Noooooooo, Not Another Black Weed-Smoking Pimp . . . Captured With A Watermelon!

Bullock and McCarthy

By Walter L. Hilliard III –


So I randomly wake up one morning and my TV happens to be on HBO, and a comedy named “The Heat,” released in 2013, comes on.  Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, the star of “The Identity Thief,”  and Marlon Wayans are featured.  (By the way, Wayan’s talent is grossly underutilized.)


The movie opens with an FBI swat team, led by Bullock, breaking into a house with two criminals hiding guns and weed – one of the criminals was White, the other Black (I’m thinking the Black guy was meant to be the “real” criminal and the White guy was thrown in for good measure?).


In the next scene, McCarthy’s character appears on a street corner, doing a stakeout, watching a trick picking up a prostitute down the street.  And, but of course, all but one of the prostitutes on the corner behind the White one negotiating with the trick, are White (I mean, if you made most of them Black, that would be racist, right?  Well, to be quite honest, I was actually feeling like I was beginning to see a pattern here — one Black prostitute with five White ones thrown in for good measure?  Why not just have all of the prostitutes be White?  But you see, Hollywood would see the scene as being inauthentic then because how can you have a group of prostitutes standing on a corner and not have at least one of them be Black, right?).


Well, suddenly, McCarthy pulls off in her undercover cop car, stops at the corner, gets out of her car and walks up on the negotiators and arrests the guy after taking his cell phone and calling his wife.


In the next scene, McCarthy drives over to a bunch of guys, all White and one Black, sitting on a wall. The Black guy happens to be the only one smoking a joint, and he happens to be the pimp of the prostitute she previously encountered.  After a conversation he asks her if she’s racist (no, she’s not, really, but the producers of this film are). She responds, “Nine out of the 10 guys I fuck are Black guys.”  But, as if that wasn’t enough, after she chases and catches the brotha, he asks her what did she throw at him to knock him down — and she says a watermelon.


Well, one might think that today’s Hollywood is way past making movies with White cops chasing Black, weed-smoking pimps speaking Ebonics – something we could see during a scene between “Starsky and Hutch,” and Huggy Bear in the 1970s – but obviously we’re not.