction – or bomb Libya until they get what they want.The problem with Black people is we think everything White people do is right and/or good for us, too, whether it be how they discriminate, their sexual habits, how they believe greed is a business priority, and even their belief that Black people are inferior – “Yes, Mr. White Man, you’re right, Black people are inferior.” The “White man’s ice is definitely colder.”

Yes, racism has got Black folks twisted.

Daniels and OprahAnd speaking of being “twisted” and Black in America, the thought the thought that naturally came to my mind seeing Oprah’s face plastered on my TV screen next to Tyler Perry’s made me wonder why she, like Hollywood, infatuated with glamorizing gay Black men and/or drag queens like Perry, RuPaul, and director Lee Daniels? Better yet, why does Black America appear to care less about the mainstream media’s assault on the minds of young Black boys with effeminate male images? It seems that Black people’s role models are disproportionately buffoons or gay men. Black boys deserve the opportunity to have strong, angry, heterosexual role models growing up just like young White males do. With all of the hatred directed at Black males from society, to attack their sexuality is nothing more than blatant genocide.

An even deeper question to ask is how do you know when someone doesn’t like you? Well, don’t ask them because they’ll usually lie to your face. What you must do is simply observe how they treat you. So, Black people don’t needOprah, Perry to hold long discussions with their oppressor; all they have to do is face reality by looking at the facts. And what are the facts? The facts in America are Black people are mistreated in America, from racial discrimination in the workplace to the proliferation of stereotypical movies and TV shows put out by Hollywood to Blacks being the last hired and first fired, or not even being told about an available job. These are yet a few of the realities for Black people in America.

And so it is yet another racist American institution – Hollywood and ts love for Black buffoonery, pathology, and subservient Black images – that likes to use a Black person to proliferate it’s racism, such as in the case of allowing Lee Daniels to direct movies like “Precious,” “Monsters Ball,” and “The Butler.” We all know that the mainstream media loves to use Black people to say the racist things it wants to say but can’t, at least not as often as it would like to. In politics, think of how Herman Cain was “used” by the RepubliCon Party, which is known to hate Black people, to spread it’s political brand of racism. And look at how Hollyweird uses the likes of Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince”), Martin Lawrence (Shenene), Eddie Murphy (“Buckwheat”) and countless others to make sure you know Black people are silly and love woman’s clothing. These artist characters are part of Hollywood history.

But we already know that since we arrived in 1619 the plan was to vilify us to justify all the bad things that have happened to us.

Thus, it is not a coincidence that Oprah “Oblivious to Racism” Winfrey is good friends with the leading purveyors of Black pathology, those like Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. And she coddles these men like babies and gives them more attention or national airtime than she does the poor Black kids who are victimized or murdering each other right down the street from her in Chicago.

So now Lee Daniels is talking about his next movie being an interracial gay super hero couple – yes, a White dude and his Black boyfriend, his “bottom bitch.” But don’t you find that interesting that a Black director wold be behind Hollyweird/s first gay super hero movie, especially when there are thousands of Black stories yet to be told, but this is the story Daniels and Hollywood pick? So, in all actuality, you shouldn’t be surprised – you should expect these Black male heterophobes to do exactly what they do.

Well, not at all – as I said, the Hollywood and the mainstream media loves to “use” Black people, pathologizing them, to do its dirty work. It’s part of what I call the posterizing of pathology, or Black people, usually Black men, being used as the poster children for peculiar or negative behavior. Mike Tyson was quickly anointed the poster child for Date Rape, Muhammad Ali for Draft Dodging, Barack Obama is seen as the First Gay President, Barry Bonds is the Face of Steroids, and so on.

But what most people don’t get is that there’s a reason for mainstream America’s 400 year record of pathologizing Black people as the epitome of all bad behavior. You see, Black life is not important, otherwise we wouldn’t have these image problems directly introduced in the American psyche by the media and Hollyweird. Everyone knows that the best defense is a good offense; hence, the Gay Mafia, LGBT community’s assault on White and Black America – while using Black people and their Civil Rights Movement to “normalize” homosexuality in America. But I want to know what big racial diversity program these gay groups have completed that makes them think they have the moral authority to use or bully Black people to benefit their homosexual agenda?

