Wow! Dolphins Player Suspended for Tweets Regarding Michael Sam’s Kissing His Boyfriend

Don Jones, Michael SamBy Walter L. Hilliard III


So Michael Sam is “playing” the masses, making money and “gay history” – prepped or “trained” by his narcissistic gay handlers to help them deceptively “merge” their gay White movement (yes, gay Whites drive the movement, and use naïve Black gays like patsies) with the Black Civil Rights Movement. This is an affront to Blacks, a travesty – an act of racism/White Supremacy/White Privilege all rolled up into one.


Recently, all major news outlets reported that Sam signed an endorsement deal with Visa before he was even drafted. He had also, before the draft, started filming his own reality show for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, but the Los Angeles Rams, possibly influenced by unhappy teammates, convinced Sam to stop filming so he could concentrate on football. I mean, really, shouldn’t you have to make the team and then become a superstar before you start getting an Oprah camera crew to follow you around for your own reality show?


Ya think?


Sam is using his sexuality to “be somebody,” at least to those who care after having been indoctrinated with the gay community’s “gay rights is Civil Rights” dogma. Sam even lustfully kissed his boyfriend on the lips and celebrated with a cake and scripted poses with his handlers and boyfriend on camera when he was drafted. The staged performance has caused a backlash from some previously supportive media sports personalities who believe Sam is doing too much and has “put the cart before the horse.”


What’s also odd about all of this is that during Sam’s draft day, I saw mostly Whites, and none of his family. How low can you go? We already know he’s an embarrassment to his dad, who has expressed his displeasure with Sam’s choices. He said Sam texted him that he was gay. It was almost a defiant text, indicating that Sam has some kind of resentment towards his father.


Destroying the minds of young Black children by glamorizing homosexuality and turning their views of gender roles upside down wasn’t enough for Sam – he’s also the cause of the NFL punishing Miami Dolphins Safety Don Jones, who tweeted the words “OMG” and “horrible,” referring to Sam’s draft day spectacle, kissing and hugging his boyfriend on the lips on TV.


So Sam, because he serves the political interest of powerful gay White men and their sympathizers, may have been abused and in need of counseling, instead is automatically being validated as a hero, a Jackie Robinson.


Jones apologized, saying, “I want to apologize to Michael Sam for the inappropriate comments that I made last night on social media. I take full responsibility for them and I regret that these tweets took away from his draft moment.” Well, Jones, like anyone else that criticizes the Gay Mafia, have no rights.


The only thing worse than Sam kissing his boyfriend on TV are the cowardly apologies demanded by the White overseers who control the people or athletes who allow themselves to be bullied into apologizing.


However, Fox News hosts seem to be the only ones willing to criticise Sam with little worry about the gay community. Other brave critics have mentioned something I rarely hear, but I have always found to be my biggest concern when the media proliferates gay propaganda – what about the kids?


Yes, why is Michael Sam kissing a dude on TV, repeatedly on ESPN, CNN and other networks? What about the kids?


The fact is that homosexuals are less than 10 percent of the population, and the gay White community intentionally and racistly “used” the Black Civil Rights Movement to attach their sexual deviance to Black people’s struggle with racism.


And why does 90 percent of the population facilitate the demands of 10 percent?


Because most of those among the gay minority are White men and women, and they drive the gay movement and any sugnificant change.  However, their gay plight is not the same as the anti-Black discrimination Blacks face, partly because they can, and usually do, hide their sexuality but Blacks cannot hide their skin color or escape 400 years of racial oppression. Gayness and Blackness are mutually exclusive and stand apart.


So how else do gays get away with using Blacks and the Civil Rights Movement? By putting a “Black-face” on homosexuality in the form of Jason Collins, Robin Roberts, Michael Sam, and others, with the help of their White brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., in the White media, particularly the news, entertainment, and sports media, as well as Hollywood.


You see, if you’re White, no matter how small your group or your plight, you can get what you want, especially if you can get the media to support you.


High profile Black leaders, athletes and entertainers know the gay White community is targeting them and gay Black men who are not openly gay to come out and lead the gay parade. If you corner a living animal or human being, most will come out fighting to survive. However, Black human beings have been expertly acculturated to accept the media’s contemporary “gay is the new Black” movement and their money will be taken away and they will be vilified in the media, including on Twitter, Facebook, the radio, and on television.


The fact that all of the bougie, well-paid Black athletes, entertainers, and politicians have all accepted and repeat gay dogma like air is evident of the fact that Black people have allowed White America to turn them into masses of “chicken little’s” because of fear and/or a price. I mean, really, how do Black people look themselves in the mirror and sleep at night when they have allowed White gays and the White media to use their Black brothers and sisters – a people who are 13 percent of the population, but about 50 percent of aids cases – as pawns to corrupt the minds of their children.


If Black people haven’t  turned into a bunch of Chicken Littles then I don’t know who has? When your oppressor shows you something with the right hand, you’re supposed to know to check out what the left hand is doing because he has a 400 year history of meaning you no good.

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