‘Magic Negro’ Appears At The University of North Carolina To Be Blamed For Academic Fraud

University of North Carolina By Walter L. Hilliard III



I once saw a TV magic trick where a magician told everyone, including the studio audience to think of a card they’d like to see him pull from a deck and . . . Viola!!!!  Yes, I couldn’t believe that he had pulled my card from the deck with millions watching, millions who were also shocked because he had pulled the card they were thinking of from the deck, too.

I still don’t know how he did that and it makes my brain hurt even thinking about it now.

But there’s now another magic trick that has just occurred at the University of North Carolina, whereby there has been an academic scandal involving over three thousand students (but the basketball team is getting the most attention), about half being athletes, who received high grades for classes requiring one paper.

And here’s where the magic “trickery” started – the only two faces I saw on my TV screen during the news report were the faces of two Black people, and the only department mentioned was African American Studies.   And the White female that “blew the whistle,” Mary Willingham, was a reading specialist who participated and never said anything about what was going on for years.

Hmmmmm . . . well, now, here we are in 2014 and America is still pulling off the ol’ “Black fall guy” trick, right in front of our faces. And reports say the coaches and other powerful people didn’t know.

Now, I’m not the smartest piece of straw in the haystack but the last time I checked, White folks ran the University of North Carolina.
So, North Carolina, you’re telling me that two Black folks have been running an academic scam for two decades and nobody else, none of the White “powers that be,” knew what was going on and didn’t take part?

. . . And I have a bridge in Miami to sell you for . . . .






Well, I was correct, Mary Willingham, the White female that “blew the whistle” on the academic scandal, said others knew about what was going on because she was in the meetings.



Let me tell you something else, Black people don’t get jobs at universities and set up academic scandals that go on for two decades, again, because they don’t have the power to do such stupid things.  If they were involved, they were told what to do by the power brokers.

And . . . never mind.