Kevin Hart’s ‘Cooning’ Enable’s ‘Get Hard’s’ Racist Director To Do What He Does

Walter L. Hilliard III


“Get Hard,” starring Kevin Hart and Super Cornball Will Ferrell, reflects a resurgence of explicit media racism, ushered in with the election of President Barack Obama in 2008. And Hollywood, maybe the most racist American media institution, continues to reveal how shamelessly racist they really are through the eyes of “Get Hard” Director Etan Cohen in his directorial debut.

Born to a family of Orthodox Jews, Cohen’s choice to direct such a movie reflects the hypocrisy of at least Hollywood’s Jewish community and their racist attitudes towards Blacks. In fact, most of the studio heads working in Hollyweird are Jewish. So you don’t have to ask them what they think of Black people— their television shows and films speak for themselves.

“Get Hard” is a film about a rich White guy who has committed a crime and has to go to jail. So what does the White guy do? He finds a random Black man, who happens to be washing his car, to teach him how to survive in jail.

I figured that Cohen had a history of racism so a little bit of research revealed that he gained his experience in Hollyweird as a writer for crass, racist shows like “King of the Hill,” “Beavis and Butt-head,” and “Tropic Thunder,” a movie in which Robert Downey Jr., who is White, played a Black character or, I should say, played a character in “Blackface,” literally.

You know, I write a lot about how racist Hollywood is because Hollywood is, well, very racist. But what has always bothered me is that so many Jews are behind this industry’s racism— so many that even a Jewish writer made light of how “Jews run Hollywood” in an article years ago.

And so many of the agents, producers, etc., are Jewish that one wonders if Jews, as a group, of course, are even more racist than the gentiles or Whites in Hollywood. I mean, how often do we hear about the holocaust and even how Jews participated in the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, some Jewish writers are complaining about the movie “Selma” not showcasing Jews who directly supported the Civil Rights Movement.

Nonetheless, the question must be asked, where are the so called good Jews and why don’t they hold the others accountable?

Because they don’t give a damn. So why do they get so upset when Minister Louis Farrakhan calls out the Jewish community for its history of exploiting the Black community, including during slavery?

I would say I expect little out of Will Ferrell and it doesn’t surprise me that he’d do a racist movie, but I have to also say the same about Hart, who is Hollywood’s biggest Uncle Tom since, maybe, Martin Lawrence and even Eddie Murphy. When you’re a Black man who’ll let another Closet Gay, Shaquille O’Neal, hump on your butt for a comedy skit, well, you’re a whore who will do anything to coon for Hollywood. Even fellow comedian Mike Epps called him out about his “feminine” behavior and the fact that he let Hollywood “play him” like they do so many Black men willing to “go along to get along.”

Like Steppin’ Fetchit, Bojangles, Eddie “Buckwheat” Murphy, Martin Lawrence and other lesser known Black comedians, they were all willing to “sell their souls” for money, but not a one them, as far as I know, especially regarding Murphy and Lawrence, ever had or has anything to say about anti-Black racism or do anything about it.
So what good are they to the Black community?