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Kobe Bryant Proud He Didn’t Support Trayvon Martin

Kobe BryantBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


So Kobe “I Really, Really, Reaaaaaaalllly Do Love Myself” Bryant recently accused the World Champion Miami Heat and Black people, collectively, of having a “racial reaction” because we, in his mind, hastily sided with Trayvon Martin over Killer George Zimmerman and didn’t analyze the evidence.


His exact comments were (by the way, where was his agent? somebody needed to stop this train wreck): “I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American.  That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well… then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”


So, in other words, what Kobe “Never Says Anything About The Black Community Unless He’s Criticizing Us” Bryant is really saying is that he believes Black people shouldn’t have supported Trayvon Martin’s cause just because he’s Black — and we need to get our facts straight, first.


First of all, I have watched sports my entire life and I have never seen Bryant say anything about anti-Black racism or any pro-Black cause, but he’s always running off at the mouth to support the gay community. I even saw a picture of him with some gay rainbow bracelet on, pushing their cause, which is really about proliferating Black genocide. All this and he even had to apologize to the gay community for calling a referee a “faggot” during a game.


Thus, Bryant he has no credibility to speak on Martin’s issues – unless he’s begging Black folks to forgive him for “riding free” on the backs of all the Black people that have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears — their lives — so he can make millions of dollars and sit up in his mansion and talk smack.


Secondly, Bryant is a narcissist, only concerned about “KOBE.” Take for example when he “threw former teammate Shaquille O’Neil under the bus.” Bryant told the police, after he got arrested for supposedly raping a White chick in his hotel room, he should have just did what O’Neil did and paid the woman off  – like a “side piece” is what he really meant.  So Bryant’s also a snitch, but he’s a juvenile delinquent snitch, a second rate snitch because real brotha’s stop telling others that they witnessed stupid “I saw Val kissing Tyrone”- type stuuff in the second grade.


Tyrone from the second grade: Penny, I wasn’t kissing Val. Who told you that?


Penny: Kobe.


And since Bryant needs evidence to make a decision and doesn’t want to support someone because they’re Black (duhhh, like this is what all Black people do?), then why doesn’t he go back to school and learn his history, the history of African Americans suffering for several centuries from racism and oppression?


Additionally, I’m aware Bryant spent part of his childhood in Italy where his dad, former Philadelphia 76er Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant, played professional ball after his NBA career was over, but I thought every Black child that spent anytime in America, especially brothas, has experienced being racially profiled like Trayvon Martin was, from being followed by security at the mall to be being stopped by the police?


So to understand Bryant’s dumb comments, all you have to do is look past his great basketball skills and millionaire status – which a lot of Black people have a hard time doing – and you’ll see an ego maniac who didn’t marry a Black woman, never speaks out about racism, and even squealed on his teammate, Shaq, about his infidelities when “he”/Kobe was the one that got busted and accused of rape for hooking up with some random White chick who worked at the hotel he was staying at.  in a hotel and accused of rape.  (Man, most brothas making that kind of money would have seen that “slow ball” coming a mile away — calling a random White girl to your room, only to later get accused of rape, huh?).


Bryant is taking advantage of yet another opportunity to single himself out, or distance himself from the Black community regarding Martin’s death, showing the world what an Uncle Tom he is. Why would he degrade Martin’s memory, a teenaged child, gunned down while trying to get home from buying Skittles and an iced tea?


Why? Because Martin is Black and his life doesn’t count, and Bryant likes to appear like he’s “different,” like he’s “better” or smarter than your average Black person. But he’s not – the Black community’s has had Uncle Toms for 400 years. And so he’s just another rich Black athlete with an Uncle Tom mind.




Noooooooo, Not Another Black Weed-Smoking Pimp . . . Captured With A Watermelon!

Bullock and McCarthy

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


So I randomly wake up one morning and my TV happens to be on HBO, and a comedy named “The Heat,” released in 2013, comes on.  Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, the star of “The Identity Thief,”  and Marlon Wayans are featured.  (By the way, Wayan’s talent is grossly underutilized.)


The movie opens with an FBI swat team, led by Bullock, breaking into a house with two criminals hiding guns and weed – one of the criminals was White, the other Black (I’m thinking the Black guy was meant to be the “real” criminal and the White guy was thrown in for good measure?).


