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Fox’s New ‘Empire’ Strikes Black with Gay Black Director Lee Daniels, Gangsterism, Gay Black Men = Genocide

Lee DanielsBy Walter L. Hilliard III



While online, I recently came across yet another new show headed our way, a pilot drama called “Empire.” The new pilot, a typical format, is a mixture of violence, music, and . . . yep, once again, Black male homosexuality. Whether it’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” or a gay makeup artist on “The Braxton’s” bobbing his head and catfighting with Tamar, there’s always room for the Black male homosexual.


I continued reading . . . and saw the name . . . Lee Daniels!




Not Lee Daniels! The gay Black director – with the White boyfriend – that has shown the world how much he hates Black people by bringing us “Precious,” using a Mamie caricature, and “Monster’s Ball,” featuring a White racist having rough sex with contemporary Mamie Halle Berry, who also played in a movie called “The Rich White Man’s Ho”– I mean, “The Rich Man’s Wife.” Yes, the same Lee Daniels that brought us “The Butler,” continuing to proliferate subservient images of Black people, images continuing the racist legacy of Steppin’ Fetchit and Bojangles. The same Lee Daniels that wants to do a gay super hero movie with a a Black man and a White man, he says.


And facilitating the rise of the “Black genocide loving” Daniels, who co-wrote and co-produces “Empire, is Fox – yes, the Fox network who reigns over the Fox news department that uses Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and others to degrade Black people, daily, has also hired contemporary slaves, who will do anything for a dolla, Terrence Howard, Taraji Henson, both of whom brought us the pimp movie “Hustle & Flow,” and Timbaland (will produce the music) to proliferate yet another drama pilot to indoctrinate another generation of Black youth with a poisonous cocktail of guns, music, prison, and the now standard homosexual, a son in this case.


Are you following me — are you noticing the continued Black Male Homosexual theme in TV, movies, and society, brought to you by Flip Wilson as Geraldine and made into a big-screen institution with Tyler Perry’s Madea character, appearing in film after film?


I just don’t understand what has happened to Black people whereby they let people who hate them, especially their Hollywood Oppressors, teach their sons to be homosexuals, whether it be “Love & Hip Hop” or the drag queen RuPaul parading around in makeup and heels like the gays and/or drag queens on the other 20 or so Black reality shows over the last five to 10 years.


Unfortunately, Black people love the pimp-playing Howard and the hoochie-playing Henson, so I’m sure the show will rake in Black viewers, as well as Whites who want to sit in the American Coliseum and watch Black people continue to lead the charge in their own demise.


What is this infatuation the White men who run Hollywood have with glamorizing gay Black men or Black drag queens?


I’ll tell you what it is, it’s the same ol’ bitch ass fear they had when the Black bucks got off of the slave boats and they knew they couldn’t compete so they started to plan and carry out their evil doer ways, from whippings, to cutting off the genitals of Black men – and putting them in jars – and lynching them.


I could go on and on, but let me just say this, and I hope you never forget it: the men in Hollywood are a reflection of the perverseness of racism and the fear of the Black man’s sexuality, intelligence, and reproductive strength to produce a Black child with any color woman. And their indulgence in trying to “homosexualize” the Black community is equivalent to the level of fear and hatred they have for Black men. But the one thing they cannot overcome, no matter what they do to Black people, is God, and like my mamma always said: “Every dog has his day.” Every . . . dog . . . .


Yes he does.




‘Magic Negro’ Appears At The University of North Carolina To Be Blamed For Academic Fraud

University of North Carolina By Walter L. Hilliard III



I once saw a TV magic trick where a magician told everyone, including the studio audience to think of a card they’d like to see him pull from a deck and . . . Viola!!!!  Yes, I couldn’t believe that he had pulled my card from the deck with millions watching, millions who were also shocked because he had pulled the card they were thinking of from the deck, too.

I still don’t know how he did that and it makes my brain hurt even thinking about it now.

But there’s now another magic trick that has just occurred at the University of North Carolina, whereby there has been an academic scandal involving over three thousand students (but the basketball team is getting the most attention), about half being athletes, who received high grades for classes requiring one paper.

And here’s where the magic “trickery” started – the only two faces I saw on my TV screen during the news report were the faces of two Black people, and the only department mentioned was African American Studies.   And the White female that “blew the whistle,” Mary Willingham, was a reading specialist who participated and never said anything about what was going on for years.

Hmmmmm . . . well, now, here we are in 2014 and America is still pulling off the ol’ “Black fall guy” trick, right in front of our faces. And reports say the coaches and other powerful people didn’t know.

