Gays Win, Blacks Lose, Grammy’s Gay Marriage Glamorized as Black Artist’s Talents Dissed

Mklm Lws GrammysBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

If 25 years ago I would have shown you a rap movie script that said in 2013 rap and R&B music would be dominated by White rappers and White R&B singers, and that a White rap group, who had a popular gay marriage song on their album, would win all of the top rap categories at the top music award show, then sing their gay marriage song on that show, while a Black lesbian female, who was formerly a socially conscious rapper, would preside over a gay wedding, as Black rappers just sat in the audience, spayed and neutered, and “took it,” you’d probably say – “That’s ridiculous, unbelievable! Too far-fetched, even for a movie.”

But it just happened.

And here we are after the 2014 Grammys and Black people are still riled up about White rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dominating the rap categories with three Grammy wins over rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake.

So what are some of the details of this script-like, nightmare music reality?

Yes, it’s true, White rappers Maklemore and Ryan Lewis really did beat out Black rap titans – Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake for Grammy awards. These White rappers also performed their own gay love song, “Same Love,” which was heavily promoted by lesbian Ellen Degeneres, and did so while the once socially conscious Queen Latifa – and Hollyweird Mammy for some time now – married 33 gay and straight couples.

Whoa! Did you here what I said? It’s almost too much to digest how White gays have infiltrated the macho-ist of all art forms, rap, and used Grammy-anointed White pop rappers and a Black lesbian to knock out Black bravado in a 12-round Grammy night fight.

Black . . . Man . . . Down, and out for the count!

I say to these racist, Black man-, Black-people-hating gay infiltrators: “F*^# You!!! You Black male Heterophobes.”

There’s nothing more they hate than an aggressive, angry, masculine, heterosexual Black man, a man who loves women. So don’t you think for one second, when they saw the opportunity, they didn’t target the epitome of Black music masculinity, rap, like they do everything else Black men dominate, and try to destroy or effeminize it. And to think, when macho athletes and entertainers like Kobe Bryant, Isiah Washington, or Tracy Morgan say what gays believe is offensive to them, they make them apologize, publicly, down on their knees groveling for forgiveness.

And catch this, the Uncle Toms over at BET (yes, Uncle Tom-ism gets worse when a Black-owned company becomes White-owned) gave Macklemore and Ryan Lewis a BET Award win over Jay Z and Kanye West, too.

In regards to the award losses the Black community has suffered recently, I’d like to say to young Blacks, the so called progressive and liberal Blacks, and the Black Misleadership class – “That’s watchaw gits for always sucking up to the White gay community and helping them hijack our Civil Rights movement by equating gay rights with Civil Rights. So stop complaining about how Black folks was robbed at the Grammys because White acts dominated the Rap and R&B categories.”

Gay rights are not civil rights and the Grammys is a mainstream organization that reflects the racism in society. Black people and their music or artistic talent, their movements, and their labor have been “used” or infiltrated by White America since forever – in the name of “We will never let you rise.”

I’ve been talking about this issue from the beginning: White America and gays care about gay rights but could care less about Black people or their Civil Rights. And the gay rights movement is really about White gays, not gay Blacks, who are also misguided and serve as puppets. Thus, my aforementioned assertion continues to be validated and show that Black leaders and White America’s constantly comparing gay rights to Black people and their Civil Rights movement is just another co-opting of Black people’s suffering to enhance White supremacy and White privilege.

A day after the Grammys, CNN had a gay White male couple that got married at the Grammys on. This couple repeated the “gay rights is Civil Rights” mantra and discussed how a Grammy casting director/producer contacted them to be a part of a big event that they really didn’t know much about, initially. I was actually channel surfing because I tried, but couldn’t, watch the Grammys straight through because they’re so anti-Black, in terms of their lack of Black winners and Black live performers; however, I eventually found my way back to the show and saw Queen Latifah conducting the marriage ceremony between gay and straight couples.

No wonder the world hates America – the hypocrisy, especially in terms of how Black people are treated. When you’re White, the world is yours; you can be straight, gay, poor, or a murderer and shoot a Black kid while he’s walking home with an iced tea and Skittles – and have a jury of delusional White chicks let you walk free.

Yes, being gay trumps being Black in this country. America can accept homosexuality, embrace it, glamorize it – but when it comes to Black people, racism prevails. And even more disturbing, a lot of Black folks have bought into the “gay rights is Civil Rights” lies, too.

And Black rappers should be aware that what Macklemore and Lewis did is very racist, very anti-Black, covert and intentional — doing what few others have been able to do, indoctrinating the Black Bravado-driven Black rap industry with homosexuality, aligning themselves with Black rappers, befriending them, and being elevated by fellow Whites and gays in the entertainment industry.  Believe me, Macklemore and Lewis have experienced a great deal of rejection from Blacks in the industry, being White rappers, as they “came up,” so don’t be fooled by the perceived humbleness.   The are very well aware of who they are, where they’re at, and what they’ve done.  Yes, this was all very calculated.  They decided, for themselves, like all White men do, what’s good for Black men, Black rappers, and that it was time for rap to accept gays and/or gay rights.  They have no respect because they’re White men and they believe that they are better than everyone else and can do whatever the hell they want to do.  Do you think Macklemore and Lewis would walk into an industry run by Blacks — Black owners or executives, rappers, etc. — and push a gay song?  Not in a million years, but because the music/rap industry is owned and run by Whites, in addition to being supported by a White-owned. gay-friendly media, they know they can do whatever they want to do.

How “White of you” Macklemore and Lewis.  You have some nerve.