So the gay community is using Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, gay Blacks, Lee Daniels, Ben Jealous, Oprah Winfrey and others to advance their gay agenda, even though the Gay Mafia, doesn’t give a damn about Black people. And they have the nerve to make Black athletes, entertainers, and politicians apologize if they say anything they deem as anti-gay.

Don’t argue with America about racism, just look at their behavior and understand that Black man and Black woman, they don’t want your Black face around. And Lee Daniels and his “twisted” work is yet another trick in a 400 year history to get rid of you. And who knows more about self-hate than us, a persona placed in us by our slave masters that has never gone away.


Belafonte Versus Jay Z, It’s Not that Complicated Jigga, Jigga Whaaa? Jigga Boo!

Belafonte and Jay Z

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

According to the social justice and entertainment icon Harry Belafonte, now 86, Martin Luther King once told him, “I fear I am integrating my people into a burning house.” Worried, Belafonte asked, “What should we do?” King responded: “Become the firemen. Let’s not stand by and let the house burn.”


Such voices don’t exist today. . . we [Black people] have failed miserably,” said Belafonte during an interview, speaking about the lack of concern for social responsibility of contemporary entertainers, including “Jay Z and Beyonce.”   He later clarified that he was speaking about “the entire celebrity core” having failed to live up to their responsibilities.  Jay Z responded that he had no interest in politics, which Belafonte said he found this unfortunate, and that politics was central to the Black struggle.  But, you see, Jay Z, a former drug dealer, is still thinking and living in “hustle mode,” being single-minded and acting like a juvenile delinquent with a lot more money, bigger toys, and a woman who would rather spend her free time in front of a mirror practicing different booty shaking angles — knees bent, a#* up, neck cocked.


Inspired by the great humanitarian Paul Robeson, Harry Belafonte’s history of fighting American racism and colonialism in Africa is extensive and legendary and he has always used his high profile as an entertainer to speak out against against injustice on behalf of the Black community instead of just being worried about collecting a check like practically all present-day athletes and entertainers. Belafonte’s longevity as a freedom fighter extends from his being the first American artist to sell a million records (album: “Calypso,” included the hit “Day-O”) to his working with the likes of the father of the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, to establishing relationships with today’s artist.  He also helped organize “We Are the World,” the song that raised funds for Africa, helped dismantle Apartheid, and he has spoken out against George Bush and his policies, as well called out Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.


But it was Belafonte’s criticism of Jay Z and Beyonce that caught everyone’s attention, including Jay Z and Beyonce.  So let’s dig deeper into what was said:


Belafonte commented during the controversial interview that ignited the issue with Jay Z: “They [America, President Barack Obama] have not told the history of our people, nothing of who we are,” Belafonte said. “We are still looking. We are not driven by some technology that says you can kill Afghans, the Iraqis or the Spanish. It is all – excuse my French – s**t. And I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities [speaking out]. But they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyonce, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is Black.”


The gist of Jay Z’s garbled response: “This is going to sound arrogant . . . my presence is charity. Just like Obama said.”  He also did a diss track directed at Belafonte.  How dumb is that?


Oprah, during an interview about her movie “The Butler,” was asked about the beef and who was right, Jay Z or Belafonte? Conveniently, and oblivious to racism, she said, in a convoluted answer that mentioned Belafonte as a warrior and Jay Z being one who happens to express himself through his music, “Both were right.”




