Farrakhan Despised, But Michael Sam Is White America’s Hero

FarrakhanBy Walter L. Hilliard III


Soooooooooo, let me get this right . . . the mainstream media glamorizes a homosexual Black man who allowed White gay men to “use” him as the “gay athlete poster child,” and he, Michael Sam, also uses his sexuality to get drafted – but they can’t accept or celebrate a dignified, hard-working Black man, Minister Louis Farrakhan, who has risked and committed his life for equal justice and speaks out against racism?


So Sam is a hero, and Minister Louis Farrakhan is despised? Hmmmm . . . have Black people ever asked themselves who has risked his life for them? Do they realize what the hypocritical anti-Black mainstream media is doing to the minds of Black people and especially Black children?


It’s quite amusing to watch the mainstream chastising Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist comments spoken in private, while they practice anti-Black racism everyday, and often right in front of our faces. For example, CNN ghetto-izes its Black analyst to the Weekend Hood. The NBA office Adam Silver – who has been praised by all races as some sort of hero for deciding to ban Sterling – runs is only 18 percent Black when the league’s players are 75-80 percent Black. And these same networks, the major networks and cable networks like MSNBC, FOX and others, never hold the media accountable for its racism, nor do they take the police to task for murdering thousands of Black men over the last 30 years or so.


Just a thought.

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