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Cuban’s Wrong, ‘One Size Prejudice Doesn’t Fit All,’ And Why Does It Take Cuban, a White Guy, for Other Whites to Admit Prejudice?

Mark Cuban, SterlingBy Walter L. Hilliard III –


So Mark Cuban’s at it again, defending the racist, beleaguered Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who made all sorts of racist comments about Blacks and demanded his girlfriend, V. Stiviano (the artist formerly known as Maria Vanessa Perez), who was secretly recording Sterling, not bring Black people like Earvin “Magic” Johnson to Clipper games.  Here’s what Cuban’s saying now:  “We’re all prejudiced in one way or the other . . . . If I see a Black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face — white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere — I’m walking back to the other side of the street. And the list goes on of stereotypes that we all live up to and are fearful of . . . . While we all have our prejudices and bigotries, we have to learn that it’s an issue that we have to control . . . . It’s part of my responsibility as an entrepreneur to try to solve it, not just to kick the problem down the road because it does my company no good, does my customers no good, does society no good if my response to somebody and their racism or bigotry is to say, ‘It’s not right for you to be here, go take your attitude somewhere else . . . . We’re a lot less tolerant of different views and it’s not necessarily easy for everybody to adopt or adapt or evolve. ”


So Cuban’s logic is no different than George Zimmerman’s, the man who shot Trayvon Martin, because Cuban, like Zimmerman, says he would react in a racist manner to a Black kid in a hoodie and cross the street. Cuban sees Martin as a threat like Zimmerman does, so what if Cuban happened to have a gun and didn’t have the time or desire to cross the street? Obviously, he may have also shot Martin.




Okay, a quick lesson on race:  Black people call out racism all the time because we are born, bread and raised to develop and sharpen our instinctive survival skills as victims of anti-Black racism, especially the racism coming from White folks, the dominant American culture, who’s history we are taught, banks we deal with, TV shows and movies we watch, teachers we’re taught by, and they, Whites, are the bosses we deal with.  Thus, Black people live in a predominantly White country and understand Whites very well.


On the other hand, White people can go their entire lives and never have to deal with a Black person face to face for a bank loan, in the workplace, or otherwise.  But even for those Whites that are around Blacks, they don’t have to focus on those Black people’s feelings because they’re White, they have power and/or White privilege.  And it’s funny that it apparently takes Mark Cuban to confess that he is prejudiced, really racist (“racial prejudice,” same difference), for White America to “come out of the closet” and support Cuban and admit to their own racism. But, again, Black people have been telling White America they are racist — and that they need to do something about it — for 400 years.


If it walks like a duck . . . .


Yes, Mark Cuban is a racist because he said he’d cross the street if a Black kid was coming towards him in a hoodie, and he is committing another racist act by repeatedly defending the racist Donald Sterling because, I believe, he himself has “racial skeletons” in his closet – and Sterling, who has been a mentor to Cuban and others when they purchased their NBA teams, may have the dirt on Cuban and some of the other owners talking in a racist manner or practicing racist acts. This is why Cuban, who is a brilliant business man but not so smart when it comes to issues of race, is trying to get out ahead of any negative information regarding his own history so he can say, “Well, I told you I was prejudiced, too, all of us are.”


And the media is buying Cuban’s “we are all prejudiced” comments, calling him “candid,” “honest,” and “open,” as if he’s doing America a favor.


I agree that some racist deserve a shot at being rehabilitated, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be rehabbed, so we have to ask ourselves what is the risk of letting a racist have a second shot in the workplace or as an owner of a team? What checks or criteria will we have in place for an individual who may or may not be able to be rehabbed?


Sterling has too much power to allow his racist views to run amok and destroy more minority lives, such as he was able to do in the case of Elgin Baylor, a former Clipper executive who lost his discrimination lawsuit against Sterling. But let’s also not forget the threat Sterling and his racism is to his Clipper players, to Black employees in his team’s administrative offices or even minority contractors who may lose out on getting his business because of his racist views.


But subtle racism – whether the individual is conscious of it or not – is more widespread but harder to identify. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said as much: “But we ought not find contentment in the fact that these high-profile expressions of outright bigotry seem atypical and were met with such swift condemnation. Because if we focus solely on these incidents — on outlandish statements that capture national attention and spark outrage on Facebook and Twitter — we are likely to miss the more hidden, and more troubling, reality behind the headlines.


“These outbursts of bigotry, while deplorable, are not the true markers of the struggle that still must be waged, or the work that still needs to be done — because the greatest threats do not announce themselves in screaming headlines. They are more subtle. They cut deeper. And their terrible impact endures long after the headlines have faded and obvious, ignorant expressions of hatred have been marginalized.”