In the next scene, McCarthy’s character appears on a street corner, doing a stakeout, watching a trick picking up a prostitute down the street.  And, but of course, all but one of the prostitutes on the corner behind the White one negotiating with the trick, are White (I mean, if you made most of them Black, that would be racist, right?  Well, to be quite honest, I was actually feeling like I was beginning to see a pattern here — one Black prostitute with five White ones thrown in for good measure?  Why not just have all of the prostitutes be White?  But you see, Hollywood would see the scene as being inauthentic then because how can you have a group of prostitutes standing on a corner and not have at least one of them be Black, right?).


Well, suddenly, McCarthy pulls off in her undercover cop car, stops at the corner, gets out of her car and walks up on the negotiators and arrests the guy after taking his cell phone and calling his wife.


In the next scene, McCarthy drives over to a bunch of guys, all White and one Black, sitting on a wall. The Black guy happens to be the only one smoking a joint, and he happens to be the pimp of the prostitute she previously encountered.  After a conversation he asks her if she’s racist (no, she’s not, really, but the producers of this film are). She responds, “Nine out of the 10 guys I fuck are Black guys.”  But, as if that wasn’t enough, after she chases and catches the brotha, he asks her what did she throw at him to knock him down — and she says a watermelon.


Well, one might think that today’s Hollywood is way past making movies with White cops chasing Black, weed-smoking pimps speaking Ebonics – something we could see during a scene between “Starsky and Hutch,” and Huggy Bear in the 1970s – but obviously we’re not.







Liberal Canadians Like CNN’s Ashley Bainfield are Anti-Black Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Ashleigh BainfieldBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


I like to put out some of the more subtle issues of anti-Black racism in the media because the overt racial incidents are less common and the subtle racism is what hurts Black people the most because its more covert, rampant and easier to dismiss by its perpetrators because they often don’t see themselves as racist.


So the problem with stereotypes is they’re simplistic in nature, dehumanizing, and they are especially dangerous when they are proliferated by women who have a friendly, girl-next-door persona — those like TV hosts like CNN’ Ashleigh Bainfield.  And it’s her motherly bantering, with that unassuming smile on her face, whenever she talks about race or Black people that makes my “racism spidey senses” tingle like they would do when I worked with White women in the higher education and social services professions.  They’re supposed to be educated women and not racist, but their as dangerous any Klansman.


Of all the CNN host, Don Lemon gets on my nerves the most, but Bainfield is right behind him because she’s always trying to make excuses or downplay the element of race in any conversation where Black people are a target or the victims.


Just recently, she had Civil Rights Attorney Lisa Bloom on to discuss her new book, “Suspicion Nation,” which discuss the Trayvon Martin case and race.  While Bloom was making one particular point regarding Black males being racially profiled and perceived as a threat to some people while they’re just walking down the street, Bainfield kept cutting her off, like she always does when the issue of race comes up.  Bainfield obviously didn’t want to hear about the plight of Black men and she railed on about how she’d be scared if four young males of any color were walking toward her on the street.


Liar! Liar!


Bainfield was simply playing the White Denial Card to belittle the point about what amounts to anti-Black racism being an issue.

No, I’m not buying the White Thug Theory and how “Walking While White” is a problem.


Bloom continued interjecting until she was able to finish making her point to Bainfield, but you could tell by the look of disgust on her face how tired she gets arguing with other White folks about racism.

So you can just imagine how she’d feel if she were Black?





‘She Hate Me’ Actor Anthony Mackie a Traitor, Disses Spike Over Gentrification Rant

Spike Lee, Anthony MackieBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

You can always bet on the plantation master’s “Willie Lynch mentality” rearing its ugly head whenever Black people gain fame and fortune and the media begins to pit one Black person against another, similar to what they did stirring up the East Coast-West Coast rivalries of the 1990s that led to the deaths of Biggie and Tupac.

Continuing the aforementioned Black-on-Black divisiveness tradition, “She Hate Me,” a Spike Lee Joint, actor Anthony Mackie enthusiastically dissed and back-stabbed Spike Lee, who had gone into a rant about gentrification, responding to an audience member while doing a Black History Month presentation at the Pratt Institute. Lee’s response was an appropriate emotional, expletive-filled rant that started with him saying, “Let me just kill you right now.”


