TV One & Roland Martin’s Shameless Pandering to Gays to Maintain His High Profile

Roland MartinBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


One could say that TV One’s “News One Now” show host Roland Martin enjoys hanging out with flaming gay Black men and listening to them make not-so-subtle references to their love for male sex organs (yes, it’s the truth, and it’s been done repeatedly in the same show), but I think he’s really just morally bankrupt and simply pandering to gays to get rid of his anti-gay label.


You probably remember Martin was attacked by gay groups for tweeting that someone should slap CNN’s Pierce Morgan, or any man, for being enthusiastic about seeing soccer star David Beckham in a an underwear commercial. Martin was suspended and eventually let go by CNN, so it appears that he now feels the need to overcompensate and have a flaming gay Black man on his “News One” show, teaching our young Black boys how to act like women. And of course Martin laughs and jokes with the gay dude as he “pushes the envelope,” making homosexual references out of any and everything discussed on the show.


So is this show really a news show? Of course not.


What Black man in his right mind would enjoy being on a Black news show with a gay Black man making constant homosexual act references, and laughing about it? A member of the Black misleadership class, of course, who could care less about being a role model to young Black boys who are watching the show. Martin, like the rest of the high-profile, check-snatchin’ Black Misleadership Class has become desperate to stay relevant. He’s taken a step down from CNN to TV One but doesn’t realize that if he hadn’t bought into CNN’s anti-Black messages in the first place, he wouldn’t be so insecure and desperately hanging on to television like some Media Whore.


All I can say is Martin is just one notch below a drug dealer because he makes a good living and doesn’t need to “sell” his poison to his people at all.


So, Black people, welcome to TV One and the continued proliferation of derogatory, genocidal Black images meant to poison yet another generation of young Black people.  The only question is who’s worst:  Kathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins, Hughes son, who runs her network, or BET and Viacom?