Risperdal (Breast Growth) Effeminizing Misbehaving Black Boys, Proven Targets for School Punishment?



B y Walter L. Hilliard III –


Not long ago I watched a video of a Black psychologist talking about the effeminization process of Black boys and how their being physically effeminized by an avalanche of drugs, including ADHD drugs.


I then asked myself if the over-medicating of Black children for behavioral issues is a new type of Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, a travesty in which 399 of 600 Black male sharecroppers seeking treatment for syphilis were deceived by doctors into thinking they were being treated, but actually weren’t receiving the needed drugs.   The comparison is more about government deception and the abuse of Black people.  The Tuskegee study was conducted by the U.S. Public Heath Service, the U.S. Government, from 1932 to 1972, for 40 years, and only was discontinued because someone leaked the story about what was going on. Not to mention many of these men kept having sex, infecting their wives and the children born to them. Many also died.


Well, wouldn’t you know it that I’m watching TV one morning and an attorney’s face pops up on my screen telling anyone who’s son has been given Risperdal to call him and that the drug is being recalled because it’s causing young boys to develop female breasts. Risperdal, a drug with anti-psychotic results, has been widely prescribed to boys with behavior problems, including ADHD and bipolar disorder. How in the hell does this happen? You know the drug companies had to know. Apparently, Risperdal increases the production of the hormone prolactin, which stimulates irreversible breast growth.


After watching the commercial, I also thought of the studies that discuss how Black children, but especially Black boys, are racially profiled or targeted by school staff for punishment more often than any other race or gender of student and punished more harshly. Even the “Johnny come lately” Obama administration has created and rolled out a list of suggestions on stemming the tide of targeting Black children for discipline in school.


But imagine how insidious these schools and drug companies, who make billions off of these drugs, are when it comes to such a a drug actually causing boys to develop breast. And consider that Black boys, who are desperate for role models, have to listen to Barack Obama’s ongoing gay rights messages, including his going to Morehouse, an all-Black boys college, and pushing our best and brightest boys to accept homosexuality, and even using the word “boyfriends” when addressing them.


Also consider the army of gay characters on the Black reality TV shows that rate very high in Black households. Consider young Black males exposure to homosexuality in prison, due to prison rape and situational homosexuality, and the fact that Black men are given longer sentences than any other group.


Then add up the issues pressuring Black males, including drugs, rampant discrimination, a 50 percent high school dropout rate in many predominantly Black schools, and you have Black boys who are mentally, emotionally and physically beaten down, unable to pursue a decent education, which means they cannot take care of themselves and their families, and now you have an effeminized group of males — physically, emotionally, and mentally — with no self-respect. These are ripe circumstances for lowered inhibitions, and abhorrent behaviors like homosexuality.  In fact, many Black men see their heterosexuality as the only thing that’s theirs — and now society is even taking that away.  What’s left?


So, Black man, the next time someone calls you a homophobe, call them a racist and a Black male heterophobe because they don’t give a damn about the genocide you, your children, and your people are experiencing. They have so little respect for you that they don’t believe you are even worthy of standing up for yourself. In fact, they would rather see you gone sooner than later. And, sadly, a lot of Black people feel the same way.


America, the world, is at war with Black men – and you don’t even know it. Just look around.


And what Black man do you know that sits around like Barack Obama trying to push homosexuality onto his people? If you do know one, something’s wrong with him. Genocide is real and has already arrived in your town.

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