He then continued on:

“Here’s the thing: I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in New York. It’s changed. And why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in the south Bronx, in Harlem, in Bed Stuy, in Crown Heights for the facilities to get better? The garbage wasn’t picked up every motherfuckin’ day when I was living in 165 Washington Park. P.S. 20 was not good. P.S. 11. Rothschild 294. The police weren’t around. When you see white mothers pushing their babies in strollers, three o’clock in the morning on 125th Street, that must tell you something.”

[Audience member: And I don’t dispute that … ]

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. And even more. Let me kill you some more.”

[Audience member: Can I talk about something?]

“Not yet.

“Then comes the motherfuckin’ Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart. There were brothers playing motherfuckin’ African drums in Mount Morris Park for 40 years and now they can’t do it anymore because the new inhabitants said the drums are loud. My father’s a great jazz musician. He bought a house in nineteen-motherfuckin’-sixty-eight, and the motherfuckin’ people moved in last year and called the cops on my father. He’s not — he doesn’t even play electric bass! It’s acoustic! We bought the motherfuckin’ house in nineteen-sixty-motherfuckin’-eight and now you call the cops? In 2013? Get the fuck outta here!

“Nah. You can’t do that. You can’t just come in the neighborhood and start bogarting and say, like you’re motherfuckin’ Columbus and kill off the Native Americans. Or what they do in Brazil, what they did to the indigenous people. You have to come with respect. There’s a code. There’s people.

“You can’t just — here’s another thing: When Michael Jackson died they wanted to have a party for him in motherfuckin’ Fort Greene Park and all of a sudden the white people in Fort Greene said, “Wait a minute! We can’t have black people having a party for Michael Jackson to celebrate his life. Who’s coming to the neighborhood? They’re gonna leave lots of garbage.” Garbage? Have you seen Fort Greene Park in the morning? It’s like the motherfuckin’ Westminster Dog Show. There’s 20,000 dogs running around. Whoa. So we had to move it to Prospect Park!

“I mean, they just move in the neighborhood. You just can’t come in the neighborhood. I’m for democracy and letting everybody live but you gotta have some respect. You can’t just come in when people have a culture that’s been laid down for generations and you come in and now shit gotta change because you’re here? Get the fuck outta here. Can’t do that!

“And then! [to audience member] Whoa whoa whoa. And then! So you’re talking about the people’s property change? But what about the people who are renting? They can’t afford it anymore! You can’t afford it. People want live in Fort Greene. People wanna live in Clinton Hill. The Lower East Side, they move to Williamsburg, they can’t even afford fuckin’, motherfuckin’ Williamsburg now because of motherfuckin’ hipsters. What do they call Bushwick now? What’s the word? [Audience: East Williamsburg]

“That’s another thing: Motherfuckin’… These real estate motherfuckers are changing names! Stuyvestant Heights? 110th to 125th, there’s another name for Harlem. What is it? What? What is it? No, no, not Morningside Heights. There’s a new one. [Audience: SpaHa] What the fuck is that? How you changin’ names?

“And we had the crystal ball, motherfuckin’ Do the Right Thing with John Savage’s character, when he rolled his bike over Buggin’ Out’s sneaker. I wrote that script in 1988. He was the first one. How you walking around Brooklyn with a Larry Bird jersey on? You can’t do that. Not in Bed Stuy.

“So, look, you might say, “Well, there’s more police protection. The public schools are better.” Why are the public schools better? First of all, everybody can’t afford — even if you have money it’s still hard to get your kids into private school. Everybody wants to go to Saint Ann’s — you can’t get into Saint Ann’s. You can’t get into Friends. What’s the other one? In Brooklyn Heights. Packer. If you can’t get your child into there … It’s crazy. There’s a business now where people — you pay — people don’t even have kids yet and they’re taking this course about how to get your kid into private school. I’m not lying! If you can’t get your kid into private school and you’re white here, what’s the next best thing? All right, now we’re gonna go to public schools.

“So, why did it take this great influx of white people to get the schools better? Why’s there more police protection in Bed Stuy and Harlem now? Why’s the garbage getting picked up more regularly? We been here!

“All right, go ahead. Let’s see you come back to that.”

