Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Coming, Brown’s Dad Used As A Pawn To Keep The Peace

Michael Brown Sr.

By Walter L. Hilliard III


“I don’t want my son’s death to be in vain,” said Mike Brown’s dad, obviously missing the entire point: that unless there is outrage, nothing will change. “Power concedes nothing, it never has and it never will,” said Frederick Douglass.

Those protestors that looted, cursed out cops, tore up a few things are portrayed as hoodlums and “agitators” is the word you here all the time on the news. But had they not hit the streets and become rowdy, would anyone care? Would Al Sharpton, sent by his Liberal White friends to “call for calm,” along with other church leaders and those who get money from the “system” to serve as go-betweens.
Black people have been talking to White folks about stopping police shootings for centuries and nothing has changed. So what are people supposed to do, continue talking? If Black cops were killing White teens, what would White America do?

You already know the answer.

So why are Blacks supposed to remain calm, sing “We shall overcome . . . somedaaaaay,” again and again?

Until those in power in White America, including the media, accept that Black lives are just as important as White lives, nothing will change.
Like Trayvon Martin’s parents and other Black parents whose children are murdered in cold blood by the police, Mike Brown’s parents are being used by the government authorities and local businesses to calm down Black folks so they don’t tear up their property. Trayvon’s and Mike’s parents, although my heart goes out to them, are being used as pawns in a bigger game, a game of chess that seeks to maintain power and “keep the Niggraz under control.”