‘Beats By Dre’ to the Tune of $3.2 Billion from Apple

thBy Walter L. Hilliard III



Okay, Tyrese and Dr. Dre posted a video in which Tyrese, yes, “Baby Boy” actor Tyrese Gibson, was blabbering about, or “jumping the gun,” Dr. Dre soon becoming hip hop’s first billionaire, as if the potential deal between his Beats Electronics, LLC, and Apple had been finalized.


And as of this writing, the deal has not gone through and I’m calling it 50-50 that it as to whether or not it is worked out because White media and business analyst are throwing a fit, wondering why would Apple buy Beats Electronics, LLC, insinuating that a Black rapper’s company isn’t worth it and makes no sense for Apple – despite the fact that Beats is worth at least a billion dollars.


Aljazeera’s “Real Money” show Ali Velshi was one of several business analyst “appalled” that Apple would “stoop down” to buy Dr. Dre’s “Beats by Dre” headphones company.


As far as Dr. Dre’s stake in his company, it’s actually only about 20 to 25 percent, according to Forbes, and Jimmy Iovine, his business partner, and an investor also have stakes in the company so Dre’s cut of the $3.2 billion deal, in addition to his his current worth from Beats Electronics and other ventures, would leave him with a net worth of about $800 billion, said a Forbe’s writer, who appeared to be trying to diminish Tyrese and Dre’s assertion that he is a billionaire.


Black music artist, the most talented, creative artist in the history of the world, have been creating billions – if not trillions – of dollars worth of music for the last 75 years, but because of lying, greedy, racist music executives, with the help of their Black minions, Jim Crow and the New Jim Crow culture in America, the wealth these Black artist created was stolen from most of them. Michael Jackson has made the same assertion.


It should also be noted that Dr. Dre and his business partner Jimmy Iovine recently donated $70 million ($35 million a piece) to USC. So it’s pretty funny to listen to Velshi and other business experts belittling Dr. Dre when his talent has significantly influenced American culture, something they could only dream about doing. “Beats by Dre” headphones are worn by scores of Black “billion dollar” athletes and White and Black entertainers, and Dr. Dre’s musical production skills, from NWA to Eminem, is part of music history.

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