So what does Mackie have to say about all this? “Spike don’t live in Brooklyn . . . why did he leave Brooklyn? . . . I don’t have a problem with gentrification,” as if Lee doesn’t have a right to rant about gentrification. Mackie rambled on for quite sometime about his love for gentrification and acted like Lee must have not chosen him for a couple of othe roles he really wanted – and it was now payback time.

But tell me this, how can a Black man not have a problem with gentrification? This a perfect example of why Black people don’t get a long, an example of a lack of Black Social Consciousness. One Black person mistreated anywhere is another Black person mistreated somewhere else because it could be you or me, anytime, anyplace.

During his rant, Lee made it clear that his father still lives in Brooklyn, and he of course grew up there.  It’s also a shame that as a result of his rant, someone desecrated the door and broke the window of an old White lady – apparently believing it was Lee’s or his father’s house – who also wasn’t happy about what Lee said (surprise? I don’t think so). The vandals also painted “Do the Right Thing” on a street-level stoop by the house. But what’s really funny is Lee’s half-brother, Arnold, lives in the house, I suppose with their dad?  Arnold complained that Lee can say what he wants but he ought to “stop talking about the house,” so it won’t be vandalized.

Well, maybe Arnold should move his lazy behind out of the house that I’m sure Lee is paying for and get his own house, then he won’t have to worry about what his brother says about his father living there.

I’m also sure the vandals were White and/or they paid some Black kids to vandalize the property.  And if the vandals were White, they were probably the White “hipsters” Lee and others accuse of gentrifying their neighborhood, and I bet they got high on ecstasy, slid on their penny loafers, painted their faces Black, and then went and vandalized the houses – after they stopped and sipped cappuccinos to build up their super powers, but of course. I’m sure the hipster vandals were also giggling like little girls as they ran back around the corner to their brownstone, tripped while running up the steps, got inside and slapped high-fives with their girlfriends, Buffy and Becky.

Yeah, that’s it.

Lee’s rant was really about the fact that the Whites who’ve moved in don’t respect the neighborhood and have dogs running around everywhere in the park, and I’m sure crapping on the ground. However, Blacks in the neighborhood couldn’t even have a concert at the same park because the Whites complained that they didn’t know who or how many people (uhhh, they meant Black people) would descend on “their” neighborhood. Spike also complained that when the neighborhood was predominantly Black, the trash services and police weren’t responsive. But now, since Whites live there, everything’s great.

So as Mr. Mackie “The Ungrateful” kept yapping, it turns out he has two restaurants in Brooklyn, but I’m not sure if Whites frequent them or not (I suspect they do, and they love him because he’s a famous Black person, and not like “other” Black people)? The point is that whenever you put Black people in front of a camera and/or microphone and White people are watching they always go into Uncle Tom mode, afraid to speak truth to power or criticize Whites for anything.

I just hope his career is going well and he never needs Lee to hire him for another movie. I haven’t seen him in much of anything. In fact, I can’t name anything he’s done other than “She Hate Me.”



Are Will and Jada Smith Letting Hollywood ‘Homosexualize’ Their Children?

Willow SmithBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

What has Hollyweird done to Will Smith?   I cannot tell if his daughter, Willow Smith, is a boy or a girl when I look at picture of him — or her?

Will comes from a decent, two-parent home and from what I know of his background, he was a good kid.  But it appears that his Hollywood experience is similar to the old story of the Midwest girl going to Hollywood and getting “turned out” by the wolves (in the case of Smith, his value system was “turned out”), being abused on the casting couch and ending up on, what’s that place? — Hollywood Boulevard — and then she starts Ho-ing, like Will has done by way of some of his movies, and now he is allowing Hollyweird to “turn out” his children.

Yes, Will, it appears, has become an Intellectual Ho, selling his soul to the Hollywood Devil who hates Black people, thus, he’s become an “acceptable” Negro, joining the Scientology cult – giving them his money, instead of the needy Black community – playing gay roles, leaving his children intellectually unsupervised, and devoid of a Black Social Consciousness, never talking about racism and how Blacks are treated in Hollywood or America.

Yeah, I know who you are, Slick Willie!

And, he’s not being a man to Jada Pinket-Smith because she’s also running buckwild. I mean, have you seen the anorexic-looking Jada since she’s become more and more a part of Hollyweird?