As I’ve touched on previously, Belafonte is an equal opportunity offender, if that’s how you see it, and during a different interview, he was asked about his fellow-icon Dick Gregory criticizing Spike Lee because Spike blasted Quetin Tarantino and his movie “Dhjango.”  Belafonte, without directly criticizing Gregory, agreed with Spike, saying we have come to accept certain negative images. But why have we as Black people come to accept such negative images of our people? The fact is that if all you serve people is Coke and Pepsi, that’s all most of the people will want or buy; thus, for example, Black people appear to love stereotypical comedies and reality television shows that do nothing but demean them.


In another instance, during an introduction speech Belafonte made for the politically and socially conscious rap group Public Enemy, who was being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Belafonte called out President Barack Obama to do something about the mass incarceration of our youth, particularly young Black youth.  Belafonte happened to be sharing the Public Enemy introduction speech with Spike Lee, which speaks to his having remained relevant.


The reality is Jay Z that and others, including Barack Obama, can always speak up or “speak truth to power,” bottom line. Jay Z is powerful and one of today’s top entertainers and his fellow high-profile celebrities, including athletes, are seen in popular commercials but are not heard from when it comes to social issues like racism, making them — their attitudes and behaviors — the antithesis of the likes of not only Belafonte, but also Jesse Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, who all stepped up on behalf of Black people and held one another accountable to the Black community. 


Where was Jay Z’s voice when Oscar Grant, Renisha McBride, Amadou Dialo, Sean Bell, and others were killed.  And it appears he only spoke out about Trayvon Martin because Al Sharpton and Barack Obama did. 


Maybe Jay Z and Beyonce are “two peas in a pod” because Miss Bougie also has racial issues. In fact, she once thought it was cool to darken her face, resembling the racist Black Tar Baby caricature that is tightly woven into America’s historic fabric. She also once told the Hispanic media that she wished she had been born Hispanic when she was discussing their culture.


It seems that money really does change people, especially Black people. And this disappointing because one would think that after all of the oppression Black people have experienced we’d “act like we know.” But we don’t and, in fact, we’ve taken self-destruction to a whole new level.


Risperdal (Breast Growth) Effeminizing Misbehaving Black Boys, Proven Targets for School Punishment?



B y Walter L. Hilliard III –


Not long ago I watched a video of a Black psychologist talking about the effeminization process of Black boys and how their being physically effeminized by an avalanche of drugs, including ADHD drugs.


I then asked myself if the over-medicating of Black children for behavioral issues is a new type of Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, a travesty in which 399 of 600 Black male sharecroppers seeking treatment for syphilis were deceived by doctors into thinking they were being treated, but actually weren’t receiving the needed drugs.   The comparison is more about government deception and the abuse of Black people.  The Tuskegee study was conducted by the U.S. Public Heath Service, the U.S. Government, from 1932 to 1972, for 40 years, and only was discontinued because someone leaked the story about what was going on. Not to mention many of these men kept having sex, infecting their wives and the children born to them. Many also died.


Well, wouldn’t you know it that I’m watching TV one morning and an attorney’s face pops up on my screen telling anyone who’s son has been given Risperdal to call him and that the drug is being recalled because it’s causing young boys to develop female breasts. Risperdal, a drug with anti-psychotic results, has been widely prescribed to boys with behavior problems, including ADHD and bipolar disorder. How in the hell does this happen? You know the drug companies had to know. Apparently, Risperdal increases the production of the hormone prolactin, which stimulates irreversible breast growth.


After watching the commercial, I also thought of the studies that discuss how Black children, but especially Black boys, are racially profiled or targeted by school staff for punishment more often than any other race or gender of student and punished more harshly. Even the “Johnny come lately” Obama administration has created and rolled out a list of suggestions on stemming the tide of targeting Black children for discipline in school.


But imagine how insidious these schools and drug companies, who make billions off of these drugs, are when it comes to such a a drug actually causing boys to develop breast. And consider that Black boys, who are desperate for role models, have to listen to Barack Obama’s ongoing gay rights messages, including his going to Morehouse, an all-Black boys college, and pushing our best and brightest boys to accept homosexuality, and even using the word “boyfriends” when addressing them.


