Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, An Unrepentant Racist, Blabs On About Why It Was Okay To Kill Brown

Ferguson, No IndictmentBy Walter L. Hilliard III


“Profoundly disappointed,” said Attorney Ben Crump, speaking about Mike Brown’s family’s disappointment about the jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

Twelve, that’s 12, shots fired by Officer Wilson, and down goes Mike Brown. Twelve shots at an unarmed Black teenager.

But Who Were The Three Black Uncle Toms On The Ferguson Jury Who Gave Racist Prosecutor A Decision Not To Indict (the three Blacks could have blocked decision)!!!!?

I’m sure the rats are hiding or running for their holes.

So one of the first scenes I see after the McCulloch press conference, which was a charade, is the police pointing shotguns at protestors breaking windows on a police car. Why? Let them break the windows. You murdered a Black teenager, isn’t that enough? Can’t they bust a couple of windows? I guess not.   My thoughts were “What if these crazy ass cops shoot someone else, what’s going to happen then?” The cops just can’t help themselves. They’re just so used to stopping, harassing, beating, shooting, killing Blacks that it’s normal.   Obviously, the police believe the protestors should just go home and sit on the couch and say, “Sorry Mike.”

And why are the more rowdy protestors called “outside agitators,” “troublemakers,” and “opportunist” from out of town? The so called troublemakers, I guarantee you, are Black and Brown men who have experienced the worst harassment from the police most of their lives. Police brutality is anti-Black culture.

So then Barack “I’m Not The Black President” Obama comes on TV to speak right after what we all knew would happen – Prosecutor McCulloch announces to the world that Darren “Black Teenager Killer” Wilson will walk free. This clown, Obama, keeps talking about a “segment of our community (decoded: Black people) . . . doesn’t trust the police.”


Well, Duhhhhhh!

How worthless is that?

But I also wanna know who were the “star” Black witnesses the proud, racist prosecutor happily referred to as the African American witnesses who said Mike Brown was charging Officer Darren Wilson. Who are these liars?  (And, yeah, I know, like Chris Rock said, “There are Black folks and there are Niggaz . . . and Niggaz always gotta mess it up for the rest of us.”  None of them just happened to have anything to say until the police investigators showed up and started prodding, confusing, bribing, encouraging, facilitating, double-talking, and leading them in another direction, towards supporting Wilson’s story.  Investigators know how to get the story they want.  Happens all the time with the police – stories that favor their officer’s account just pop up out of nowhere, kinda like random guns found on victims the police have killed. But, nahhhh, cops wouldn’t plant guns or change stories, would they?

Sure they would.

And do you know this racist, McCulloch, had the nerve to say young White men are also shot by the police when a reporter questioned him about the police killing Blacks.


You know what, I’m not even going to waste any more breath arguing over the juvenile, murderous logic of a prosecutor defending an American police and security force that allows White cops to continuously murder over 10,000 Black people the last 15 to 20 years. In fact, the police, along with their Federal Government (Department of Justice) enablers, actually, and systematically, cover up or don’t even report the data on how many Black people they murder. The reports also lists victims, in terms of their race, as unidentifiable – knowing their Black – to hide the real numbers.

Just consider one question: If Black cops were shooting and killing young White men and women by the thousands over the last two decades, would White folks allow it?

Of course not. Now let me take the breath I choose not to waste somewhere else.