Florida State’s Winston Still Pursued By Media Slave Patrol Seeking To Rein Him In

JameisBy Walter Hilliard III



If you do your history homework, you’ll discover that today’s police force was pretty much yesterday’s slave patrol.  But what you might not know is that the mainstream media also hunts down its fair share of what I’d call Modern Day Black Slaves, too.  However, these slaves “perform” with balls in huge coliseums in an attempt to eek out a living for themselves — if they can be one of the “less than one percent” who actually make it to the professional leagues.



So the Mainstream Media Slave Patrol is now chasing last year’s National Champion, Florida State’s controversial quarterback Jameis Winston.  This time Winston is in the news for signing autographs and the Mainstream Media Slave Patrol is all over the story, speculating that Winston may have been paid for the autographs, violating an NCAA rule. However, his coach, Jimbo Fisher, said Winston was not paid for the autographs.

But I could care less. In fact, I hope he did receive some “paper” because the NCAA has yet to fully compensate major college players, particularly the mostly Black star players, from the billions they’re raking in without having run a single touchdown.
A “Sports Center” poll of fans asked them if they’d wanted their NFL team to draft Winston, and not one state’s fans with a professional team, or teams, wanted their team to draft him, even if their team needed a quarterback.

Talk about a loaded, racist question. This is an example of the peculiar, far reach of White supremacy “framing” the question and creating negative press on yet another Black player who has run afoul of the law.  I can see a bunch of White guys at ESPN right now sitting around whining about how bad a person Winston is, creating different ways to continue trashing his reputation.  And why don’t they spend more time looking for stories about players in predominantly White sports like Hockey and Baseball, sports where they have a propensity for violence and fighting is condoned?  And you’re telling me that with all the violence in these sports, none of the White players that play these sports ever hit their wives like Ray Rice (who was wrong)?  Of course they have, but the cops, media, and the criminal justice system in general, isn’t looking to defame or prosecute them.

Eventually, Winston will be an NFL star and all those blabbering fans in the city of the team that chooses him will not care.

Jayson Sehorn, a White former NFL player, was on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” pontificating about how paying players would ruin college sports and that players shouldn’t take the scholarship in the first place if they want to be paid. Well, Mr. Sehorn, “how White of you” – a lifelong beneficiary of White privilege. You don’t have a care in the world because of your being a White male, and when you drive to work, you don’t have to worry about ending up dead after a police stop. You can walk in the bank and get a loan. You can walk into a retail store and not have to worry about being followed. You can easily apply for a job, get hired, be promoted – and literally have to murder someone on the job to ruin your career. Well, actually, if it’s a Black person you felt you had to murder, a White jury would probably let you off so you actually wouldn’t ruin your career.

Anyway, it must be great to be White, sit back and chastise Black athletes about how they should shut up about everyone making billions off of their talent but them?

Black America, yaw betta wake up ‘cause yaw “behind enemy lines,” and most of you don’t even know it.    Nine times out of 10, yaw being judged just like Winston, be it at work or somewhere else.