Also consider the army of gay characters on the Black reality TV shows that rate very high in Black households. Consider young Black males exposure to homosexuality in prison, due to prison rape and situational homosexuality, and the fact that Black men are given longer sentences than any other group.


Then add up the issues pressuring Black males, including drugs, rampant discrimination, a 50 percent high school dropout rate in many predominantly Black schools, and you have Black boys who are mentally, emotionally and physically beaten down, unable to pursue a decent education, which means they cannot take care of themselves and their families, and now you have an effeminized group of males — physically, emotionally, and mentally — with no self-respect. These are ripe circumstances for lowered inhibitions, and abhorrent behaviors like homosexuality.  In fact, many Black men see their heterosexuality as the only thing that’s theirs — and now society is even taking that away.  What’s left?


So, Black man, the next time someone calls you a homophobe, call them a racist and a Black male heterophobe because they don’t give a damn about the genocide you, your children, and your people are experiencing. They have so little respect for you that they don’t believe you are even worthy of standing up for yourself. In fact, they would rather see you gone sooner than later. And, sadly, a lot of Black people feel the same way.


America, the world, is at war with Black men – and you don’t even know it. Just look around.


And what Black man do you know that sits around like Barack Obama trying to push homosexuality onto his people? If you do know one, something’s wrong with him. Genocide is real and has already arrived in your town.

Andre Reed, My Fellow Kutztown Golden Bear Goes Into the NFL Hall of Fame

Andre ReedBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

Kutztown University, one of Pennsylvania’s State University member schools, sits quietly nestled right in between Reading, Pa, known for its famous shopping outlets, and Billy Joel’s “Allentown,” Pa. It’s a beautiful school that welcomed me, took me in in the 1980s and nurtured me, helped me become a man after I had left home, Harrisburg, Pa, the state capital, for the first time in my life. It was a wonderful experience and no one can ever take away one of my greatest accomplishments, earning my bachelors degree.

Well, Kutztown recently ran to the forefront of my mind because I was watching television, I believe the NFL Network and their report about a feud between NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and Hall candidate Michael Strahan. Sapp was belittling Strahan in the media, saying he didn’t deserve to get into the Hall. However, the mention of Andre Reed, the ex-wide receiver of the Buffalo Bills, also being on a long list of Hall candidates is what caught my attention because I attended Kutztown University when Reed did and got to know him.

Well, over the next couple of days, I found out that Reed made the cut and was elected to the Hall, along with Strahan and others.

Happy for Reed, I had to take a moment to think about my time at Kutztown, and how I came to know Andre. What sticks out most in my memory is that Andre is one of the nicest, coolest people I have ever known. He was confident but not cocky and I never saw him mistreat anyone, and he always had a smile draped across his face.

When I was a young student at Kutztown University in the 1980s, Reed was already there and I got to know him hanging out around the basketball gym and dorms. In fact, one of my memories of him is him rolling over to my dorm room asking to borrow my shampoo. Now I kind of feel like he owes me money, you know, being that he made all that NFL cash and is now going into the Hall of Fame (lol).

I also remember being a bit dumbfounded and in disbelief one day, sitting around the gym waiting for the next pick up game, when Andre casually mentions to me that several NFL teams were evaluating him. In fact, I said, “you’re lying,” and laughed. But he looked me right in the eyes and confidently said he was serious, and elaborated. I can remember the exact moment. Sure, everyone had been talking about what a great football player he was, but I hadn’t been to any football games.

I had my own visions athletic grandeur at Kutztown, being a freshmen basketball player on a varsity team (no freshmen team), but after the new coach Bob Valvano — brother of the great Jim Valvano, whose N.C. State team won a national championship over Hakim Olajuwan’s Houston team — followed through on his announcement that freshmen would not play much, I was  disappointed after a season of warming the bench, long practices, and dressing for mostly home games.  However, I trained hard before the beginning of my sophomore year, and expected to make a big splash on the court, but ended up breaking my wrist the very first day of training, leaving basketball behind for good.  Nonetheless, I felt a little better after a long healing process, a track and field stint (ended in injury), and leading my intramural team to an undefeated championship over a league full of ex-basketball players.