I had been thinking that Will, and Jada, were letting Hollywood turn their kids into homosexuals, having seen strange looking pictures where I couldn’t tell what their gender was. In fact, I went ballistic when I saw his daughter, Willow Smith, had a tongue ring, originally known as being a lesbian sexual stimulation tool.

What the hell is wrong with Will and Jada?

But, as I’ve touched on, this is the same Will who was brought to Hollywood by Quincy Jones (also brought lesbian Queen Latifa to Hollywood), whom some have said was the facilitator of a Black homosexuality rink, and so Will ends up doing a film playing a homosexual in “Six Degrees of Separation,” only to be talked out of kissing another man (he used a body double) by Denzel Washington. However, in an interview, Smith later said that his only regret was that he didn’t kiss the man in the movie. But he did kiss the White dude in his movie “Hitch,” trying to satisfy his inherent drive to submit to White men, the power brokers, in Hollywood, to show he wasn’t homophobic.

What about being a role model to Black boys, Will, showing them how to be strong, heterosexual Black men? What’s wrong with that?

This man, again, whom I’ve never heard talking seriously about racism, is Hollywood’s bitch. And what he fails to realize is that when he’s gone, the Black community will not be impacted because he has had no socially redeeming value to the community other than the private stuff he’s done at his school (in the name of diversity, which means fewer or no Blacks).

Come on Will, kissing the behinds of Hollywood folks who cannot stand Black people . . . ? That’s weak!


TV One & Roland Martin’s Shameless Pandering to Gays to Maintain His High Profile

Roland MartinBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


One could say that TV One’s “News One Now” show host Roland Martin enjoys hanging out with flaming gay Black men and listening to them make not-so-subtle references to their love for male sex organs (yes, it’s the truth, and it’s been done repeatedly in the same show), but I think he’s really just morally bankrupt and simply pandering to gays to get rid of his anti-gay label.


You probably remember Martin was attacked by gay groups for tweeting that someone should slap CNN’s Pierce Morgan, or any man, for being enthusiastic about seeing soccer star David Beckham in a an underwear commercial. Martin was suspended and eventually let go by CNN, so it appears that he now feels the need to overcompensate and have a flaming gay Black man on his “News One” show, teaching our young Black boys how to act like women. And of course Martin laughs and jokes with the gay dude as he “pushes the envelope,” making homosexual references out of any and everything discussed on the show.


So is this show really a news show? Of course not.


What Black man in his right mind would enjoy being on a Black news show with a gay Black man making constant homosexual act references, and laughing about it? A member of the Black misleadership class, of course, who could care less about being a role model to young Black boys who are watching the show. Martin, like the rest of the high-profile, check-snatchin’ Black Misleadership Class has become desperate to stay relevant. He’s taken a step down from CNN to TV One but doesn’t realize that if he hadn’t bought into CNN’s anti-Black messages in the first place, he wouldn’t be so insecure and desperately hanging on to television like some Media Whore.


All I can say is Martin is just one notch below a drug dealer because he makes a good living and doesn’t need to “sell” his poison to his people at all.


So, Black people, welcome to TV One and the continued proliferation of derogatory, genocidal Black images meant to poison yet another generation of young Black people.  The only question is who’s worst:  Kathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins, Hughes son, who runs her network, or BET and Viacom?


NBA’s Commish, Silver, Tells LeBron James to Ditch Black Mask, Scaring White Folks LikeTrayvon’s Hoodie

LeBron MaskBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

I recently wrote about Adam Silver taking over for former NBA Commissioner David Stern, who had run the league like a plantation master.


Now Silver is putting his racist stamp on the league, practicing the same White Paternalism David Stern did by telling the Miami Heat’s LeBron James to stop wearing the black mask he’s been wearing to protect his broken nose. James was instructed to wear something clear, which would allow fans to see his face.


“It’s not a league rule, but it’s the league’s request that you don’t wear the black one,” said James. “The reasons they told me didn’t make sense to me, but I’m just a player. I will abide by the request.” Of course you will, what else would a slave – with a slave mentality – do?  LeBron added, ‘You look very menacing,’ to ‘You look like a superhero,’ to ‘You look amazing.’”