Cuban has established a negative pattern of supporting Sterling and has even had to apologize to Trayvon Martin’s – the teen wearing a hoodie gunned down by George Zimmerman – family, saying he should have used a different example. I agree because any Black man should be able to wear a hoodie and go wherever he wants to, just like any White man should be able to do.


The other problem with Cuban’s comments is that he’s using an old defensiveness tactic – “We all can be racist, we all can be prejudice” – that most Whites use when Blacks bring up racism because they don’t want to hear it and don’t want to feel guilty. “You’re playing the Race Card,” they tell Blacks. But the problem is that there is a living, breathing history of racial discrimination that costs Black people their jobs and lives everyday.


No, Mr. Cuban — Black people cannot be racist.  They do not have the power, including a history of institutional racism, to carryout any prejudice they may have and discriminate against White America on any significant level.  And Blacks are the victims of racism, not the perpetrators, so they should be angry, and some may hate Whites — but that’s because they’ve been abused.  Anyone being abused has a right to be angry.  And when you start denying a people, Black people, the right to be angry, well, that’s just inhumane.



Farrakhan Despised, But Michael Sam Is White America’s Hero

FarrakhanBy Walter L. Hilliard III


Soooooooooo, let me get this right . . . the mainstream media glamorizes a homosexual Black man who allowed White gay men to “use” him as the “gay athlete poster child,” and he, Michael Sam, also uses his sexuality to get drafted – but they can’t accept or celebrate a dignified, hard-working Black man, Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has risked and committed his life for equal justice and speaks out against racism?


So Sam is a hero, and Minister Louis Farrakhan is despised? Hmmmm . . . have Black people ever asked themselves who has risked his life for them? Do they realize what the hypocritical anti-Black mainstream media is doing to the minds of Black people and especially Black children?


It’s quite amusing to watch the mainstream chastising Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist comments spoken in private, while they practice anti-Black racism everyday, and often right in front of our faces. For example, CNN ghetto-izes its Black analyst to the Weekend Hood. The NBA office Adam Silver – who has been praised by all races as some sort of hero for deciding to ban Sterling – runs is only 18 percent Black when the league’s players are 75-80 percent Black. And these same networks, the major networks and cable networks like MSNBC, FOX and others, never hold the media accountable for its racism, nor do they take the police to task for murdering thousands of Black men over the last 30 years or so.


Just a thought.

Wow! Dolphins Player Suspended for Tweets Regarding Michael Sam’s Kissing His Boyfriend

Don Jones, Michael SamBy Walter L. Hilliard III


So Michael Sam is “playing” the masses, making money and “gay history” – prepped or “trained” by his narcissistic gay handlers to help them deceptively “merge” their gay White movement (yes, gay Whites drive the movement, and use naïve Black gays like patsies) with the Black Civil Rights Movement. This is an affront to Blacks, a travesty – an act of racism/White Supremacy/White Privilege all rolled up into one.


Recently, all major news outlets reported that Sam signed an endorsement deal with Visa before he was even drafted. He had also, before the draft, started filming his own reality show for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, but the Los Angeles Rams, possibly influenced by unhappy teammates, convinced Sam to stop filming so he could concentrate on football. I mean, really, shouldn’t you have to make the team and then become a superstar before you start getting an Oprah camera crew to follow you around for your own reality show?


Ya think?


Sam is using his sexuality to “be somebody,” at least to those who care after having been indoctrinated with the gay community’s “gay rights is Civil Rights” dogma. Sam even lustfully kissed his boyfriend on the lips and celebrated with a cake and scripted poses with his handlers and boyfriend on camera when he was drafted. The staged performance has caused a backlash from some previously supportive media sports personalities who believe Sam is doing too much and has “put the cart before the horse.”


What’s also odd about all of this is that during Sam’s draft day, I saw mostly Whites, and none of his family. How low can you go? We already know he’s an embarrassment to his dad, who has expressed his displeasure with Sam’s choices. He said Sam texted him that he was gay. It was almost a defiant text, indicating that Sam has some kind of resentment towards his father.


Destroying the minds of young Black children by glamorizing homosexuality and turning their views of gender roles upside down wasn’t enough for Sam – he’s also the cause of the NFL punishing Miami Dolphins Safety Don Jones, who tweeted the words “OMG” and “horrible,” referring to Sam’s draft day spectacle, kissing and hugging his boyfriend on the lips on TV.


