White America, Especially, Made Me Proud Protesting The Mike Brown Shooting Yesterday

Walter L. Hilliard III


I have to say I’m very proud of the strength of diversity shown yesterday by all Americans, but especially White Americans, who showed out in force in places like NY, Seattle, and other cities. Maybe there is hope for America when mostly “younger” Whites – as well as those in their 20s and 30s — are showing up to protest the police murdering Black men, especially those who are unarmed.
CNN reported that there were protests in over 150 cities.  I also believe many of these protestors were part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Obviously, the power of social media was the primary factor because the Mainstream, Lamestream media said nothing to encourage people to take to the streets and protest.
However, when you want to believe youth, White youth in particular, “gets race-ism,” more so than their parents – you then see picture after picture of White college students in “Blackface,” doing Compton parties.
Go figure?
Will most “older” White Americans have an issue with their White daughters bringing home Black boyfriends? Maybe? Are mainstream Americans overcoming their implicit or explicit bias regarding how they view Blacks? Maybe? Maybe not?
Nonetheless, thousands of diverse Americans showed up and showed out yesterday and I’m proud of them.
Maybe America will become the Melting Pot it always claimed to be? I hope so.