It’s the old “You’re scaring White people” trick, reflecting White America’s perverse racial profiling of Blacks, but especially Black men. It’s suspected some White fans complained and we all know that Silver, like his pappy Stern, will do everything he can to keep the Niggraz in their place, protecting his NBA Plantation business.


But the much deeper issue, the issue I’ve seen no one discuss, is that this is related to the Trayvon Martin case and American racism, in general, particularly in regards to Black men being under constant suspicion and surveillance because they are dangerous, they are a threat. And Jame’s mask conjures up fear across America’s “fruited TV plains.”


Plain and simple!


Heat teammate, Dwayne Wade said, “I told him [LeBron] after Thursday’s game, ‘You have fun, because it [wearing the mask] ain’t happening the next game. ”


But what I can’t understand is that Silver and Stern are Jewish, and would never permit anti-semitism, right? So, then, why do they practice anti-Black racism against the very players that made them rich?


Go figure? Is it that . . . maybe . . . just maybe, they hate Black people, too?


Imagine that, to be Jewish and racist . . . hmmmmm?









Fox’s New ‘Empire Strikes Black with Gay Black Director Lee Daniels, More Gangsterism, Homosexuals = Genocide

DanielsBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


While online, I recently came across yet another new show headed our way, a pilot drama called “Empire.”   The new pilot, a typical format, is a mixture of violence, music, and . . . yep, once again, Black male homosexuality.  Whether it’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or a gay makeup artist on “The Braxton’s” bobbing his head and catfighting with Tamar, there’s always room for the Black male homosexual.


I continued reading . . . and saw the name . . . Lee Daniels!




Not Lee Daniels!  The gay Black director – with the White boyfriend – that has shown the world how much he hates Black people by bringing us “Precious,” using a Mamie caricature, and “Monster’s Ball,” featuring a White racist having rough sex with contemporary Mamie Halle Berry, who also played in a movie called “The Rich White Man’s Ho”– I mean, “The Rich Man’s Wife.” Yes, the same Lee Daniels that brought us “The Butler,” continuing to proliferate subservient images of Black people, images continuing the racist legacy of Steppin’ Fetchit and Bojangles. The same Lee Daniels that wants to do a gay super hero movie with a a Black man and a White man, he says.


And facilitating the rise of the “Black genocide loving” Daniels, who co-wrote and co-produces “Empire, is Fox – yes, the Fox network who reigns over the Fox news department that uses Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others to degrade Black people, daily, has also hired contemporary slaves, who will do anything for a dolla, Terrence Howard, Taraj Henson, both of whom brought us the pimp movie “Hustle & Flow,” and Timbaland (will produce the music) to proliferate yet another drama pilot to indoctrinate another generation of Black youth with a poisonous cocktail of guns, music, prison, and the now standard homosexual, a son in this case.


Are you following me — are you noticing the continued Black Male Homosexual theme in TV, movies, and society, brought to you by Flip Wilson as Geraldine and made into a big-screen institution with Tyler Perry’s Madea character, appearing in film after film?


I just don’t understand what has happened to Black people whereby they let people who hate them, especially their Hollywood Oppressors, teach their sons to be homosexuals, whether it be “Love & Hip Hop” or the drag queen RuPaul parading around in makeup and heels like the gays and/or drag queens on the other 20 or so Black reality shows over the last five to 10 years.


Unfortunately, Black people love the pimp-playing Howard and the hoochie-playing Henson, so I’m sure the show will rake in Black viewers, as well as Whites who want to sit in the American Coliseum and watch Black people continue to lead the charge in their own demise.


What is this infatuation the White men who run Hollywood have with glamorizing gay Black men or Black drag queens?


I’ll tell you what it is, it’s the same ol’ bitch ass fear they had when the Black bucks got off of the slave boats and they knew they couldn’t compete so they started to plan and carry out their evil doer ways, from whippings, to cutting off the genitals of Black men – and putting them in jars – and lynching them.


I could go on and on, but let me just say this, and I hope you never forget it: the men in Hollywood are a reflection of the perverseness of racism and the fear of the Black man’s sexuality, intelligence, and reproductive strength to produce a Black child with any color woman. And their indulgence in trying to “homosexualize” the Black community is equivalent to the level of fear and hatred they have for Black men. But the one thing they cannot overcome, no matter what they do to Black people, is God, and like my mamma always said: “Every dog has his day.” Every . . . dog . . . .


