Big Willie Obama Droppin’ Some ‘Visit Payback’ On Sharpton for Being a Good Lil’ Doggy

Sharpton and ObamaBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


Yes, it was politics as usual as President Barack Obama spoke at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference in NY, providing Sharpton with yet another “slumming payoff” for Sharpton “selling out” the Black masses to serve as Obama Tom’s Black People Attack Dog, barking at any Black person or organization that has dared to express frustration with how badly Obama has been treating the Black community.


And of course Obama stunk up the place talking about voting rights, warming up the Democratic troops for upcoming mid-term elections. Obama, a lame duck president, is attempting to beat back the impact of last year’s Supreme Court ruling that weakened a part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that has inspired RepubliCons to initiate all sorts of obstacles meant to hinder minorities and other DemoRat group’s voting turnout.  One of the bogus issues used to distract Blacks and make them support the Democrat’s agenda has been their focus on many states requiring voters to show IDs, an issue that is more relevant to Latinos and so called illegal immigrants.  After 400 years of being here, everyone knows that the vast majority of Black people at least have ID.  Sure, we may not “got no money,” but “we gots an ID.”


During his speech, in that Black Preacher voice he likes to use when speaking to Blacks, Obama even mentioned the Civil Rights workers who were killed in Mississippi, letting everyone know that two of the victims were White and one was Black. He also continued his main theme, chastising Blacks to step up and get out and vote, to work harder – in other words, he was saying, “You dumb, whining, lazy azz Niggraz get off your azz and go vote.”  All this . . . but we’re his strongest supporters.  Go figure?


So it’s pretty obvious Obama and Sharpton are continuing their plan of vilifying RepubliCons to rally or inspire Blacks and other Democrats around party issues that really do nothing for Black people.  Obama said nothing about the hundreds of Black men shot and killed by the police (as well as by security guards and private citizens), the over 30 percent of Black children in poverty, or how Black and Brown people lost massive amounts of wealth during his presidency after the recession and Wall Street’s collapse in 2008.  Why didn’t he talk about these things?  Because he’s not going to do a damned thing, specifically, for Black people.


This is how things must have been –like Sharpton and Obama manipulating their people to stay loyal to their Democratic Party plantation masters — after the slaves were freed in 1865 when the former and current plantation House Negroes rallied the ex-slaves to come on back to the plantation for the best job they ever had – and their “Three Hots and a Cot” on the plantation (hmmmm, sounds like a modern day jail accommodating a Black man whom society will not give a job and can’t feed his family, so he gives up and commits to a life of crime – and goes to jail for a rest).


Any Black person that buys the garbage Obama and Sharpton are dumping deserves to live a life of ignorance, blaming themselves or Black people as the only cause of their problems.  It’s simply insane and damaging to Black people’s self-esteem to excuse America from taking responsibility for ongoing discrimination.  You can complain and fight racism, as well as bust your azz to “be the best you can be”; the two are not mutually exclusive.


Black people must face the truth about racism, stop being afraid to address racist, and identify the traitors among Black people – the Obamas, Sharptons, the Congressional Black Caucus, and others – and give em hell!



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