So Sam, because he serves the political interest of powerful gay White men and their sympathizers, may have been abused and in need of counseling, instead is automatically being validated as a hero, a Jackie Robinson.


Jones apologized, saying, “I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media. I take full responsibility for them and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment.” Well, Jones, like anyone else that criticizes the Gay Mafia, have no rights.


The only thing worse than Sam kissing his boyfriend on TV are the cowardly apologies demanded by the White overseers who control the people or athletes who allow themselves to be bullied into apologizing.


However, Fox News hosts seem to be the only ones willing to criticise Sam with little worry about the gay community. Other brave critics have mentioned something I rarely hear, but I have always found to be my biggest concern when the media proliferates gay propaganda – what about the kids?


Yes, why is Michael Sam kissing a dude on TV, repeatedly on ESPN, CNN and other networks? What about the kids?


The fact is that homosexuals are less than 10 percent of the population, and the gay White community intentionally and racistly “used” the Black Civil Rights Movement to attach their sexual deviance to Black people’s struggle with racism.


And why does 90 percent of the population facilitate the demands of 10 percent?


Because most of those among the gay minority are White men and women, and they drive the gay movement and any sugnificant change.  However, their gay plight is not the same as the anti-Black discrimination Blacks face, partly because they can, and usually do, hide their sexuality but Blacks cannot hide their skin color or escape 400 years of racial oppression. Gayness and Blackness are mutually exclusive and stand apart.


So how else do gays get away with using Blacks and the Civil Rights Movement? By putting a “Black-face” on homosexuality in the form of Jason Collins, Robin Roberts, Michael Sam, and others, with the help of their White brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., in the White media, particularly the news, entertainment, and sports media, as well as Hollywood.


You see, if you’re White, no matter how small your group or your plight, you can get what you want, especially if you can get the media to support you.


High profile Black leaders, athletes and entertainers know the gay White community is targeting them and gay Black men who are not openly gay to come out and lead the gay parade. If you corner a living animal or human being, most will come out fighting to survive. However, Black human beings have been expertly acculturated to accept the media’s contemporary “gay is the new Black” movement and their money will be taken away and they will be vilified in the media, including on Twitter, Facebook, the radio, and on television.


The fact that all of the bougie, well-paid Black athletes, entertainers, and politicians have all accepted and repeat gay dogma like air is evident of the fact that Black people have allowed White America to turn them into masses of “chicken little’s” because of fear and/or a price. I mean, really, how do Black people look themselves in the mirror and sleep at night when they have allowed White gays and the White media to use their Black brothers and sisters – a people who are 13 percent of the population, but about 50 percent of aids cases – as pawns to corrupt the minds of their children.


If Black people haven’t  turned into a bunch of Chicken Littles then I don’t know who has? When your oppressor shows you something with the right hand, you’re supposed to know to check out what the left hand is doing because he has a 400 year history of meaning you no good.

ESPN, CNN, & Mainstream Media Protecting Magic the Pay Day Loan Slumlord

Sterling and MagicBy Walter L. Hilliard III


“It’s money like Magic,” says Earvin “Magic” Johnson in a Jackson Hewitt high-interest tax refund commercial. These loans, really payday loans, charge interest rates from 50 to 500 percent, and Jackson Hewitt also happened to be sued by the federal government and California because of its deceptive lending practices.


So Magic is a part of the high-interest payday loan scams sucking money out of poor minority communities, but has smiled his way past critics on his way to building a fortune of about $500 million.


Magic’s also the “frontman/owner” (65% ownership) of Aspire TV (launched in 2012), having hooked in with an all-White executive team from InterMedia Partners (33% ownership), who really run the network and happen to actually be competitors of Aspire TV, all the more reason to offer Black people low-quality “chitlin circuit-type programming.” Some have complained about this scam, a scam in which Magic secured government money, our tax dollars, to throw together his proposal for the network, which helped Comcast meet its minority-ownership obligations in securing a minority interest in NBC Universal. So the point is that Black people are not really benefiting, not in key executive jobs and the Black masses are getting poor quality programming.


Magic is a non-threatening, smiling, business hack and Steppin Fetchit-type minority owner who aligns with White businesses and investors that benefit him financially, and siphon money out of the disadvantaged Black community.


However, during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in which he responded to Donald Sterling calling him out about several things, including asking, “What does Magic do for the Black community?” Magic said he was particularly perturbed at this accusation because he takes great pride in how much he’s done for the Black community. But even residents in his struggling hometown, Lansing, Michigan, where his parents still live, say he’s done nothing for their city except charge individuals hundreds of dollars to participate in his basketball camp. Apparently, Magic hasn’t opened up any businesses in their city.