Yes he does.



Obama Verbal Hennessy

Obama Verbal HennessyBy Walter L. Hilliard III –

Black people, the young and the old, love Hennessy like they love Cadillacs, reality TV (especially “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”), and fried fish with buttered bread.

But my question is can somebody drive Black people home, to the Promised Land after they’ve had one too many of Barack Obama’s shots of Verbal Hennessy? And on top of that, Obama done slipped em a Mickey and stole dey damn self-esteem, dey common sense, dey vote, and dey wallet!!!

You see, this love Black people have for Barack Obama is similar to the un-reciprocated love they have for Tiger Woods. The only difference between them is Tiger doesn’t say much, if anything, to or about Black people because he doesn’t need their vote. But I have no doubt that if a Black person happened to drive by Tiger’s house, Lindsey Vonn, his White girlfriend, would probably be the one to stop him from calling the Po Po. In fact, Tiger even told me (well, I was watching him on Oprah’s show) and Oprah he doesn’t like being identified as Black.

Still we love him, even if he doesn’t claim us.  The Black side of his family, his father’s side, of course, knows Tiger don’t mess wit’ no Black folks, either, unless your name is Charles Barkley or Michael Jordan. In fact, his brother, Earl Woods Jr., named after Tiger’s father, said Tiger ignores him and their sick brother Kevin, who happens to have multiple sclerosis.  But Obama claims us, at least in name/race, even though he’s all political floss and phony Black Swag gloss. Barack also likes to sang Al Green and take da-rock to da hole on the basketball court in his free time. So it’s probably just a case of the athlete and entertainer part of Barack “begging” him to claim us and not totally “let my people (Black people) go.”

I remember a Black female college student once told me she drank 28 shots of Hennessy . . . but some of her friends did even more shots. I can’t quite remember what I said other than “I don’t believe that . . . Nah, no way,” because my mind went numb after I was overwhelmed, having blacked out after I heard “28 shots,” after I came to “understand the words that were comin’ out of her mouth.”

And so it is that Obama, starting out as a community organizer, state senator, and eventually a presidential candidate, has been able to blend, ferment, mix, and create the perfect brand of Obama Verbal Hennessy: Black body language, preacher-like voice inflections, a pimp-like smile, and all this to alter the mood and mindset of Black America.

But the funny thing is that he sobers up when he’s talking to White folks, he has all his faculties together, kinda like how you’d be if you stopped at the store for some munchies and ran into your boss — you sober up quick, stand up straight, and clear you’re throat so you can speak clearly.

And, yes, White mainstream America is his boss, in his mind. This is indisputable.

And how else do we know Black America is high, high off of Obama Verbal Hennessy? Because what other people do you know that ain’t got no damn job (double and triple Black unemployment), are homeless (lost more of our homes than any other race during the financial/foreclosure crisis), are broke (Black wealth suffered its biggest drop, ever, under Obama), have just been hit in the head (police brutality), kicked in the ass (400 years of racial discrimination), and locked up (one and half million Black people in prison) would vote for a man that has basically said to Black people, based on his behavior towards us:  “Who Gives A Shit about your problems? Just get your dumb Black ass out there, stay in line, and vote for me!!!” And, oh, he actually did mean tell Black America at the Black Caucus annual dinner: “Stop Cryin’ . . . take off your bedroom slippers . . . .”

Yes, that’s exactly what he said — and we still went out and voted him into office for a second term.

So you know we gotta be high!

I would use Rodney Dangerfield’s line about we “don’t get no respect, no respect at all,” but this is worse — we’ve been abused by America, and now Obama and his Obama Verbal Hennessy.

You know, Black people, you can’t fly if you high. Yaw’ll jus’ can’t go ’round so down on yourself, beat up by 400 years of racism, and then pick up a bottle of Obama Verbal Hennessy, thinking you can drink away your problems, wake up in a drunken stupor, and everything is fine.

Why not?

