Weak, Bougie A@# Spelman College, Who Cosby Put On The Map, Disses Him For Mainstream Masters

By Walter L. Hilliard III


(After I wrote the following piece, news outlets reported that a L.A. prosecutors decided not to pursue charges against Bill Cosby regarding a 40-year-old molestation/rape allegation from one of Cosby’s accusers, who claimed she was underage when he attacked her. Their reason was that the Statute of Limitations had run out.)


Rape is wrong. And drugging or sexually assaulting women is wrong – of course it is. But doesn’t something bother you about scores of White women being paraded across your TV screen accusing a Black man of rape, a Back man they were trying to “use” to advance their careers? And don’t you find it equally suspicious that following the plethora of White female victims are a couple of Black women, thrown in for good measure, like salt and and a little bit of pepper to complete the seasoning? Something’s not right . . . this all happened too fast and furiously. And the Black comedian who got the ball rolling, Hanibal Buress, now has a career that is taking off in all the White comedy clubs. In fact, the media talks about Buress as if he’s a Super Hero: Mr. Bring A Black Man Down.
Yeah, something doesn’t pass the Racism Smell Test.


Cosby’s 38-year-old daughter Evin Cosby said: “Drugged- you {Beverly Johnson] can remember the whole damn day but you were drugged? Just sayin. Memory- you can remember you looked at (allegedly) each other, people were starring allegedly, remembering your home address, allegedly? The name you called him allegedly? But you were allegedly drugged ? . . . . Spelman College should be ashamed of themselves. Morehouse College is a all BLACK school for men. Does anyone remember 4 Black men that were SENT to PRISON because a fellow Spelman student said she was raped. Well…… This Spelman woman was caught and turned out she lied about being raped after these men had their faces posted on the cover of ever news paper and held in jail. Someone please look up this article it was called Rape of the Spelman coed and it was in emerge magazine. Shame on YOU Spelman. You need to go to Sister’s Chapel and talk about this article revisit how many other innocent MEN that have been WRONGFULLY accused!!“

Bill Cosby’s “The Cosby Show,” which aired from 1984 to 1992, changed television history and how Americans of all races perceived Black people. For once we were being portrayed as more than comedians, servants (although TV Legend has it that Cosby initially wanted his role as Cliff Huxtable to be a chauffeur and his wife, Claire, a Latina plumber or carpenter; but Camille, his real life wife, said no way) and criminals. Nonetheless, we can all forgive Bill for not being perfect, especially because he’s done so much for the Black community, including giving away millions to Black colleges, in particular.


However, I have to say that it really doesn’t surprise me that the all-female Spelman College, supposedly the Black Harvard (yeah, you know Black people are always comparing themselves to their White overseers), is now following the lead of mainstream America and dissing Cosby. Imagine that, the bougie Nigrazz at Spelman, who have collected tens of millions from Cosby and his wife Camille, are now suspending a visiting professor program that was created by Spelman for Cosby and his wife — after they gave the school $20 million in 1996, the year an academic center was named after Cosby and his wife Camille.


I have tried to like Black Sororities and Fraternities, but every time I feel comfortable acknowledging the good work some of them do, I’m reminded of the bad and the ugly, too. All Black people know that whether it’s a Cadillac, a big job working with White folks, or a Black Frat or sorority, Black folks are always using these avenues to belittle the rest of their community. “I drive a . . . I work at . . . and I’m a member of . . . .


Cosby also put Temple University in Philadelphia on the map. And how did they repay him, forced him to resign from their board. But you’d expect that from a predominantly White university. But when a historically Black University like Spelman treats Cosby bad, well, what gives?

So, what’s going on here, over 20 women saying Cosby raped them? Women who were in the entertainment industry? Women who sought him out to help boost their careers, ended up alone with him – and say they were raped, many having had sex with him more than once? Over 20 women and no one decided to tell the police, and all happen to say they were all scared to tell? Has anyone in the media considered that these women have all been sitting back listening to the same lines, the same stories, watching other women on TV who were “show business,” all getting one more shot at being on TV, on CNN. listening the “script.” And the mainstream media refuses to question these women when they lived in a “casting couch” culture ruled by White men? But a Black man ends up as the media Date Rape Poster Child?


And you know what that means for the rest of us, right? We can go to h#^ as far as they’re concerned. We all know the stories: “Black people can’t get along.” “Black people always hatin’ on one another.” Even Fred Sanford, the junkman said: “Getchu a Black lawyer and getchu some time in jail.”


Like I always say “bougie is as bougie does.” So pay attention.