But I digress.

So, intrigued by what Andre had said about his being an NFL prospect, I made it a point to check out one of his home games and I was very impressed. I knew he was athletic because during pick up games, he could jump to the sky, and he was fast, but he also ran track. When I watched his game that day, I had never seen anyone on a football field jump so high to catch passes; he was amazing. But what I really respected about him was his work ethic. He spent a lot of time tracking back and forth to the weight room with the huge power lifters, his weight belt in hand, like clockwork. Kutztown had actually been known as a great power-lifting, art, and, well, party school during that era.

But there’s one more story I’d like to tell about Andre, about how I begged him to hook me up with his beautiful sister.   What did she look like?  Uhmmm, let’s just say she could stand next to an unknown Vanessa Williams and hold her own.  I mean, this “slim goody” had, like, green eyes (maybe they were just light-colored, bear with me, it was a long time ago), and curly hair. I happened to only meet her once, but I can’t even remember how; I believe she was just hanging out with Andre, walking around during a visit, and I asked Andre to hook me up a couple of times, of course after she was gone, although Allentown, their hometown, was 20 minutes up the road. I remember him laughing but agreeing to “hook a Brotha up,” however, it never happened. Imagine that, would you hook your sister up with a crazed college student foaming at the mouth? Probably not. And after that I used to ask Andre about her and he’d say something like, “yeah, I’ll talk to her,” and let you know.”

Well, you win some, you lose some. Nonetheless, CONGRATS to Andre; no one is more deserving.





Allen “AI” Iverson Retires, A Career Forced to End Too Soon, Like Far Too Many Black Athletes

IversonBy Walter L. Hilliard III

Born June 7th, 1975 to a 1-year-old single-parent mother, drafted in 1996, Allen “A.I.” Iverson was an 11-time NBA All-Star, four-time NBA scoring champion, 1997 Rookie of the Year, and twice was the league’s Most Valuable Player. The leagues current best player and the only rival to Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time, LeBron James, says Iverson was probably pound-for-pound the greatest NBA player ever, only 6’0,” 6’1” tall.

I can only remember ever buying one pro athlete’s jersey or T-Shirt with their name and number on it and that athlete’s jersey was Iverson’s, number three.

Every time I heard stories about Iverson in recent years, the media talked about how he was trying to make a comeback to the NBA, but there were no takers, and I thought of Terrell “TO” Owens, Randy Moss, Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunningham, Kordell Steward, and a host of other Black players, some controversial and some not – but all victims of racial profiling and “disallowed,” blacklisted from either being given a legitimate chance to play or start on their own team or another team after they had been traded and things didn’t work out. Some of these athletes seemed to have sealed their fates with their teams and the media (TV, sports talk radio, blogs, etc.), a media that can also ruin a player’s reputation because they were outspoken and labeled as poster children for bad behavior at some point. The media Black-male “poster-izers” labeled Owens the ultimate bad, self-absorbed teammate; Moss was a derelict, a thug; AI was portrayed as a defiant, weed-smoking derelict who couldn’t control what the media called his posse, whether they were wrecking his cars, or simply attending a game with him. As far as the White players and their friends, well, that’s what they were called, “friends,” not a gang or posse.

But you really know media stereotypes, the “poster-izations,” are operating or playing a role in the ending of many of the careers of Black athletes when you look at situations like that of Donovan McNabb or Warren Moon or Randall Cunningham), who was the ultimate company boy while a Philadelphia Eagle, always backing up his coach, staying out of trouble, taking the Eagles to five NFC championship games and a super bowl. He also made it to six Pro Bowls.

Mike Shanahan was the coach of the Washington Redskins when McNabb was traded there and he organization totally disrespected him, refused to rework their offense around his long-pass skill set, and intentionally leaked lies to the press that he was lazy (out of shape), couldn’t grasp their offense (he’s dumb) – issues he had never been accused of his entire career.

