Bill Mahr Disses Minority Men As Having Nothing To Offer White Woman In Catcalling Video

Catcalling VideoBy Water L. Hilliard III


So I’m watching liberal racist Bill Mahr on HBO, seeing if he has any guest I’m interested in because he makes me cringe, however, it’s hard to find a news show that strays from the major or cable news network norms.


Well, 40 seconds or so into the show, he comments on a picture of Shoshana Roberts, an aspiring actress who is filmed in an anti-harassment video walking through Harlem while receiving 108 catcalls from mostly Black and Latino men.  Mahr says “Why is it that the guys with the most confidence have the least to offer,”  while his picture of Shoshana shows the face of an obviously dark-skinned Latino or Black man in the background catcalling.


But doesn’t Mahr understand that these men would have more to offer if White men like him weren’t so “threatened” by the sexuality and intelligence of these men and stopped discriminating against them — they’d then have the education, jobs, and money to offer women more.


The group sponsoring the video, Rob Bliss Creative Ad Agency and Hollaback! (hmm, sounds like their stealing a hip hop culture line to relate to young people), later apologized, kind of, admitting that most of the White guys who catcalled the young lady, were edited out.  Yes, the White guys were edited out.  This was also verified by a Hollaback! feminist lesbian who’s always on CNN and MSNBC pretending to care about justice for the Black community.


The Hollaback! website also looks like they’re trying to manufacture a social movement to stop street harassment.   Is it me, or do these or do these White feminist, lesbians and soccer moms need a hobby?


And the LGBT community, which is run by Whites, are always acting like they’re friends of Black folks.


. . . My Black — never mind!


But what I’m wondering is why didn’t they make a video about the harassment Black people face from store security guards and the police?


Because that would be “too much like ‘right.'”  And the harassers would be White men harassing and actually killing Black and Brown men.