Now, I’m not the smartest piece of straw in the haystack but the last time I checked, White folks ran the University of North Carolina.
So, North Carolina, you’re telling me that two Black folks have been running an academic scam for two decades and nobody else, none of the White “powers that be,” knew what was going on and didn’t take part?

. . . And I have a bridge in Miami to sell you for . . . .






Well, I was correct, Mary Willingham, the White female that “blew the whistle” on the academic scandal, said others knew about what was going on because she was in the meetings.



Let me tell you something else, Black people don’t get jobs at universities and set up academic scandals that go on for two decades, again, because they don’t have the power to do such stupid things.  If they were involved, they were told what to do by the power brokers.

And . . . never mind.

Florida State’s Winston Still Pursued By Media Slave Patrol Seeking To Rein Him In

JameisBy Walter Hilliard III



If you do your history homework, you’ll discover that today’s police force was pretty much yesterday’s slave patrol.  But what you might not know is that the mainstream media also hunts down its fair share of what I’d call Modern Day Black Slaves, too.  However, these slaves “perform” with balls in huge coliseums in an attempt to eek out a living for themselves — if they can be one of the “less than one percent” who actually make it to the professional leagues.



So the Mainstream Media Slave Patrol is now chasing last year’s National Champion, Florida State’s controversial quarterback Jameis Winston.  This time Winston is in the news for signing autographs and the Mainstream Media Slave Patrol is all over the story, speculating that Winston may have been paid for the autographs, violating an NCAA rule. However, his coach, Jimbo Fisher, said Winston was not paid for the autographs.

But I could care less. In fact, I hope he did receive some “paper” because the NCAA has yet to fully compensate major college players, particularly the mostly Black star players, from the billions they’re raking in without having run a single touchdown.
A “Sports Center” poll of fans asked them if they’d wanted their NFL team to draft Winston, and not one state’s fans with a professional team, or teams, wanted their team to draft him, even if their team needed a quarterback.

Talk about a loaded, racist question. This is an example of the peculiar, far reach of White supremacy “framing” the question and creating negative press on yet another Black player who has run afoul of the law.  I can see a bunch of White guys at ESPN right now sitting around whining about how bad a person Winston is, creating different ways to continue trashing his reputation.  And why don’t they spend more time looking for stories about players in predominantly White sports like Hockey and Baseball, sports where they have a propensity for violence and fighting is condoned?  And you’re telling me that with all the violence in these sports, none of the White players that play these sports ever hit their wives like Ray Rice (who was wrong)?  Of course they have, but the cops, media, and the criminal justice system in general, isn’t looking to defame or prosecute them.

Eventually, Winston will be an NFL star and all those blabbering fans in the city of the team that chooses him will not care.

Jayson Sehorn, a White former NFL player, was on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” pontificating about how paying players would ruin college sports and that players shouldn’t take the scholarship in the first place if they want to be paid. Well, Mr. Sehorn, “how White of you” – a lifelong beneficiary of White privilege. You don’t have a care in the world because of your being a White male, and when you drive to work, you don’t have to worry about ending up dead after a police stop. You can walk in the bank and get a loan. You can walk into a retail store and not have to worry about being followed. You can easily apply for a job, get hired, be promoted – and literally have to murder someone on the job to ruin your career. Well, actually, if it’s a Black person you felt you had to murder, a White jury would probably let you off so you actually wouldn’t ruin your career.

Anyway, it must be great to be White, sit back and chastise Black athletes about how they should shut up about everyone making billions off of their talent but them?

Black America, yaw betta wake up ‘cause yaw “behind enemy lines,” and most of you don’t even know it.    Nine times out of 10, yaw being judged just like Winston, be it at work or somewhere else.

African Gym Owner ‘Big Ups’ White Women When Braxtons Refuse To Get Their Hair Wet

Brraxton Family ValuesBy Walter Hilliard III

During the TV show “Braxton Family Values,” an African gym owner, with a drill sergeant attitude, unsuccessfully attempted to get the sisters to submerge themselves in a tub-like pool of water that measured body fat. So, frustrated by their resistance because they did not want to get their hair wet, he had a White girl demonstrate, hair submerged and all, that it wasn’t so bad. And while “Buffy” demonstrated, Mr. African chastised the girls and told them their attitudes, particularly in regards to their paranoia about their hair getting wet, is why Black men go date White women.
Well, why did he say that?
Of course they came for him, claws and all, asking him what race was his wife? And after he told them she was White, the lips started smacking and the heads started bobbing – and of course not a one of them got into the pool.
Need I say more?
Hilarious!!!! I kinda figured, too, he had a White girlfriend.