Obama Calls Kanye West a Jackass, Again, But Never Calls Anyone White, or Otherwise, Names

Obama and WestBy Walter L. Hilliard III

Maybe I missed something, but have you ever heard Barack Obama call a White entertainer, or anyone, a “jackass” like he’s called Kanye West, twice?

The first time he called West a jackass was because he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the 2009 Video Music Awards. The second time he called West a jackass he was responding to a reporter who asked him about Kanye, and he said, “He is a jackass . . . but he’s talented.”

Rapper Shyne, who ended up going to prison defending Puffy, who “left him holding the bag in court,” said, “It’s time for a rant about the murder rate in Chiraq [Chicago, Iraq] . . . Barack Obama is the real jackass for saying nothing and doing nothing.” But he added that West, too, should spend more of his time ranting about the murder rate in Chicago.  Another well known rapper, Lupe Fiasco, also chided Obama, saying, “Our city is dying . . . where the fuck you at?”

That’s real!

Whether or not Obama believes West is a jackass, he is the president, and we must ask ourselves why he thinks it’s okay to call anyone a jackass? During a speech about immigration I happened to catch, he didn’t call a Hispanic audience member, who repeatedly interrupted and heckled him, a jackass, and he told his security not to throw the guy out. Nor did he call Republican House Member Joe Wilson a jackass when he shouted, “You lie,” during Obama’s healthcare speech in front of congress, with the nation looking on. But when the young Black men in Florida yelled at him, asking what he was going to do for Black people, they were eventually tossed out.

This, my friend, is what I call “The Nigger Treatment.”

If your White, you’re all right! If you’re Brown, stick around!! But if you’re Black – stay the hell way back!!!

The fact is that Obama is a racial profiler of the worst kind, a Black man singling out, belittling and disparaging his own people on the Media World Stage, validating America’s 400 year racist behavior towards Black people.  On different occasions, he has lectured Black men about not being good fathers, which is a lie.  Just because his pappy ran off doesn’t mean that most of the other Black fathers did.  During his commencement speech at Morehouse, he told them he had mistakenly, when he was younger, thought the world was “trying to keep another Black man down.”  He also told them “We’ve got no time for excuses.”  And White America has to be saying:  “See, even Obama agrees Black people and worth a damn.”

Let’s be clear, Obama is the worst thing to ever happen to Black people in America. His feverish pandering to Whites and their stereotypes about Black people makes him the greatest Uncle Tom of all time, but even worse is the fact that over 90 percent of those Blacks who voted, voted for him twice.

Shame on every Black person that would support a man that despises you, and thumbs his nose at a people whose blood, sweat, and tears made it possible for him to walk his Black ass into office.