Magic, a hero to Black folks?


Only if you believe in Mainstream Media Magic.

‘Beats By Dre’ to the Tune of $3.2 Billion from Apple

thBy Walter L. Hilliard III



Okay, Tyrese and Dr. Dre posted a video in which Tyrese, yes, “Baby Boy” actor Tyrese Gibson, was blabbering about, or “jumping the gun,” Dr. Dre soon becoming hip hop’s first billionaire, as if the potential deal between his Beats Electronics, LLC, and Apple had been finalized.


And as of this writing, the deal has not gone through and I’m calling it 50-50 that it as to whether or not it is worked out because White media and business analyst are throwing a fit, wondering why would Apple buy Beats Electronics, LLC, insinuating that a Black rapper’s company isn’t worth it and makes no sense for Apple – despite the fact that Beats is worth at least a billion dollars.


Aljazeera’s “Real Money” show Ali Velshi was one of several business analyst “appalled” that Apple would “stoop down” to buy Dr. Dre’s “Beats by Dre” headphones company.


As far as Dr. Dre’s stake in his company, it’s actually only about 20 to 25 percent, according to Forbes, and Jimmy Iovine, his business partner, and an investor also have stakes in the company so Dre’s cut of the $3.2 billion deal, in addition to his his current worth from Beats Electronics and other ventures, would leave him with a net worth of about $800 billion, said a Forbe’s writer, who appeared to be trying to diminish Tyrese and Dre’s assertion that he is a billionaire.


Black music artist, the most talented, creative artist in the history of the world, have been creating billions – if not trillions – of dollars worth of music for the last 75 years, but because of lying, greedy, racist music executives, with the help of their Black minions, Jim Crow and the New Jim Crow culture in America, the wealth these Black artist created was stolen from most of them. Michael Jackson has made the same assertion.


It should also be noted that Dr. Dre and his business partner Jimmy Iovine recently donated $70 million ($35 million a piece) to USC. So it’s pretty funny to listen to Velshi and other business experts belittling Dr. Dre when his talent has significantly influenced American culture, something they could only dream about doing. “Beats by Dre” headphones are worn by scores of Black “billion dollar” athletes and White and Black entertainers, and Dr. Dre’s musical production skills, from NWA to Eminem, is part of music history.

Michael Rappaport Believes ‘Change’ is Good . . . for White Gentri-fiers?

RapaportBy Walter L. Hilliard III


I was always a little suspicious of Michael Rapaport, the loud mouth Jewish actor who starred in Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled” and likes to blab in “Black slang” and hob-knob, at least verbally, with Black entertainers and athletes, always acting like his “down,” like he’s Mr. New York. However, after listening to Rapaport’s own rant during a Huffington Post interview, a response to Lee’s rant about gentrification, my suspicions have come true: Rapaport is just another blabbering NY White guy (like Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, a hip hop radio host, and yet another phoney making money off of Black culture) whose understanding and respect for Black people ends when he has to acknowledge anti-Black racism and its impact on Black lives.


It’s an old habit, same ol’ story: Black people are not worthy of any respect.


Rapaport’s response to gentrification was incoherent and non-substantive, making comments like “change is good” and referring to the concept of  “evolution” (Blacks having to move out and more well-to-do Whites moving in) as if it makes racism okay.  He also took a personal shot at Lee, saying, “I mean, Spike lives on the Upper East Side. If the people that donated money to Spike Lee’s last film saw the apartment that he lives in, they’d bug out. So I don’t know what he’s talking about.”


So the hell what he lives in a nice apartment!?


Yes, evolution and change have to do with racism and/or gentrification, or the police, fire companies, and new, arrogant, disrespectful White newbies (who wouldn’t even allow a concert in the neighborhood park because they were worried about too many Black people coming to the area) overrunning the neighborhood, acting racist towards Black people, forcing them out, and belittling Black culture.


You’d think Rappaport would have learned something about racism having also appeared in Lee’s movie “Bamboozled,” which was all about racism?


Dumb ass!


Black NBA Players Need ‘Race On the Platter to Act’ – Then Back to Neglecting Black Masses

Stiviano, SterlingBy Walter L. Hilliard III


After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned the Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling because of his racist remarks about not wanting her to bring Blacks, including Ervin “Magic” Johnson, at games, NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neil said he gave Commissioner Adam Silver an A+; fellow analyst Kenny Smith said his instinct about how wonderful Silver was was correct; and Charles Barkley said “Wow!”