At the end of his career, Cunningham even broke passing records with Randy Moss when they both played for the Minnesota Vikings and yet he was gone not long after that, the next season. Kordell Stewart, who talked about how he had his his team in the AFC championship game one year and was on the bench and out of football a year later. Complained about his situation only after he was long gone from the league.

Iverson was also treated like a “nobody” when his skills dropped off, too, but what he had lost, most NBA players never even had. He was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Denver Nuggets, the Detroit Pistons, the Memphis Grizzlies, and then back to the 76ers, officially, to retire. And it wasn’t only White coaches that mistreated him, not trying to support his changing, but still good, skill set, Lionel Hollins, the Black coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, who signed him to a one year contract in 2009 when he was 34 years old benched Iverson. However, Iverson refused to accept this his coming- off-of-the-bench role for a struggling team because felt he was being degraded. He could still drop 30 on you, but he was also an exceptional passer, able to still make defenders respect his quickness and ability to get to the basket – and then dish the ball out for open teammates.

What I love most about Allen Iverson is that he displayed a defiance similar to that of Muhammad Ali, but without calling out the racist terms by which he was being judged, his hair was always ghetto fabulously in corn rolls/braids, he always sported the illest hip hop gear, and kept his hat tilted to the side with his doo-rag peaking out.

Iverson’s resistance stands out like no other contemporary athlete’s because he draped himself in hip hop, the voice of the ghetto streets, when no one else would. He rapped using controversial lyrics, embraced his childhood buddies when everyone was trying to get him to leave them behind – even to a fault, and he defied Plantation Overseer David Stern, the NBA commissioner, who’s subtle racism targeted Iverson by implementing a dress code and even attacked his crossover dribble with a new rule. He never forgot where he came from and you cannot name a player that gave more of an effort, left his body, heart, and soul on the floor, being knocked down (but getting up) more than any player I can ever remember seeing. And all this, despite being 6’1” and rail-then.

Not every Black man or woman chooses to be as outspoken as Muhammad Ali, but of those who let you know they would stand by their people, their community, their beliefs, without saying it formally, no one did any better than Iverson. And what I also loved about him is he was the opposite of the self-absorbed Uncle Tom Michael Jordan, the Nike Boy, who said “Republicans buy sneakers, too” when the community tried to get him to support a Black candidate running against the racist Jesse Helms

Contemporary athletes, including their predecessor Dr. J, are more worried about their brand, David Sterns NBA brand, and how the public and sports media perceives them than they are about being themselves or speaking out on behalf of the Black community that helped make them who they are. Practically all Black athletes are like puppets, playing the public relations game exceptionally well. This goes for the ones that get into trouble, too, because they’re just behaving badly, but they don’t identify with Black people, their Blackness, unless they get into trouble, then it may be “It’s because I’m Black.”

Iverson let the world know he was a mamma’s boy and he loved and spent time with his kids, who were often sitting on his lap during post-game interviews.

Iverson had the biggest competitive heart in the history of the game. I can remember how he even led his 76ers to the 2001 NBA Championship and a victory in Game One over the Shaquille O’Neal-Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers, only to lose the next four games and the series.

Happy Retirement, A.I.! You really are Da Best!!!!


Top 5 Ways To Make Black History

1.  Be Black. No more denial about who you are.  You’re Black, not multi-this or multi-that?  When Officer Harassment stops you, he doesn’t care if yo’ mamma’s mamma’s mamma — or yo’ daddy is light or White.  And, besides, denying your Blackness ain’t cool, it’s silly.  Ain’t nobody a 100 percent anything anymore so just because your mother or father is of another race doesn’t mean you’re any more multi-racial than any other Black person.

2.  Be Down with Team Black. Being Pro Black isn’t about being anti-anyone or anything else; it’s about working on behalf of Black people in need — and we all need.  Truth be told, there are some White folks more down with Team Black than Black folks.  They understand our plight more than some Black folks do, and they know that we are all “connected.”

