NBA’s David Stern Retires, White Guy Given Job, Blacks Need Not Apply

SternSo NBA Commissioner David Stern has retired and his “cup runneth over” with compliments from those among the mainstream and sports media. However, I’ve always viewed Stern as a plantation owner, even though he doesn’t “own” the league he does run it, and he has presided over the NBA, which is about 70 percent Black, with a “my way or the highway” mentality, systematically handing out fines to anyone who refused to comply with his wishes or “his” rules.   Stern also and he treated the Black players like “boys” during their dispute with the elitist owners and their money grab, helping the owners take billions out of the player’s pockets after they previously had a deal.    But it’s the players fault for not being committed to the long haul.


Stern also engineered a “White European player invasion” and set an age requirement to keep young (Black) American players out of the league in an attempt to change the NBA’s demographics.  The problem was that not only was Stern being racist, White America was getting upset about so many young Black players making too much money and flaunting it — at least in their eyes.


I don’t know about you but when I first saw the face of Stern’s replacement, Adam Silver, the son of a law firm partner (can you say “elitist,” anyone?), I thought: “Yet another White man controlling Blacks (and Silver is one of over 10 Jews in top executive positions under Stern in the league office; see the NAACP’s history for these “kind” of roots), whose talents generate billions.  Silver will also be grooming another non-Black, Mark Tatum, to replace him when his career runs its course.


So, let’s go into more detail in regards to why I feel like I do about Stern.


In 2010-2011, the NBA pulled in about $3.8 billion in revenues. Newly retired NBA Commissioner David Stern was making between $20-$23 million a year and his net worth is believed to be in the neighborhood of $140 million. Not bad for the overseer of the NBA plantation.


Well, nobody’s crying for the NBA players who, on average, pull in over $5 million a year, however, that’s an average that’s high because of the few league stars making tens of millions of dollars and the average player career is only two to three years long.


Stern headed the league for 30 years and is highly regarded as far as major sport commissioners go, especially because about one-third of NBA head coaching positions are usually held by Blacks.


But I’ve never give Stern much credit or a pass on race because he has committed some very racist acts in my opinion.


Stern is more of a covert racist. No, he’s not an overt “KKK-type” racist, but a more subtle racist, the kind with the superiority complex that is just as indicative of White supremacy as is that of the overt racist. Stern likes to run his league like a plantation owner who identifies Good Black players/people and Bad Black players, the kind who don’t “listen” and act like Niggraz. An example of one of Stern’s good Negroes would be Michael Jordan, the former icon, Kobe Bryant, until he was accused of raping a White girl, LeBron James, and Keven Durant. These Negroes keep quiet, play with the little White kids in “NBA Cares” commercials, and wouldn’t be caught dead talking about racism or the plight of Black people. Sure, LeBron honored Trayvon Martin with his team “hoodie” photo, but that was safe to do by that time.


A Bad Negro would be Ron Artest, in Stern’s opinion:


Take the brawl that happened on November 19th, 2004 between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers at The Palace at Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Ron Artest had gotten into an altercation with the Piston’s Ben Wallace, but they were separated and Artest sat on the scorers table to calm down and defuse the situation (which is what most people would have done if you happened to piss off the the “Hulk”-sized Wallace). Stern suspended Artest for 73 games and he lost $5 million. This was in line with the cruel and unusual punishment Black men usually get in the American court system or the Court of Public Opinion.


Nine players ended up losing $11 million in fines because of being suspended for 146 games by Stern. Were was his sympathy for fans harassing players, including using racial epithets? And because Artest wa hit with a cup, why couldn’t he have been more lenient or understanding?


Because the players are Black, stupid.


By the way, the guy that threw the cup and hit Artest, John Green, who was on probation, had a criminal record that included: counterfeiting, carrying a concealed weapon, three drunken driving convictions, and felony assault,


There are about 75 foreign players in the NBA and adding the number of White foreign players (and not all foreign players are White) with the roughly 40 or so White American born NBA players, the league usually has anywhere from 22 to 25 percent of its players who are White. Stern would call his effort to diversify the league with foreign players “globalization” but we all know what he’s trying to do, which will be continued by his predecessors. He has sent his players overseas to do camps and public relations since I can remember, which means he’s always been worried about the league being “too Black” after he took over from Lawrence O’Brien. Not to mention that when you watch an NBA game most of the cheerleaders and game administrators are White. And what about the thousands making a living off of the talent of these Black players – particularly the concession stand owners, as well as the administrative staff of the 30 teams.


As far as the 19-year-old age required to enter the NBA draft – or you must be one year removed from high school if you’re not a foreign-born player – is anti-Black American. No one ever complains about young teens in tennis, baseball, hockey or golf teenagers turning pro because these athletes are predominantly White. Yet the NFL, which is also predominantly Black, and the NBA have age requirements. If you can start a family and go to war at 18 then you should be able to play in the NBA.


Stern also attacked Hip Hop by going after former NBA player Allen Iverson for rap lyrics the commissioner found inappropriate and because of Iverson would sport Hip Hop gear to and from games. Stern actually changed the NBA’s dress code and banned the Hip Hop gear.


Stern: “Nigrra, you be down, you stay down.” Just like the inhuman “Three Strikes Law” of Bill Clinton, Black people will always suffer inhumane or disproportionate punishment.


Why hasn’t Uncle Tom, and Stern-Chief-A*^ kisser” Charles Barkley said anything about a Black man not becoming the next NBA commissioner? Well, because he’s an Uncle Tom, only to open his big mouth to shout down and kick Black people in the behind when we complain about all the racist he runs out to defend. Yes, he even said the jury made the right decision in freeing Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George “Walking Around With Guns” Zimmerman.


Yes, “Black people, you be down . . . you stay down!”






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