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LeBron Even Considering Returning to Cleveland Shows He’s too Concerned with Being ‘Liked’

LeBron JamesBy Walter L. Hilliard III


Can you believe that LeBron James would even consider going back to Cleveland (Cavaliers) after the owner, Dan Gilbert, called him a “coward, a quitter, and a traitor” in a published letter and disparaged LeBron as a role model for children?  What’s really evident here to me is that Black people are always too forgiving of everyone  else, or every other group of people, but their own people.  Just look around and you can see how much we “hate on”  and even kill one another.


But how could LeBron even associate himself with an owner – and let’s not forget the jersey burning fans in Cleveland – who, as far as we know, still hasn’t apologized to him for writing such a hateful letter four years ago?   And Gilbert only recently removed the letter from his website, saying he forgot the letter was still on the site.  Sure he did.


And too many media “talking heads” are giving LeBron too much credit by saying he’s “about his business” and can separate business from personal issues and forgive the Cavs owner.  You see, Black people are expected to forgive — even for slavery.


As far as I’m concerned, the supposedly new, more mature LeBron, now a two-time NBA champion as a Miami Heat player, is not much different than the LeBron I’ve always known, which is he cares too much about what other people think.   It’s a sickness most Black athletes and entertainers have because they’re so afraid of the media and mainstream folks not liking them.


And so here LeBron is again, being overly sympathetic and trying to make some sort of amends with Cleveland for leaving the first time.  But he better be cautious because if continues to drag his decision out again and he decides not to return to Cleveland, just watch how badly these vultures attack him, again, for leaving them the first time and now stringing them along a second time.


Man up! LeBron and move on. Get Cleveland out of your system and stay in Miami where they welcomed you with open arms and supported you enough to help you get to four straight championships and win two – that’s two you never won in Cleveland.

It’s the George Zimmerman Acquittal One Year Anniversary, & He’s Still Free & Trayvon Martin Is Still Dead

Trayvon MartinBy Walter L. Hilliard III


July 13, 2014 is the one year anniversary of the George Zimmerman acquittal verdict, a verdict in which Zimmerman was acquitted of charges that he wrongly killed teenager Trayvon Martin. This is the same Zimmerman that walked out of the courthouse on that day and remains “strapped” with more guns, fights with his girlfriend, and more run-ins with the law – all adding up to another big internal or emotional explosion in which he’s sure to kill again.


Yes, here we are a year later and neither President Barack Obama, the media, or any racial incident has forced the nation to talk about race in any sort of serious way.


And Florida has done nothing about the Stand Your Ground Law; however, what’s really racist and absurd is that in cases in which Whites kill Blacks in “Stand Your Ground” states (31 states have “Stand Your Ground” laws), Whites are 354 percent more likely to be cleared of murder than are the Blacks who kill Whites. So “Stand Your Ground” is nothing but another aspect of American Law as it pertains to the murdering of Black people as justifiable homicide.


State sponsored terrorism against Black men continues, as was the case in Chicago recently where Chicago cops, yet again, killed two Black men and said, in both incidents, the victims were reaching for their waistbands for weapons.


When will Black people wake up and realize what’s going on? I mean, really, even Ray Charles could see this.

A Few Quick Mental Notes On Race, Brazil and the World Cup

Brazil, Germany World Cup 2014By Walter L. Hilliard III

Like everyone else I watched Brazil get crushed by Germany in the World Cup semi-final, but I’ve always been fascinated by Brazil because 41 percent, almost five million of the 12 million Africans shipped to the Americas (a couple of million died) during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, were taken to Brazil, while only 500,000, about 4 to 6 percent, were sent to what we now call the United States. But there’s no doubt that most Black Americans believe they are the epicenter of the “slavery universe.”


So, yes, during the World Cup I enjoyed observing what I would call the “Africaness” — the passion, creativity, strength, intelligence and beauty — of the Brazilians because I used to talk to James Brown and he said I should always feel like “I”m Black and I’m proud.”


“Say it loud!”


“I”m Black And I’m Proud!”


“. . . wit’ yo’ bad self!”


So when I see the dark and dark-er skin of the payers, sportin’ Afros and running around on the soccer field with creativity and swag in overdrive, I feel connected to them as a Black American, an African-American.  They are my long lost brothas and sistahs.


What’s also interesting about Brazil is they are a country that also struggles with racism, anti-Black racism, in particular.  And you will notice their issues with race if you just “read between the lines.”   But you don’t have to read too deeply because even during the simplest routine occurrences, you can see their issues with race or light and dark skin.  For example, at the beginning of the Germany-Brazil game, there was only one chocolate-skinned child among the Brazilian children who walked the players onto the field during the traditional pregame ceremony.  This example fits the complaints I always read or hear during interviews from brown-skinned Brazilian models that they can’t find work because only the White-looking or light-skinned models are called for the shows.


So, let’s just get right to the bottom line of this story:  Black, Brown, and light-skinned minorities of any group that believe and/or practice this form of self-hate – preferring lighter or Whiter skin – are committing a slow, life-long emotional suicide and they have a “disease of the mind” that will spread to their children.  And at the heart of their disease is a weakness that simply says:  “Please, White people, accept me. You are superior, and I am inferior – I will always kiss the ground you walk on, even though you probably don’t respect me.  I, in fact, want to be you.”


Wow! How bad is that?