You can try to “fit in to get in” with the other folks at work, hoping for a pat on the head or to feel like you’re “better” because you think you’ve crossed some sort of Color Line.  However, it’s not only about being phony when you’re priorities revolve around White folks validating you, it’s cultural suicide.

And don’t ignore Black people in your workplace (a lot of Black people do); speak up when someone says something racist; help your people when they’re being discriminated against; and mentor the young Black folks.  Many of them are so crazy acting because we’ve failed them, we haven’t raised them right or helped them.

3.  Leave the Plantation. There should only be two kinds of Black people working on the American Employment Plantation: those Black folks planning to leave, and those leaving today.  Everything in life is what you think it is.  If you think you cannot leave your job, then you can’t and you probably never will.  If you really think you can, you will.

If something inside of you — maybe your Soul Brotha Spidy Senses — doesn’t pick up on several of the ways you and/or your talent is minimized or undervalued on the American Employment Plantation, then you are already defeated.

4.  Energy. Cut back on the fried foods, the Soul Food, or cook and eat in new, healthier ways.  Cut back on the drinking and leave the drugs alone.  Racism already makes us crazy so why in the hell would we be doing drugs?

5.  Stop Being Scared of Everything.  Have you seen all those folks take to the streets in Egypt and those other middle east countries?  So what’s wrong with Black folks doing the same?  Why are we so damn scared of White folks?  If you scared, say you scared — then demand justice until you get it.

Our Civil Rights glory days are so long gone we cannot even remember them.  But when are we going to demand something be done about our being the last hired and first fired, the prison Industrial Complex, double and triple unemployment?  When are we going to demand Hollyweird and these Black networks (Blackyweird, Buffoonerywood) show us respectable images?

You’re only hear on earth for a short period of time, and you can’t take all your stuff or your job with you when you die — so stop running from a bogeyman who’s only chasing you because he knows you so damned scary.

And stop talking about what you’re gonna do one day and just do what you have to do to be successful.

NBA’s David Stern Retires, White Guy Given Job, Blacks Need Not Apply

SternSo NBA Commissioner David Stern has retired and his “cup runneth over” with compliments from those among the mainstream and sports media. However, I’ve always viewed Stern as a plantation owner, even though he doesn’t “own” the league he does run it, and he has presided over the NBA, which is about 70 percent Black, with a “my way or the highway” mentality, systematically handing out fines to anyone who refused to comply with his wishes or “his” rules.   Stern also and he treated the Black players like “boys” during their dispute with the elitist owners and their money grab, helping the owners take billions out of the player’s pockets after they previously had a deal.    But it’s the players fault for not being committed to the long haul.


Stern also engineered a “White European player invasion” and set an age requirement to keep young (Black) American players out of the league in an attempt to change the NBA’s demographics.  The problem was that not only was Stern being racist, White America was getting upset about so many young Black players making too much money and flaunting it — at least in their eyes.


I don’t know about you but when I first saw the face of Stern’s replacement, Adam Silver, the son of a law firm partner (can you say “elitist,” anyone?), I thought: “Yet another White man controlling Blacks (and Silver is one of over 10 Jews in top executive positions under Stern in the league office; see the NAACP’s history for these “kind” of roots), whose talents generate billions.  Silver will also be grooming another non-Black, Mark Tatum, to replace him when his career runs its course.


So, let’s go into more detail in regards to why I feel like I do about Stern.


In 2010-2011, the NBA pulled in about $3.8 billion in revenues. Newly retired NBA Commissioner David Stern was making between $20-$23 million a year and his net worth is believed to be in the neighborhood of $140 million. Not bad for the overseer of the NBA plantation.


Well, nobody’s crying for the NBA players who, on average, pull in over $5 million a year, however, that’s an average that’s high because of the few league stars making tens of millions of dollars and the average player career is only two to three years long.


