Lee Daniels, Gay Black Director, Hollyweird’s ‘Servant Boy’ for Pathologizing Black People


By Walter L. Hilliard III

To pathologize a group of people is to characterize them as medically or psychologically abnormal. And what happens when the abnormal becomes normal to the victim, too? White men are used to getting what they want in America, even if they have to lie, cheat, and steal. Just see Wall Street if you don’t believe that. And if they don’t get what they want from Black people, they fire them, arrest them, or stop them in a store or their cars, even when they’re not doing anything illegal. They’ll also start a war with a country like Iraq – where they even made up lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction – or bomb Libya until they get what they want.The problem with Black people is we think everything White people do is right and/or good for us, too, whether it be how they discriminate, their sexual habits, how they believe greed is a business priority, and even their belief that Black people are inferior – “Yes, Mr. White Man, you’re right, Black people are inferior.” The “White man’s ice is definitely colder.”

Yes, racism has got Black folks twisted.

Daniels and OprahAnd speaking of being “twisted” and Black in America, the thought the thought that naturally came to my mind seeing Oprah’s face plastered on my TV screen next to Tyler Perry’s made me wonder why she, like Hollywood, infatuated with glamorizing gay Black men and/or drag queens like Perry, RuPaul, and director Lee Daniels? Better yet, why does Black America appear to care less about the mainstream media’s assault on the minds of young Black boys with effeminate male images? It seems that Black people’s role models are disproportionately buffoons or gay men. Black boys deserve the opportunity to have strong, angry, heterosexual role models growing up just like young White males do. With all of the hatred directed at Black males from society, to attack their sexuality is nothing more than blatant genocide.

An even deeper question to ask is how do you know when someone doesn’t like you? Well, don’t ask them because they’ll usually lie to your face. What you must do is simply observe how they treat you. So, Black people don’t needOprah, Perry to hold long discussions with their oppressor; all they have to do is face reality by looking at the facts. And what are the facts? The facts in America are Black people are mistreated in America, from racial discrimination in the workplace to the proliferation of stereotypical movies and TV shows put out by Hollywood to Blacks being the last hired and first fired, or not even being told about an available job. These are yet a few of the realities for Black people in America.

And so it is yet another racist American institution – Hollywood and ts love for Black buffoonery, pathology, and subservient Black images – that likes to use a Black person to proliferate it’s racism, such as in the case of allowing Lee Daniels to direct movies like “Precious,” “Monsters Ball,” and “The Butler.” We all know that the mainstream media loves to use Black people to say the racist things it wants to say but can’t, at least not as often as it would like to. In politics, think of how Herman Cain was “used” by the RepubliCon Party, which is known to hate Black people, to spread it’s political brand of racism. And look at how Hollyweird uses the likes of Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince”), Martin Lawrence (Shenene), Eddie Murphy (“Buckwheat”) and countless others to make sure you know Black people are silly and love woman’s clothing. These artist characters are part of Hollywood history.

But we already know that since we arrived in 1619 the plan was to vilify us to justify all the bad things that have happened to us.

Thus, it is not a coincidence that Oprah “Oblivious to Racism” Winfrey is good friends with the leading purveyors of Black pathology, those like Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. And she coddles these men like babies and gives them more attention or national airtime than she does the poor Black kids who are victimized or murdering each other right down the street from her in Chicago.

So now Lee Daniels is talking about his next movie being an interracial gay super hero couple – yes, a White dude and his Black boyfriend, his “bottom bitch.” But don’t you find that interesting that a Black director wold be behind Hollyweird/s first gay super hero movie, especially when there are thousands of Black stories yet to be told, but this is the story Daniels and Hollywood pick? So, in all actuality, you shouldn’t be surprised – you should expect these Black male heterophobes to do exactly what they do.

Well, not at all – as I said, the Hollywood and the mainstream media loves to “use” Black people, pathologizing them, to do its dirty work. It’s part of what I call the posterizing of pathology, or Black people, usually Black men, being used as the poster children for peculiar or negative behavior. Mike Tyson was quickly anointed the poster child for Date Rape, Muhammad Ali for Draft Dodging, Barack Obama is seen as the First Gay President, Barry Bonds is the Face of Steroids, and so on.

But what most people don’t get is that there’s a reason for mainstream America’s 400 year record of pathologizing Black people as the epitome of all bad behavior. You see, Black life is not important, otherwise we wouldn’t have these image problems directly introduced in the American psyche by the media and Hollyweird. Everyone knows that the best defense is a good offense; hence, the Gay Mafia, LGBT community’s assault on White and Black America – while using Black people and their Civil Rights Movement to “normalize” homosexuality in America. But I want to know what big racial diversity program these gay groups have completed that makes them think they have the moral authority to use or bully Black people to benefit their homosexual agenda?

So the gay community is using Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, gay Blacks, Lee Daniels, Ben Jealous, Oprah Winfrey and others to advance their gay agenda, even though the Gay Mafia, doesn’t give a damn about Black people. And they have the nerve to make Black athletes, entertainers, and politicians apologize if they say anything they deem as anti-gay.

Don’t argue with America about racism, just look at their behavior and understand that Black man and Black woman, they don’t want your Black face around. And Lee Daniels and his “twisted” work is yet another trick in a 400 year history to get rid of you. And who knows more about self-hate than us, a persona placed in us by our slave masters that has never gone away.