Because:  “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” Frederick Douglass

We Need More Black Panthers Like Fred Hampton, Not MSNBC Kitty Cats Like Sharpton or Pussycats Like Obama


Fred Hampton

By Walter L. Hilliard III –

“We expected about twenty Panthers to be in the apartment when the police raided the place. Only two of those Black niggers were killed, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.” FBI Special Agent Gregg York. Fred Hampton killed December 4th, 1969.


And to think many of these people – the FBI, police, the District Attorney’s Office – and the people they trained, as well as the culture of their organizations, are still alive and thriving. And the people they killed —  21-year-old Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton and 22-year-old Mark Clark — also have families, they wanted to raise children, they had mothers, friends and associates. This is what White America seems not to understand: Institutional and individual racism in America is pervasive and far-reaching; racism is among us, weaved into our souls. These law enforcement people that killed Hampton and Clark are the type of people that beat Rodney King; they are the people that murdered Sean Bell, and killed Trayvon Martin.


What brought on my aforementioned inspiration to write about the Black Panther Party?


Black Panther PartyI was making one of my occasional pit stops at Al Sharpton’s bogus “Political ‘Obama’ Nation” show (I can’t bear to watch it all the time) on MSNBC, the network that let’s Blacks have a show if they’re willing to play the role of coons for the gay agenda like Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry, when I happened to come across information on my laptop about the Black Panther Party’s (BPP) Fred Hampton, one of the party’s leaders who was assassinated by the Chicago Police, Chicago State Attorney’s Office and the FBI in 1969 while he was sleeping.


So Sharpton’s rapping on and on about the Obama’s buying a new dog for their daughters, Malia and Sasha, while I’m reading about Hampton, trying to resolve the dichotomy, even though I know it’s a dog story and other presidents have had dogs . . . but I wondered why couldn’t that time be filled with something about the dire condition of our people, a story that may not get told, otherwise? To put it quite simply, Sharpton has lost his way; if he’s not talking about silly topics like dogs, he’s talking about what Obama’s political enemies are doing to him.


But to go on and on about a dog?


Cute. How so very cute. Really, really cute.


As the minutes flew by, I gradually tuned Sharpton out and focused on Hampton’s story, only 21-years-old when the American Nazi Chicago Police and FBI Klan killed him, and how he, when alive, was able to forge a non-aggression pact between Chicago’s worst gangs, a “rainbow coalition,” Hampton called it. This “rainbow” designation was later used by Jesse Jackson in naming his Rainbow/Push organization. It should also be mentioned that Mark Clark was the other Panther leader killed with Hampton, and there were four other Panthers in the house who were also shot during the raid but they survived. The police fired a total of 99 shots into the building when they were outside of it and the rest of the shots once they made their way inside. Only one bullet from a Panther’s gun was fired, an errant shot that’s believed to be from Clark’s gun as he was falling after being shot in the heart, according to Panther and witness Brenda Harris.


I was also fascinated when learning about Hampton’s great organizational skills and his work putting groups together to watch the police to protect Blacks from police brutality. In fact, he was being groomed to move into a national leadership position among the Black Panthers, but his tremendous skills also caught the attention of J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI Cointelpro program, whose  mission it was to prevent the rise of any Black messiahs. Not to mention the FBI’s involvement in the deaths of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.


Hampton was set up to be killed by a Black Panther who was really an undercover FBI agent/informant named William O’Neal, who was also a felon, forced to infiltrate Hampton’s Chicago Black Panther Party by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. O’Neal left the house after he cooked for the Panthers and allegedly put a sleeping drug in Hampton’s drink. When the FBI came into the house they killed a Panther guarding the door, then moved on to Hampton’s room and shot him point blank in the head while he was sleeping with his pregnant girlfriend. This same agent that set Hampton up also instigated a fights between the Panthers and some of the gangs in Chicago – all this being a part of Hoover’s plan of dismantle yet another Black organization fighting racism. O’Neal later committed suicide by running out into traffic. He was in the FBI’s witness protection program and had been moved to California because his cover had been blown in 1973. At the time of his death in 1984, he had secretly returned to Chicago.


I want to know why Fred Hampton and others weren’t listed in my history books as heroes when I was in school? I also want to know why J. Edgar Hoover wasn’t executed, and why he’s portrayed as some sort of hero in our history books.


And if you can’t understand the value, the greatness of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, and all those young men who were willing to die for their people, well, there’s something wrong with you.