Stern headed the league for 30 years and is highly regarded as far as major sport commissioners go, especially because about one-third of NBA head coaching positions are usually held by Blacks.


But I’ve never give Stern much credit or a pass on race because he has committed some very racist acts in my opinion.


Stern is more of a covert racist. No, he’s not an overt “KKK-type” racist, but a more subtle racist, the kind with the superiority complex that is just as indicative of White supremacy as is that of the overt racist. Stern likes to run his league like a plantation owner who identifies Good Black players/people and Bad Black players, the kind who don’t “listen” and act like Niggraz. An example of one of Stern’s good Negroes would be Michael Jordan, the former icon, Kobe Bryant, until he was accused of raping a White girl, LeBron James, and Keven Durant. These Negroes keep quiet, play with the little White kids in “NBA Cares” commercials, and wouldn’t be caught dead talking about racism or the plight of Black people. Sure, LeBron honored Trayvon Martin with his team “hoodie” photo, but that was safe to do by that time.


A Bad Negro would be Ron Artest, in Stern’s opinion:


Take the brawl that happened on November 19th, 2004 between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers at The Palace at Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Ron Artest had gotten into an altercation with the Piston’s Ben Wallace, but they were separated and Artest sat on the scorers table to calm down and defuse the situation (which is what most people would have done if you happened to piss off the the “Hulk”-sized Wallace). Stern suspended Artest for 73 games and he lost $5 million. This was in line with the cruel and unusual punishment Black men usually get in the American court system or the Court of Public Opinion.


Nine players ended up losing $11 million in fines because of being suspended for 146 games by Stern. Were was his sympathy for fans harassing players, including using racial epithets? And because Artest wa hit with a cup, why couldn’t he have been more lenient or understanding?


Because the players are Black, stupid.


By the way, the guy that threw the cup and hit Artest, John Green, who was on probation, had a criminal record that included: counterfeiting, carrying a concealed weapon, three drunken driving convictions, and felony assault,


There are about 75 foreign players in the NBA and adding the number of White foreign players (and not all foreign players are White) with the roughly 40 or so White American born NBA players, the league usually has anywhere from 22 to 25 percent of its players who are White. Stern would call his effort to diversify the league with foreign players “globalization” but we all know what he’s trying to do, which will be continued by his predecessors. He has sent his players overseas to do camps and public relations since I can remember, which means he’s always been worried about the league being “too Black” after he took over from Lawrence O’Brien. Not to mention that when you watch an NBA game most of the cheerleaders and game administrators are White. And what about the thousands making a living off of the talent of these Black players – particularly the concession stand owners, as well as the administrative staff of the 30 teams.


As far as the 19-year-old age required to enter the NBA draft – or you must be one year removed from high school if you’re not a foreign-born player – is anti-Black American. No one ever complains about young teens in tennis, baseball, hockey or golf teenagers turning pro because these athletes are predominantly White. Yet the NFL, which is also predominantly Black, and the NBA have age requirements. If you can start a family and go to war at 18 then you should be able to play in the NBA.


Stern also attacked Hip Hop by going after former NBA player Allen Iverson for rap lyrics the commissioner found inappropriate and because of Iverson would sport Hip Hop gear to and from games. Stern actually changed the NBA’s dress code and banned the Hip Hop gear.


Stern: “Nigrra, you be down, you stay down.” Just like the inhuman “Three Strikes Law” of Bill Clinton, Black people will always suffer inhumane or disproportionate punishment.


Why hasn’t Uncle Tom, and Stern-Chief-A*^ kisser” Charles Barkley said anything about a Black man not becoming the next NBA commissioner? Well, because he’s an Uncle Tom, only to open his big mouth to shout down and kick Black people in the behind when we complain about all the racist he runs out to defend. Yes, he even said the jury made the right decision in freeing Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George “Walking Around With Guns” Zimmerman.


Yes, “Black people, you be down . . . you stay down!”