But nobody, initially, including most of the media and the players, through their rep Kevin Johnson, a former player and current mayor of Sacramento, California, demanded Sterling had to go, and if he did not, players and fans would begin protesting.




The reality is that the players, all 360 to 450 – depending on how many each teams carries, which can be 12 to 15 at any given time – are responsible for the league even existing. Yes, the greatest players in the world make it possible for not only the owners to make the money they make, especially from fans and TV contracts, but these mostly Black players, who make up about 80 percent of the league, are also making it possible for the NBA’s league office staff, which is only about 18 percent Black, to make a great living. It’s a situation that’s really no different than African slaves, who could physically deal with the sun’s excessive heat and resist disease, building America’s wealth by working in the tobacco and cotton fields for 18 hours a day.




However, what’s fascinating is it’s so easy for Black NBA players and the media to rally and criticize an overt racist owner like Sterling, but they never organize to speak up about anti-Black racism or social issues devastating the Black communities that produced and supported them when they were “broke nobodies.” And although many followed Miami Heat star LeBron James in honoring Trayvon Martin’s death by posting pictures in hoodies online, the effort was really weak because they continue to not put their money where their mouth is or go into these communities and support Black youth in curbing gun violence, poverty and unemployment.




But I must say it’s pretty funny to see bougie Blacks like Kevin Johnson speaking out against racism when he and his wife, Michelle Rhee, the former D.C. School head (and the woman who fired tons of Black teachers) are charter school proponents. Charter schools are typically privately owned business enterprises sucking funds out of the public or inner city school system, hundreds of which have been closed.




So the fact is that these Black “all of a sudden yaw want to fight racism” players are only demanding Sterling’s removal because he’s belittling them and their NBA Brothers, most of whom are rich, but they rarely have much to say about racism the rest of Black folks face in everyday life. Why haven’t they – along with Black entertainers – organized and attacked President Barack Obama to do something about the shootings and murders going on in Chicago and other major and minor cities? Why haven’t they organized and demanded Obama do something about double-Black unemployment, or the Prison Industrial Complex, or . . . well, you get the picture.




And why is it that the richest, most powerful Blacks are always the most scared group of Black people? Some say because they have the most to lose because they think White folks will take their money or halt their endorsements and other opportunities; however, nobody is really going into their bank accounts, and their whole “game” is about selfishness, not the well-being of the Black masses.




Point made.


Just a Quick Thought On White ‘No Blacks Allowed’ Music, Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Grammys, Etc…..

rihannaBy Walter L. Hilliard III


I was recently reading a Rolling Stone magazine article on a Black website discussing the sudden death of Rodney Bryce, DJ E-Z Rock, of “It Takes Two” fame, a song he created with rap mate Rob Base and producer Teddy Riley, when I decided to check out Rolling Stones website. As I scanned the headlines I realized that there was only one person of color among the 50 or so faces on the main page. And that one minority face was that of murderer Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriot tight end charged with killing his Black friend, Odin Lloyd.



I mean, who does Rolling Stone think they’re fooling with their “Whites Only” website?  But, then again, Rolling Stone magazine is simply doing what the Grammys, Billboard, and all the rest of the music business are does, but rarely get called out for, maintaining White supremacy through the exclusion of minorities.



Few know or remember that Rolling Stone magazine would not even put James Brown on the cover – until he he got into trouble with the police in the 1980s and was sent to jail.  How do you not put James Brown on your cover?  Huh?  Really?  You’re that racist?  Wow!



Yes, we’re talking about James Brown, an icon and the Godfather of Soul, and a very controversial socially conscious (?) icon who once even stopped a riot in Boston at a time when riots were going on in 150 American cities around the country after Martin Luther King was killed in 1968.



Black people, yaw better wake up and realize that we’re still on a plantation, a plantation that glamorizes a few highly paid slaves.  These slaves,  the Kevin Harts, the Puff Daddys, and the Rihannas of the world believe they cannot do anything unless White folks allow them to, whether it’s their agents, lawyers, record companies, or whomever.  And let any of these celebrity slaves start speaking up about racism or try to use their wealth and high profile to demand an end to racism in their industries and the larger American society — well, you’d better believe you wouldn’t see them in the mainstream media anymore.



Ultimately, at least our Black athletes and entertainers have a great deal more wealth and/or resources than you and I do, or “average Black folks,” so if so many of us can speak up, taking risks, why can’t they?


I would say things would be better when the tired old racist move on, but they are always training the next generation of young Whites to believe they are “entitled” and supposed to rule over Black people.