African Gym Owner ‘Big Ups’ White Women When Braxtons Refuse To Get Their Hair Wet

Brraxton Family ValuesBy Walter Hilliard III

During the TV show “Braxton Family Values,” an African gym owner, with a drill sergeant attitude, unsuccessfully attempted to get the sisters to submerge themselves in a tub-like pool of water that measured body fat. So, frustrated by their resistance because they did not want to get their hair wet, he had a White girl demonstrate, hair submerged and all, that it wasn’t so bad. And while “Buffy” demonstrated, Mr. African chastised the girls and told them their attitudes, particularly in regards to their paranoia about their hair getting wet, is why Black men go date White women.
Well, why did he say that?
Of course they came for him, claws and all, asking him what race was his wife? And after he told them she was White, the lips started smacking and the heads started bobbing – and of course not a one of them got into the pool.
Need I say more?
Hilarious!!!! I kinda figured, too, he had a White girlfriend.